>Almost What I’m Talkin About…


The video contained here is movie-length…as a warning. You should reserve the time to watch it in it’s entirety. I thought about just embedding it without comment as a…I dunno…public service type of thing. Then I thought that if I had the opportunity to speak to the authors…not as a troll in the comment section…I certainly would. Then I thought…hey, I have a site where I can post this film AND my take on it. Which I will. I decided to do this because there are some very important basic mistakes, or at the very least, omissions, that would to me change the film’s outcome.

If you haven’t seen the “Zeitgeist” films, you should. They are the brainchild of Peter Joseph. These are important outside-the-box documentaries. They got a lot of flack when first released…mostly because of the input of Acharya S.(D.M. Murdock), the atheistic academic author that has taken it upon herself to prove that ALL religion is myth. A noble pursuit in my view…but that is neither here nor there. The point is that the views expressed in these films are generally anti-religious…as a second warning.

So, I feel you should watch both previous Zeitgeist (and the addendum) films before viewing this one, if you haven’t already. I’ll be back down there when you are done; with my views…

As you see, there is a great deal of material covered in these films. But I intend to comment only on this last one that was recently released, “Moving Forward”.
As I have said here many times, I endorse the philosophy of Jacque Fresco and his Venus project…in theory. He is the only person out here that I feel has not only a grasp of the world’s problems, but a viable, workable solution.
That being said, I feel that the film’s attempts at history are flawed, and they do not attempt to name those that are at the helm of this, our sinking ship of a planet.
I feel that they correctly portray all human behaviour as learned. They are very precise in this, and I applaud them for it. However, they fail to identify the culture which PRODUCES the traits of cupidity and amorality that have gotten us into this mess in the first place. To my way of observation there is only one religion/culture that instructs their young…learning through nurture…to apply this lack of conscience toward the humans outside their own kind. The judaic. Max Kaiser even profiles this type of philosophy in the interview contained in this expose’.
So my suggestion would be for the authors of this film to apply their own scientific findings ruthlessly upon the world as it is now. Then and only then would the judaic be exposed as the driving force behind the greed of the monetary-based enslavement of the world. But perhaps they are fully aware of where the finger of blame that they point, lies. Perhaps to gain a larger audience, they merely allow the viewer to deduce these facts. I dunno.
Of course they make a few mistaken historical references, in all 3 films…but I will forgive them that, considering the immense power of the remainder of the content in this series.
At any rate, I find this last film to be exciting and uplifting. It provides at the very least, the confirmation that someone out there understands the manifestations of those problematic people…and also ministers a very real alternative. Unfortunately, short of a non-violent revolution which this film depicts(if only)…it doesn’t really inform the viewer HOW we get from here….to there. But you be the judge. I would like to hear from you on this.


19 thoughts on “>Almost What I’m Talkin About…

  1. >I had the same thought about this movie. The religion thing was put to rest in the first movie and picking on one or the other would solve nothing and gain no more eye balls. Once people see religion for what it is then they will see on their own which one has the power. I believe they past the point of laying blame as all you really have to do is to look in the mirror. They have left out the how to get there from here. My opinion is that they are fleshing out the details of the Venus project to deal with the detractors who always have the answers of "it can't be done" or "it is impossible and greed is human nature". The old system has to crash and burn before any real changes can be made. They are trying to get critical mass before the crash so that this system can be put in the box and a new one taken out. Hopefully it is not the same one with a different name. What are the mistakes in the movie?That is just my opinion. Dave

  2. >Dave – Thanks for the comment. Well, there are numerous mistakes/repetition of propaganda about war history…jews being killed by evil nazis…all that. But like I said, these are memes that would play no role in a new resource based world…if ALL religion were taken out of the equation. But I agree with your assessment of their intent. I love it because without naming the beast, they have attacked his very soul and the source of his power …money, usury and debt. We KNOW who they are talking about.

