>Ignorance, The Sanctity Of Life And Bunnies


Yesterday on the way home from work, I killed a rabbit.  I tried every maneuver that I could muster in those nanoseconds before the impact of my vehicle and the little spring bunny…almost causing a wreck in the process.  But to no avail.  As I swerved right, he jumped right…I corrected and so did he.  It was almost as if it was intended to happen.  I dunno about that, but I know I still feel horrible about it.  
I am not a Buddhist.  But as I have mentioned here before, I met the Dalai Lama.  I have to admit he is a nice guy…and there must be something to that “religion”, because he being the leader of it…is, well..I dunno, such a calm at-peace kind of person.  By example, he truly is the best ambassador for his following.  He smiles and laughs a lot.  The kind of person that you would invite over for dinner without hesitation…world religious leader or not.  Anyway it got me to thinking…this rabbit incident and how Buddhists view all life as precious.  And how other major religions seem to find it in their teachings to gloss over that part.  How they can qualify life.

I read a quote from Avigdor Lieberman today.  He was trying to drum up hatred for Iran…again. In this quote he stated that: 

“We expect the international community to act speedily with determination against the Iranian provocations, designed to deteriorate the situation in the area, and put the Iranians in their place,” he said. Well of course we all know where this “place” is, to which Mr. Lieberman refers.  In a cemetery or in servitude to the superior zionist jew. 

I like this guy too.  I wouldn’t hesitate to physically kick him out of my home…even when dinner is ready, but I like him nonetheless.  This FM for israhell is their version of George Bush.  A real dumbass that makes no bones about his ignorance.  Not afraid to spout the jewish party-line in real terms…not caring whom he offends.  The REAL israeli.  The real racism…the real supremacist attitude toward the entire world.  He keeps us all focused on what we can hate about that little shithole in the ME.  Without the likes of such stupid and outspoken proponents of the horrors of zionism, the entire world could be hoodwinked into thinking…well, “those israelis aren’t such bad folks”.  He lets us know what they really are.  He provides focus.

I also read a great piece by Gilad Atzmon about how we in the west…we of Christian heritage, view Islam and judaism.  Not a pretty piece. But an important one all the same.  A bit painful to read if it comes right down to it.  He tells us all…liberal and leftists…something we might not want to hear.  That we can sometimes display the same cultural and religious bigotry that we rightfully ascribe to zionists.  And he is right.  We do tend toward that.  Our way, or the highway.  Not only in our foreign policies of which we do not approve, but in our everyday compassionate thinking.  We tend to think that if the Palestinians, or the Egyptians, or the Iranians would only see things our way…everything would be fine and dandy.  Then they could throw off thousands of years of oppression and go shopping.  Well, it doesn’t work like that.  Although in his article he explains that our compassion for the oppressed comes from a real place in our hearts, that we are too quick to judge how and why these people should throw off their yokes of oppression, without understanding their religion or culture in the least.  We see them as fellow humans.  Humans like us.  We don’t think it through.

So much of life is like that.  Always has been.  We don’t follow thoughts, no matter how noble in inception…through to their logical conclusions.  I thought this morning of how that rabbit had died, and how my father and men of his time thought nothing…less than nothing… about going hunting for and killing that exact species of life.  How it never crossed their minds that they took that life away from this world, for a few bites of stringy tough meat that no one really liked, and was far surpassed by any meat they could buy at a grocery.   It was so much(and still is, I guess) about the hunter-gatherer DNA instructions…the survival in the wilderness mentality…that the thought process stopped there.  No further thought required.

We often forcefully stop thoughts.  Noble thoughts that , if we took the time to think them out completely, would lead us to understand that we are doing wrong.  It doesn’t matter where these thoughts or actions originated…where do they end?   We often instinctually know better.  In my father’s mind there was conflict about hunting.  I know this because he related to my Mother one time about how when once drawing a bead on a beautiful buck, he couldn’t shoot.  He couldn’t destroy that life.  After that he couldn’t even hunt rabbits.  He made the connection.  We all can.  Even Mr. Lieberman has the capacity to become human.  We all do if we attack our ignorance with as much voracity as we attack others…FIRST.


