>After The Revolution…


I was taught never to eat anything in front of another, that I hadn’t first offered to them.

There used to be a saying that “you are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem”. I don’t know if I ever believed that. It sounds a lot like “you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists”. Both are black-and-white. Neither allow for those that just are. The ones with no real social or political intent. They just are. I know a lot of these people. Their is little if anything problematic about them.

But of course the problem-solution adage would place these folks in the “part of the problem” category. And that is the thrust of the statement…that if you are just there, you aren’t fighting with those that are part of the solution…that is to say A solution. I have never really dealt in absolutes like that. And as much as we all want a solution to the world’s problems, few if any have any real concrete plans. I think that is what we are going to be witnessing in the Middle East in the coming few years. Freedom…now what?

You have to remember that the world…even though it is getting smaller in many ways…is still a big place. I’m talking huge.

We are all quick to point out what we DON’T want. That’s the easy part. Even fighting against what we don’t want requires little planning…little forethought. That is where they have us. Those that struggle against oppressors need an alternative vision of what they DO want. After the revolution.
I was watching the jewtube rant and call to action that allegedly fueled the Egyptian revolt. I watched it over and over. There is something more important about that vid than what first meets the eye.
Firstly it is done by an Arab woman. That alone is revolutionary. In the Arab world, we in the Occident have been taught, women do not have a real voice. Perhaps that is a big part of what lends the power that this video enjoyed. I dunno. It’s very possible. I am not an Arab man…I don’t know how I would react to a woman calling me to revolutionary action…no DEMANDING it. Perhaps it is partly shaming the men into action…again, I dunno. But it seems odd to me.
Secondly, I look at the age of this woman. She cannot have experienced, anything other than the rule of Mubarak in her short life so far. At the outside, she would have been a babe-in-arms as this despot was installed by the U.S. and israhell. How can you want for something you have never experienced in your life?

Advertising can take many forms. As I said up there somewhere, this little spinning ball is getting littler. The people are more easily communicating between these various labor camps that are nations. Many of my readers reside in far-flung nations that I will never even see. The internet and its associated technology is like a chink in the walls of our cells, through which we can pass notes of compassion, sympathy and more importantly…information in the form of advertising. Through these chinks comes the message that “hey…we don’t have it as bad as you. We don’t have to scrounge for our very food on a daily basis”. “We have political elections”.

This is a good thing I believe. Uncensored communication. I don’t know yet if it was foreseen by the jews that control, or are trying to gain complete control of the planet. Knowing their track record, my first response is that it is all planned. That this democracy carrot is being held up to them…knowing all the time that they are more easily controlled through this, the most easily corruptible form of government known.

But there is room up there in my cynical little brain for the possibility that these little chinks in our cell walls are just the nature of the structure of aging prisons. That nothing is totally impenetrable. Who knows. I think we have to act on the assumption that they haven’t planned this communication between the unwashed masses. That this new correspondence between common peoples is an unforeseen mistake. One that needs to be corrected if they are to continue to spew their filth from that shitty little country successfully.
Let’s look at two lives.
I live in the U.S. I have a nice house, a job…plenty to eat, a vehicle, plenty of nice clothes…etc. I am among the fortunate to have been born Caucasian in a land and a time where that became an inherent commodity. I have an acceptable education and paperwork to that effect. On the surface…on paper…life is good.

Awan lives in Egypt. Every day is a struggle to survive for him and his little family. He is a bus-boy in a Western chain hotel in Cairo from which he steals food. He also drives a cab. He and his wife and three children live in a 3-room apartment,in which they sleep on the floor. He owns very little. They have little to eat because most of their money is taken by rent. The food they do consume , costs almost half of what Awan earns. He has little formal education. He has little hope for any advancement in his situation in life. He raises his children in hope that they have it better than he did.
To this man…my life must seem a dream. My life is what he wants. For himself, his wife and most importantly his children.
He and his wife were part of the peaceful revolution. They are happy to have won a victory and look forward to a better life. Is it coming? Time will tell.
But I can tell you what he doesn’t want. In the long run. When your new government is installed and the economy loosens and employment is up. When you have your own little place and full bellies. Then you will see that this isn’t all there is. I know it seems so now. But what will you give up when you live like me? Will you give your children to television…will you give up your family life to more and more work…will you give up your little house to a jewish banker? Think of the next guy that hasn’t had a revolution and why he can’t. And look at the division of wealth in your new “democratic” country. And ask why. Then look to your son for the last time as he marches off to a war for those at the top of your new government. And remember how to ask why.
We are all in chains down here. We unwashed. Some chains are softer and more comfortable because of the proximity of where you reside… to the beast. Some are maximum security prisons…some white-collar ones. They are still chains.


14 thoughts on “>After The Revolution…

  1. >Just read article about the "peaceful" revolutionaries beating and gang raping cbs reporter Lara Logan. They view women as dirt so that is amazing that a woman made the video.

