>I’m Not Having Any….


Like most people around the world, it took a little time for me to figure it out.

When 9/11 came down, I was of course shocked. But there was also a little voice in my head that told me that things were not as they seemed. It took a little research before I came to realize what had actually happened that day. Until I took the time to ferret out who would benefit..then I saw the mis-direction of our leader’s war-of-terror, I just sat back and watched. Watched and tried to put myself, as distasteful as it was, in the place of the zionist jews that actually perpetrated these horrific attacks. When you do that, you can almost predict their next move. Then it becomes obvious.

Now we have the revolution in Egypt and the me-toos in various smaller states in the Middle East. As for Egypt; that little scene from Star Wars kept popping up in my head. You know the one…
After the battle with the evil imperial fighters to escape the desert planet and finally break free, Princess Leia remarks to Solo…”they let us go…it’s the only reason for the ease of our escape”
You may say, as did Han Solo, “EASY? You call that easy?”. But I would have you look at the events in Egypt. The people fired by popular social-networking went out to the streets…and for all intents and purposes, the evil Empire simply gave up and ran away.

Well, it wasn’t quite that easy, but they have to make it look like a valiant struggle. Some are dying and some are being injured…but that means nothing to a zionist. They have proven that. Then there is the inevitable posturing of israhell and how they are soooo afraid of the new “people’s” government that might threaten their security. So they are building a wall at the Palestinian boarder…just in case. And the world sits there. Celebrating the success of a people’s revolution. C’mon folks…this was all planned.

Call me what you will. Say that I am one of those that sees conspiracy in all things. Call me a nay-sayer…gloom and doom. But that is what I do here. I am here to expose the zionist jew. I know him. I know how he thinks…like a movie script. Formulating the end of the mystery first…then working backward through all that has to happen to culminate in that ending. Devious…but not difficult to follow…as long as the desired end is always kept in sight.

When you witness a zionist owned media denounce a terrorist act like 9/11 as being perpetrated by evil Muslim extremists, you have to doubt their conclusions.
When you witness a zionist owned media, singing the praises of a popular revolution…it must give you pause. Nothing happens in their media…good or bad…that they are not controlling.
So how, you might well ask, do they pull off something this monumental? That was the question that I got when I doubted 9/11. “It’s impossible!” they said. It couldn’t have been planned in advance. Well, we all see now that it could…and it was.
I am not saying that I fully grasp all the nuts and bolts intricacies of what is happening now in the Middle East. And theorize as we might, we still don’t understand every detail of the false-flag that was 9/11. But we will eventually. And we will see all the facts behind these popular revolts and who staged them, in the near future. Facts will out. We will dig them out and expose them. We will use the same tools that they did to start these mini-revolutions. Social networking and thinking like our opponent.

So until the “revolutionaries” are painted in a light with which we are all familiar in their media…I’ll pass. Unless these extras in this new jewish movie plot actually DO revolt…against zionism… and they are reported to be EVIL…I’ll watch the world gobble up this fare, but…I’m not having any.


8 thoughts on “>I’m Not Having Any….

  1. >Timster,Yeah, Egypt feels really fake. Like the western powers are learning to control and manipulate populations through controlled mini "revolutions". What a psych op. What a mindf***. It was, like wikileaks, a litmus test though. See what people say about the revolution as a reflection of who they work for. A silver lining maybe.Otherwise, Egypt was just a lab experiment on how to use revolutions for fun and profit.I do hope TPTB lose control of these happy media run color "revolutions". Get bit in the ass by a bunch of hungry people. As far as thinking like our opponents? Not too much lest we become like them.

  2. >I must admit to being conflicted with the events in North Africa and the Middle East Timster. As you correctly state and as the bard would say – there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.What we are witnessing is a redrawing of the entire map of the region and the instigators are the usual subjects. I also don’t think it’s going to plan. Egypt didn’t implode in violence like it should have. The Coptic Christians and the Muslims came together – importantly – as Egyptians. I haven’t given up hope for them yet. Egypt is the prize and the fulcrum.Libya is another strange one and it doesn’t fit the usual profile. Each country is being targeted and the tactics and dynamics used are tailored for each one. The heartfelt desires of each country mean nothing. More useless eaters sacrificed to the chosen ones’ ‘god’.I sincerely hope it bites them on the arse. As frog mentioned in the last article it can all be traced back to the protocols. On an alternative track here’s Deek to put it perspective.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=j_UHv0uZDTU

  3. >Hye Timster,…Nice work; "Fight fire with Fire", or not. As an ex-soldier; as just someone's little boy that has been to war, please trust me on this; you can't win against a bully by appealing to his inner angels – he has none!I love it when you right like this! Then again, I love chilli!veritas

  4. >America is abandoned by her ruling class, auctioned off through cowardice and greed. She was never for the people despite all the hype. After all, real power is the participation in the decisions that frame your life and the ability to say no to egregious ones. Everywhere neglect calls our attention but without money we are left with runaway entropy. With no guiding principles the absurd commit atrocities and ruin good will in the peoples name. But not in mine they don,t. I feel no obligation to pay anyone for my dispossession and enslavement.

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