>The Certainty Of A Closed Mind…


“…If only bloggers and circle jerk buddies ran the world it would be a utopia. Keep pluggin’ on your joogle owned blog”. -Get Deeez

I don’t often even publish troll comments…let alone mention them in a post. They are generally disruptive, or mean for the sake of meanness, or hasbara talking point BS. But every now and again one of them just cries out to be refuted or at the very least be used as fodder for this little wacky attempt at rebellion I call How Dare I.
I love writing this stuff. I guess that is apparent…I do so much of it. Almost daily, if I don’t have something more pressing…and sometimes even then. Call it a hobby, or a frustrated writer’s last ditch attempt at expressing over half a century of unusual experiences, or just jerking off(as did my latest troll). I actually kind of like that type of comment now and again. I don’t enjoy being abused any more than the next guy, but every now and again it’s good to hear from the opposition camp. Someone that does not see things my way. We can learn from these experiences, or at the very least, learn that everything we say out here…just because it is in print and comes from an honest place within ourselves…doesn’t make it gospel.

My latest “troll”,(and I call them that, due to the hit-and-run nature of those that normally leave such negative…well insulting…comments) is typical of what I am talking about. I think that is the common term. Anyway these people seem to spend as much time as I do behind the keyboard typing out comments contrary to online articles/posts…for purposes unknown. To express a dissenting view? To challenge the writer’s facts? Or just to see their words in print online…I don’t know for certain. But they are a breed apart, that is certain. You find them everywhere that a webmaster allows. They are much akin to…I dunno…mosquitoes…that always seem to get in, no matter how vigilant one is about keeping the door closed. Sometimes they bite…sometimes they just buzz around your ear threatening to do so, as an annoyance. Either way they must be dealt with, eventually.
Perhaps I am being too harsh. After all these are just people. Maybe they have too much time on their hands…or are also frustrated writers, or feel that their opinions are not being considered. Again, I can’t be sure.
But they do provide something useful. They remind us sometimes that the whole world is not our(bloggers) choir. Not everyone agrees with our point of view, simply because we are being as honest and as genuine as we can be in our efforts. That is a good thing. It is a way of honing our skills as writers, and thinkers. It keeps our mind open to differing opinions, even if in our initial estimation, they are clearly wrong. It is uncomfortable to be challenged, but there is no real solace in the certainty of a closed mind.
I would have a suggestion however for those that feel tempted to comment on this or any other site in such a negative fashion.
I too have commented to the contrary on many sites…but I have always kept one thing in mind. That is that I should comment to the author of said piece as if I were standing in front of them. Without the anonymity of the online experience. As if the speaker knows who I am and that I am willing to defend my position right here and now to their face. Then and only then…when you own your remarks…are they valid. This rule has always worked for me. It is amazing how seriously you are taken when you follow this simple guideline. The writer will automatically assume that first: you aren’t a bot. Two: you are a human that deserves the respect of a response, and Three: you may or may not learn or teach something in the ensuing exchange. Neat thing…communication.

When one doesn’t start off a rebuttal with something like: “You ignorant slut”…well, I’m sure you are familiar with the honey/vinegar adage. But beyond that…
What can be gained by hit-and-run vitriol? I never understood it. Perhaps in an arena of a bit more popular-subject website, an occasional “Fuck Off!” comment can be seen as…well, children giggling as they type it. But a venue such as this, with such a narrow focus…well, short of zionist-sponsored hasbara, I don’t see the need. You certainly aren’t going to garner that huge audience that such flaming would bring you by bombing a CNN or NBA type website. But maybe I just don’t understand the troll mentality. It must be in the realm of the human experience…these are after all just folks like us. If they would expend as much effort in their colorful and descriptive insults, truly expressing their opinion…maybe someday they will be writing a similar article decrying like activity on their own sites. I dunno.

But anyway…Get Deeez, you have had your few minutes of fame(very limited – sorry I am not more popular for your sake). And twice even. I won’t return insults. I don’t know you. I don’t think you really expressed an opinion…dissenting or otherwise. But your trolling paid off…I guess.
Myself, I would rather converse, learn, teach…open my mind…but that’s just me.


17 thoughts on “>The Certainty Of A Closed Mind…

  1. >I appreciate your exemplary retort on this. It is quite pagan in my mind to not turn the cheek in admission you were hit.Trolls, as they are called, strike a blow only to the community intellect scores and by no means cause harm to their intended beyond the time it takes to dump their dump in the trash.You have excellent writing skills and inform without boredom. I have yet to find an issue to call you on, and I do read almost all of your print, and I also agree with you that man to man, or as it were face to face is an honorable way to sort out differences.If I'm ever to call you a name it will begin with "sir" and we can proceed with dialogue from there.In summation, I'm glad you dare.

  2. >Hell is other people, often mistaken for heaven. Turmoil of the canadian soldiers is more like it. They live 24 hours and and do not eat, with one imperiative, to replicate, perchance to evolve away from the cycle of birth and death. And what can come after us, and our day in the sun we can,t imagine in our standard human exceptional delusional syndrome that we are the only animal that matters. In a galaxy of 50 billion solar systems I doubt that.

  3. >I read that comment and it went in and out of my mind. I mean what a poof. I would allow the jews to comment if this were my blog. I believe in the give em enough rope tech when it comes to jews.That said this is one of the only blogs that I like the posts more than the comments. If not the only one. The jews have to be terrified of you. Good.Scott Mollett

  4. >heh, The video was unrelated to my first comment, intended purely as a compliment. I watch it and think of the all convicted skullfuckers roaming Washington. Blathering on CNN about Libya, every single talking head a member of the skullfucker tribe.Re: Anon@3:35, I second that wholeheartedly."If we do not open our eyes to this problem soon, they could get fucked right out of our heads"

  5. >Hey Timster,…I must admit I didn't really get what the troll/flamer, whatever, was intending to say, it was blather to me…Oh, anon@3:35pm:"I also agree with you that man to man, or as it were face to face is an honorable way to sort out differences."Then why the anonymity?veritas

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  7. >Scott – Thank you. I don't know about terrified. I think if you call them on their cult…rather than fall into the "race" trap they set, they have nothing to say.

  8. >Timster,Actually, in my experience, they often shout. They act outraged, loud, abrasive, try to bowl you over. Huff away if needed. It's one way to end intelligent discourse when one is in danger of having a lie exposed. That way anyone who is listening will probably walk away thinking that both sides are nuts…

  9. >Hey Timster, you know, it's pretty funny. I was commenting over at Glenn Greenwald's blog the other day, calling him out and criticizing his work in an honorable fashion, using my real name, and was coming under vicious attack by his shills who were using screen names! Many were in fact calling me a troll, and some even accused me of working for the Pentagon!! Haha, I got a good laugh out of that one. That's what one would expect though, commenting at a blog like his. Either way, you're posts are always insightful and worth reading, so keep plugging away. The weak minded anonymous trolls will come through and crap in your yard every now and again, but that's to be expected.

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