>It’s Cartoon Time…Again


Ok boys and girls.  It’s time to watch this one more time.  This time remember that Mayer Rothschild was a jewish money-changer.  Remember also that the Jekyll Island cult were also all jewish money-changers. As in…change it from your hand to mine.  Usury is a jewish tool to used to enslave.  It hasn’t changed…to this day.  Pay attention this time!


10 thoughts on “>It’s Cartoon Time…Again

  1. >That’s a great wee cartoon Timster. The wider the knowledge of the Rothschild/Rockefeller monster the better. These are the fake jews that drive the rest of the ‘chosen’ ones ahead of them. While they are figureheads of an older evil they are the current hand on the tiller. Knowing the danger of the Khazar tribe is one thing – addressing the realities of the true ‘elites’ is paramount.I like the new, more applied, topics my friend – for what it’s worth. You know I like a good rant.C

  2. >Nah, things are far enough along they don't need to obfuscate that much. Not anymore.For those that have not read them yet, read the Protocols of Zion. They read like a textbook.Still, of my friends and acquaintances, I can count the people that are acting on their knowledge of the above cartoon on the fingers of one hand. The rest are patting themselves on the back because their IRA go 10% last year vs. 8% for the other guy. Until those people get a real beating, go hungry, they will not see.I suppose that's why Ben is printing all the money, to slow down the inevitable US austerity riots (see Madison, WI).

  3. >Remember the tactic is to get the non jews to eliminate each other, at their own expense of course, so that eventually not only will jews own the world, they already do, but they will have it all to themselves. Seems to be working seamlessly well for them for at least a millenia. Why change strategy? I,ll put five on it that when the next false flag comes, the blood thirsty mobs will pack up like lemmings and run full kilt into the abyss awaiting them as soon as the orders come from tel aviv.

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