>Out Of A Job…


Some years ago, in my career in engineering, I held down a job as a Q.E.(quality engineer). My job was to design systems that insured product quality and yet were dovetailed into the manufacturing process. I know this is a sleeping pill for most, but bear with me.
Anyway, these little systems that I helped set up, allowed for those actually manufacturing a product to be sure of its quality. That is to say, if Joe was making a part, he would know that several steps of that process would be to measure that part at various points to assure that it does not accumulate more than one defect… and to make sure it was up to all specs when finished and good enough to ship. Well this is a bit of a simplification, but it will serve the purpose here.

As it was explained to me in some corporate meeting once…my job was to try and work myself out of a job. Makes sense if you think about it. If a separate department like mine, dedicated to making sure a thing is done like it is supposed to be done, is no longer needed… then that product will always be good to go. In theory this is an attainable goal. In theory.

Also in my ongoing training along with SPC, MRP and a bunch of other acronyms, was the requirement to read a book called “The Goal”. Well that was just a hot book at the time about ongoing improvement in manufacturing, geared to management of large corporations. No biggie. It was written in the form of a novel. Easier to absorb these types of …well, dry business philosophies when told in story form. Very interesting read. Written by an israeli jew.

So while working and reading this book, I began to understand the author’s pov. This novel was a model for what the common man sees happening in the world around him today. It inadvertently described an illusive goal of corporate tyranny that sent shudders up my spine. Not that the author, I’m sure, intended it that way. It was obvious to me that he saw nothing wrong with naming that goal. Profit. Only profit. However it seemed to me to be guidelines of how executives could unleash an autonomous monster upon the world in the form of a “company” and the havoc that it could wreak upon economies, political systems…and more importantly, people. Real people. A blueprint for the “is-ness of business”. This “goal” in the author’s mind becomes godlike in its purity of purpose, as if it had life itself…spooky indeed. Many corporate execs read this book then…and still do. Not that it was that much of a landmark of prose, but it was singular at the time because it laid out in plain English, what we all should fear. Of course many could read this book and not come away with any of what I saw there. I understand that. But given the highly competitive nature of the product that my company was producing, it struck me how companies like this can act with comparative impunity. It was so easy for me to make the political comparisons which the purpose of this tome begged. It scared hell outta me.
But to get back to the point of this missive… I see that not much has changed in my life since then. Make myself jobless…if only.

I am still trying to do this. What I see around me still scares hell outta me. My new job as I understand it, is to expose the judaic…much like the author of that book…and his deliberate descent into hell itself. His cult is trying to get us to accompany him in this prolapse. Still with his is-ness and his corporate madness. My true “goal” in this new job, is to work myself out of a job…again. To make my dissent superfluous. To work at this job until those that continue after me can keep this cult of the khazar at bay. I am still designing systems, or trying to…that the common manufacturer of a decent life can use as a measuring tool against the defect. A system in which anyone following these quality processes can immediately identify the smallest defect that can compound down the road. A system designed to eliminate the defective cultural anomaly that is judaism and the immense power it has attained, by all of us workers disregarding the signs of defect.
I can only hope that the day will come when I can retire one more time. When I won’t have to worry about the generations to come with their little problems…once the big one is identified and eliminated.

“You can’t stop us on the road to freedom
You can’t keep us, cause our eyes can see.
Men with insight, men in granite
Knights in armor, bent on chivalry.”
-Van Morrison


5 thoughts on “>Out Of A Job…

  1. >Excellent. Your mention of that book is like a mummy returns feeling. It became gospel for many corporations, most of their plants now shuttered, decaying, leaving behind on the memory of the sweat and intellect of its former workers and the foul stench of the bastards that promulgated the demise. Thanks for your commentary and truths.

  2. >Ah, I don't know about your second retirement there Timster.The adversary has been with us since before Christ and probably will be with us for a very long time.Exposing our flaws, weakness, pride, greed, selfishness. The whole Pandora's Box of evils that we visit upon one another.How many times have people evicted the Jews from their homeland? Yet, it only takes a few greedy, selfish men and the whole thing comes around again. Bigger. Worse. I don't know, until men stop forgetting the past, stop allowing the envelope to be pushed, letting bad things be, how can anything change? A century ago, Henry Ford and the Dearborn Independent held the standard. Charles Lindbergh Sr. spoke till he was silenced. Now it's people like you, like Michael Hoffman, and others.Anyhow, I think the problem is mostly ours. Until the day we refuse to buy what the tribe sells. Once and for all. As far as the generations up ahead? What's the old quote from Tolkien; "It is the doom of Men that they forget.

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