12 thoughts on “>Ignorance, The Sanctity Of Life And Bunnies

  1. >When I was much younger my dad and I went hunting sometimes. That is until the day I shot a rabbit. Poor little guy never stood a chance. I never hunted again. 40 years later and I still feel bad about it.

  2. >Hi Timster,Great post your compassion and humanity really shine through in this piece.The quote'we[should]attack our ignorance with as much voracity as we attack others;should be pinned on every blackboard in every school in all the world;spoken like a true human being.But to suggest that Mr Lieberman could become human stretches the limits of credulity….i mean just look into his eyes they are indeed the eyes of a madman.

  3. >Ok this is silly. If there was a rabbit there is something around to eat a dead rabbit. I bet thet rabbit is already eaten. I worked at a golf course and shot more rabbits than I could ever count, they killed the greens. The next day they were always gone. Something ate them. Don't sweat it Tim, circle of life and all that crap. Scott Mollett.

  4. >Timster,Need to pick a bone with you here. For the record, I'm not an avid hunter. But…And buying at the grocery store makes things better? Meat from some accursed factory farm that tortures animals before it kills them?Is the diner not morally equivalent to the butcher? If so what are you?I don't know about that part of your post. If you don't kill and eat, you die. No way around it. Ignorance of where your food comes from has nothing to do with humanity, it's just ignorance.I agree with the last sentence though, attacking our ignorance first. A man should be his own worst critic. No way to grow otherwise.One last thought. All lessons are lost on the learner unless their humility is equal to the lesson.Thanks Timster.

  5. >Frog – Thank you for your well considered comment. Of course I agree with you in principle. I guess the point I was trying to make is that the closer one comes to the actuality of ending life, no matter how it happens…be it hunting or by accident, and no matter how small that life, it is somehow precious, and a responsibility. Does that make sense? Maybe I am waxing a bit Buddhist…I can't kill things…it's not a philosophy I have developed through any reasoned thought processes. I just can't do it. But then again the Dalai Lama himself says he has a weakness for cheeseburgers…so much for the sanctity of life(grin). It is puzzling indeed.

  6. >Timster,Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with the statement that life is precious. Even small life. I once had a kid come on my property with his BB gun to shoot birds for fun. Bad idea. Nevertheless, I occasionally will shoot a Pheasant and cook it. Kill, eat, survive. Honestly, does not all life consume other life to survive? If you are a PETA vegan, will not a deer starve some year because of farmland devoted to you? Do the pesticides from vegetable crops not run into the water table and poison everything?You say "I can't kill things". Do you buy meat at the store? Then you kill. The only difference is that you don't see your proxies.I actually don't buy my meat at the bigger stores like Walmart if I can avoid it. I don't know what the meat has been through. Find it hard to devote my money, my time, to purchasing it.I read an article on Chinese Fur farms. Made me ill. I don't want to be a part of any of it.But anyhow, about that cheeseburger. I too enjoy a cheeseburger. But I have the luxury of buying a side of beef from a rancher I trust. His cows range free. The drugs he uses are all mandated by Federal law. If I buy almost anything else then I'm participating in torture.Sorry if I'm ranting but it's a sore spot.We, as Americans, participate in so much evil by proxy. Torture. Murder. Unjust war. My taxes pay for it all. How just am I then? Why do I do nothing? Does my not participating in the factory farm industry make any difference?Anyhow, I hold great disdain for the man or woman who looks down at me for shooting a pheasant, then going out to buy factory tortured meat. Ignorance and hypocrisy in one neat package.Bah. Ending the rant.BTW, I do admire your philosophy of not killing life needlessly. I believe it's right, just difficult to implement in a consistent fashion.

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