  3. >Disclaimer: I'll watch the movie when I get a chance. I saw the first and wrote them off. The first Zeitgeist struck me as a zionist propaganda piece, or at least misled. It showed a criticism of Christianity, and only Christianity, followed by two pieces about the financial system.Huh? What does the belief in the teachings of Christ have to do with the great theft that is the Central Bank? Why not point out all the Jews that have instituted and propagated and led the banking/debt system?Anyhow, I wrote the movies off as trash. I could not reconcile the silly (I thought) attack on Christianity, wedged in with truthful assessment of the world banking system, without ever mentioning the root cause: Judaism.Right? Trash Christianity as a myth, never mention the Jew. Ergo, a propaganda piece.The bit with the Nazis and Jews stinks to high heaven. The producers have starts of david branded on their foreheads now as far as I'm concerned. The horrors of the Holocaust(tm).But then why the criticism of the financial system? I don't know. Why link it with Christianity? Don't know. Mislead the fool fundie Christians maybe.Anyhow, why does this movie not name the beast? Why skirt it? Why do these people talk for two hours and three revisions and never ever name the Jew? Then they slip in the Nazis… It smells to me. Smells like the same old shit sandwich repackaged for yet another demographic. Makes me kind of sad to see the truth of our debt system "exposed" at the same time as bringing in the Nazis.Sorry Timster, I don't read this one like you do. When they produce the version that points out that the financial system was conceived by Jews, expanded by Jews, foisted on every country by Jews, I'll be impressed. When they detail the Jewish interests that fomented the Russian revolution, produced the spillage of blood that was the Bolshevik Soviet union, I'll applaud. When they talk about the Jewish Rothschild family financing both sides of the wars in Europe, helping create them, I'll clap more.Have you really convinced yourself that the inclusion of Nazis was a mistake? The people that made the first movie did not strike me as stupid or ignorant of history. Was it a mistake or something more subtle…Whatever, too much writing from someone who has not watched the piece yet.Thanks Timster.

  4. >Maybe the next zeitgeist movie will focus on the steps required to make the resource based world a reality.It just took 3 movies to get the point across without turning people off. I make copies and hand them out to everyone and the religious folks would turn the first movie off within 5 minutes due to their faith being attacked. Everyone agreed with the 9/11 part and the folks with economic degrees (real or not) said it can not be done. Money has to be around or people are lazy etc… The brainwashing is hard to dispel in most people as they are too hooked on the Jew toob. Dave

  5. >My response to Frog:The attack on Christianity in the movie is because the most advanced nations on Earth are Christian. There are no other countries that come close to Christian nations in production and advanced technology. Attacking Christianity will not get you into trouble. If Mr. Joseph came out and attacked the Jews outright then the only place this movie would be viewed is in backward Muslim states and the USA. All other Christian countries would label the movie as hate and outlaw the movie. Here in Canada you cannot tell the truth about the Jews without being ruined financially and if popular then face prison time for hate crimes.So if you want the most eyeballs and minds seeing this movie then you have to go about it in a round about way. Sure going for the jugular is great but then you only get 320 million potential eyes compared to billions in a more discerning way. Not all of us have the 1st amendment.Davene

  6. >Frog – All good points. I think Davene answered the Christian thing. They are an easy target when it comes to attacking religion as a whole…and naming the beast would get them relegated to obscurity, if not prosecuted. I have had heated conversations of this bent with Acharya before. I don't know about the nazism thing. I also don't get the Kibbutz reference(duh…of course they are violence-free. They are surrounded by walls and armed guards and built on ethnically cleansed land…and comparing them to the Amish? Oh please!). These references of course bother me, and I am in no way endorsing the entire series. But aside from these points it is intriguing, I feel. Especially this last one. It stays off religion, and concentrates on destruction of the jewish money system. As we all know…take that away from them and they are a powerless population of less than one percent of the world. The only way to defeat them I think.

  7. >I have been of the opinion that Zietgiest movies are designed to make people who catch on to the jews look foolish. Why mix in all the religious and other weird crap with the explanation on the central banks?People informing others of the banks crimes often wander of on the Zietgiest meaningless drivil and lose their audience. Zietgiest marginalizes people who would be better off staying on target.Scott Mollett