  2. >"I was watching the jewtube rant and call to action that allegedly fueled the Egyptian revolt" – "But it seems odd to me." -As it should, because you have a refined sense of intuition. I like your prison cell analogy. Here's a chink through which to peer – http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2011/02/cia-plots-in-egypt.htmlIntriguing tidbits abounds on that blog.Which brings me to why I visited your blog just now. You'd previously mentioned Giliad Atzmon. His recent article entitled "CAIRO & JERUSALEM" – http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/gilad-atzmon-cairo-jerusalem.htmlIt mentions none of this. Not the National Endowment for Democracy, not the "Greater Middle East" plan. It stands in stark contrast to his article entitled "Israeli Economy For Beginners" – http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2011/02/08/israeli-economy-for-beginners#more9358Perhaps Atzmon deserves the benefit of the doubt. I won't go so far as to say we all do. But, we don't all have time to trawl the internet.

  3. >Hey Timster,…Excellent, excellent; this is the stuff I search for, I have no respect for the internet myself; I have been, in my time a naive player for "Team Evil" and so it is that I know that this "internet freedom" is a wide net that is coasting deep and slow behind this school of disarmed Blogger fish; when the PTB decides the time is right, they will haul in the net and whooshka, all the best and brightest and worst and dumbest will be scooped up and dumped into a great Hold from whence they will not return. They know everything about us, which is why so much personal information is required to set up a Blog in the first instance.When I was a young disappointed soldier, I read 'The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State' by Friedrich Engels. I was seduced by the Communist Manifesto and the Romance of Revolution. This lead me to become a journalist so that I could work as war correspondent: Orwell's 'Homage to Catalonia' inspired me as did much of his work. Greene, Hemingway, Graves, Williamson and Lev Tolstoy's 'The Sebastopol Sketches': arguably the world's first genuine "war correspondence".My failing is a desire to know more, I research the fuck out of an issue, which is why I have no respect for the internet, my Blog or Politics; all are instruments of the tribe and are part and parcel of THEIR plan.I operate most effectively in my national community, my colleagues and I hold video nights, chat fests at Pubs and community halls: "Think Globally and Act Locally", to use a line and strategy we stole from the useful idiots.None the less; excellent humanist reportage…Bravure.veritasHahaha…I don't normally do this however,..wv: "yeretic"

  4. >Anon@3:31 – Yeah. I read that too. Although I don't believe it on the surface. Her husband is defense contractor in Iraq, she is white, from SA…and her crew was accused of being israeli spies. That part I like, and believe.

  5. >Anon@4:54 – Yes, I have given him that benefit so far. Although he has taken off down some paths I wouldn't tread(wikileaks)…he has been much closer to the beast than I…so I'll listen to him for now.

  6. >Someone – Someone posted a comment that I approved and shows up in the amount of comments at the bottom of this article…but not here. It was received as Anon. I don't want it to disappear, could you write it again?

  7. >Regarding Atzmon. Yeah, there's the wikileaks thing, and I have lingering questions about the Muslim Brotherhood's historical ties to the CIA, as well as the mullas (SOMEONE worked with Regan's CIA to prolong the hostage crisis and make Carter un-electable, right?), and feel your doubts about Ahmedinejad being "too perfect." I just don't know enough about it. I was a babe at the time, and only recently tuned in to the subject.Atzmon seems on the up-and-up. IMHO, the danger is to involuntarily spreading incomplete truths. I may be paranoid. Things are complicated. My brain seeks black and white.Did you check aangirfan? They seem like an aggregater culling bullet points from elsewhere. This girls is allegedly Asmaa Mahfouz, a graduate of the business management school of the American University in Cairo, and a guest of the State Department in 2009. NGO's performing many of the functions of the CIA of the cold war.More on America's "NGO RAJ" in the Hatian colony; http://www.counterpunch.org/whitney01262011.htmlRe:veritas6464"coasting deep and slow behind" -Timster, suppose that's why images and links disappear from your older posts? I do so enjoy the choice images you select. I even abstain from looking at them until I am reading along side of them.Veritas; Does that mean they're going to make us into gefilte fish? Seriously though, my gray matter can only sustain so much paranoia.

  8. >Timster: "Her husband is defense contractor in Iraq" -Would you mind sharing your source? Forgive me if it's already in your blog roll. It seems there are no longer enough hours in the day to do the exploration I would like to.

  9. >Veritas6464: "I operate most effectively in my national community"Point well taken. No preparations; material, communal, or spiritual, and no real anonymity. Between you and Dog Poet at Smoking Mirrors, I feel like I'm headed for what the 'kids' call an "epic FAIL"To have lived like a bug adrift in the country breeze, and as soon as the windshield comes into focus, splat.

  10. >Hi Timster,The way i see it is that we are all chickens.Most of us are battery hens and the lucky ones like yourself are free range. But we share two things in common;the fruits of our labour are stolen and we all meet the same fate.Some great analogies in this piece ,thanks.And you are right it is becoming a small world …but you wouldn't like to paint it!Heh Heh!

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