  8. >Hey Timster,…Disclaimer; I haven't watched this version yet (downloading as I scribble), however comma – At this time I agree with frog's comment, I can see davene's point regarding christian states, again, I do declare I have yet to watch this version: As a rule of thumb I dismiss anyone that does not blame the yids for 911 and will not agree that israhell is an illegal immoral abomiNation, that should be completely de-contructed: how many criminals are allowed to keep those things they are convicted of stealing? NONE, give it back; ALL OF IT and fuck off back to poland and russia – simple.As for xtianity, it is a con like democracy; spirituality and the infinite possibilities available to us if we could only leave this material shit behind amazes me: I study scriptures and archeology as a job; trust me; religion is a yiddish smoke-screen our potential is amazing. We need to loose them and move on!By the way, when left alone to get on with it, all people regardless of their creed or colour co-habit with a wonderous generosity and spirit of community. Only the yiddish khazars prosper when communities are disparate.Bold post Timster, bruhaaa! Love Light & Peace to those that deserve it – the sword for the rest!veritas

  9. >I had the same thought as well…I'd rather swim in diarrhea than watch. If only bloggers and circle jerk buddies ran the world it would be a utopia. Keep pluggin' on your joogle owned blog.

  10. >Hey Timster, have you ever read the "Unibomber Manifesto"?I'm only half way through it, and am no professor, but it seems like a solid academic piece.Kaczynski never makes reference to the Jew (he attributes the behavior to the "over-socialized liberal",) and seems to travel down the path of leaving man completely alone to his own devices, rather than where the Zeitgeist series goes. As I said, I haven't finished it yet.His writing is about man's inherent need for fulfillment through what he terms as the "power process" ie real accomplishment vs. simulated "surrogate" accomplishment, and how industrialized capitalist society such as it is crushes any chance at meeting that need.His idea was, in an inevitably self-destructive system, the faster it collapses, the less suffering will result.I neither endorse or refute the material, but I cannot possibly endorse actual "Uni-bombing"I'm not aware of any conspiracy theories surrounding this.A friend wondered aloud if Kaczynski had access to any non yidd news in prison, and had any idea what is going on.Do you have a take on the material or the man in general?

  11. >Michael – Y'know, I started reading that and for some reason, I too didn't finish it. I have heard that he too was a patsy like so many others before and after…then I read that he was jewish and had a horrible condition as an infant that could have effected his gray matter permanently. I have read that he was a genius 167…on and on…I will have to read the manifesto again. All I remember about it was that is was a treatise against the industrialization of the world?

  12. >Hey Timster,..Y'all; Well, I watched the flic and I can honestly say it didn't answer THE question, it posits the diagnosis and yet, no prognosis. So, you sit into a dentists chair in pharmaceutically numbed agony; and without variation, the dentist tortures you with a steel pick and then ALWAYS says, "you have an abscess", yeah?The word I'm looking for is obfuscation; I have never seen these guys beat around the bush so much before, why? Why? Because as they approach the inner circle, they have become pensive, which is why they allow all these secular humanists to bang on about why we are the way we are.The world has had four or five hundred years of enlightened thought and application; the dialectic is exhausted and still, the secular humanists haven't come up with a practical answer; they are all still devoted to contemplating the vagaries of human nature, while the yiddish khazarians whom they never mention, are closer now to realizing their total goal than ever before, ever wondered why all the most well published secular humanists are of the tribe?As I see it this latest in the serial propaganda mockumentary is lame to the point of being too long on time code data and too short on summation.I say BS.veritas

  13. >V- Well, yeah…I agree on many levels with you. I think they are SO close to naming the beast that is scares them into…"well, once we get rid of "those guys"…here's what we'll do"…type thingy. I think that the director and Fresco part on this point. I still like his vision…from an engineering standpoint. Hey …wait a minute "I" am a secular humanist! 😉

  14. >hello! i have watched pieces of the zeitgeist films.. i am not a defender of any religion. but… there are flaws in their information, that if believed , would lead one to build an opinion on false premises, thus a false conclusion. these are nit picky , but important non-the-less.. one example being.. joseph of the old testament having 12 brothers, thus copying jesus' 12 disciples.. joseph had 11 brothers, being the 12th son.. of several mothers. jesus supposedly had 12 disciples. so? so didn't horus. dec 25th as the day jesus was born.. there are many believers who do not hold to that date, so to say that christianity copied the date from other religions is inaccurate.. the catholic church and close cousins adopted that premise. again, i do not defend any sect.. but when a film comes out, to blast the christianity thing out of the water.. make sure your ducks in that water , are all in a row. .. all this being said.. no one who makes such films can tell truth.. because if they did, the zionists whould swoop down, and suck the blood out of every last one of them.. and me.

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