>Freedom Tastes Of Reality…


I’m going to have to break down and get topical again. I hate doing that. I’m not really that good at it.
I have always said that if someone can come away with a particular opinion from being informed about an event, by watching the MSM…the opinion they form, was planned in advance.

The revolution was televised. I see that CNN’s headlines read: Egypt is Free. My question is…free from what? Free of a thirty year reign of a US/israhell puppet, just to install another?
Then I read that horrible word….like the members of an AA meeting nodding in recognition at the tale of a new convert…free to choose Democracy. Heaven save the world from this form of government.

Mubarak is gone, joy in Cairo streets

Wild cheers erupted in Cairo’s Tahrir Square as word spread that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had resigned after three decades of iron-clad rule. The crowd chanted, “Egypt is free!”

As I said, if the reader of this unfolding drama…this yiddish-directed passion play…is allowed to understand that the populace of Egypt have finally won Democracy…it was all planned in advance. The story, and the glorious outcome.
So what we have now is yet another country bent on the freedom of democracy, without understanding in the least what that means. Without understanding that democracy itself will take their new-found voice away as quickly as a theocratic thug in a golden palace. They think they understand the heavy hand of corruption, but if they get what they are being told they want…they will truly grasp the meaning of suffering.

This whole scenario has been played perfectly IMHO. Although I don’t pretend to understand all the intricacies of past Egyptian politics, culture or history…I think I have a grasp of the human condition. So do the movers and shakers that have orchestrated this chess-move, behind the scenes.
For any reader of this or indeed the MSM’s lauding of democracy, allow me to elucidate. Democracy is a bad thing for people. It is a good thing for those that wish to control people toward their own ends. It is rule of the mob. Mob-think as directed by media and their politicians. As Kay said in MIB: “”…a person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it”.
Somewhere around 1948( gosh, why does that date ring a bell?) in this particular country, we began changing from a “Republic”…which is what our Constitution provides…to a fucking DEMOCRACY. This too was planned. Of this I’m sure. Since then, it has been a slippery slide away from the rule of law by the wishes of the people, to the rule of television and the wishes of a few jewish banking families. But you know all this…or you wouldn’t be here.

But back to Egypt. It strikes me as a bit too obvious that all these dangerous violent protesters, or so they were described just a few days ago in the zionist press…overnight became the rebel alliance from Star Wars, and they have WON their freedom. The “freedom” to choose democracy…that same shit that ameirkan soldiers have been spreading over unsuspecting countries with the barrel of a rifle.
When the magician asks for a volunteer from the audience…it’s always been staged beforehand, folks. When they sell you a “representative” government, you had better understand that almost anyone has their price….and it’s a pretty safe bet that that guy representing your interests, has his. When you give up the option of a constitutional republic, you have given up everything. When you abandon the idea that a set of laws can be decided by the people themselves, and carved in stone for no man to efface…you have given your lives to devious thugs.

So my advice to those that have ousted their zionist puppet is to go left when they think you are going right. Zig when they tell you to zag. Abandon Al-Jazeera and it’s provocation of the Muslim. Lose the idea of democracy. It is a trick. Choose your new leaders carefully. There are already ones on the scene that “they” want to be in power. Reject them. Reject all outside Western influence…it is truly in your interest to do so.

I feel much today like I felt watching those serial adventure films as a kid. “Don’t do it Tex…it’s a trap!” we would shout from the theater seats. We hoped that he wouldn’t fall for the bad guy’s tricks. We knew. You know. The bitter taste of freedom is always that false step that leads you back to your chains. The Egyptians now have it in their grasp to reject zionist control of the middle-east and beat them at their own game. A domino theory for good as each country around them falls away from racist jewish influence…for if there is anything the ashkanazi understands all too well it is that Gentiles are subject to control, but things can happen to spoil their plans. Sometimes the good guy really wins.


10 thoughts on “>Freedom Tastes Of Reality…

  1. >Timster, I am wondering what role this Gaagle exec Wael Ghonim will play in the future? Hmmm …..You have a fantastic blog, first time posting here but I visit here whenever I can.

  2. >What can I say Timster. I have watched this one very closely and posted on it at my place and at Twelfth Bough. The spooks started this shit and it went wrong for them from about day 4. The people fought to defend themselves and no more than that. They took everything that was thrown at them and they threw it right back. After that they simply occupied the territory that mattered – basic war principle with no weapons. Ever since they have sucked up casualty after casualty and refused to be goaded into more violence. That’s what really buggered up the master plan. Can’t mow them down if they’re singing instead of shooting.Today was a great victory in one battle and not the whole war. The media have had to suck it up as their masters have done. Whoop it up like it’s 1999. Listen to every liar in office. Not one word of support before this. The Egyptian people do not want democracy – only the idiot press use that word – they want freedom.I wish them well as they try to remove the regime. The paid lackey at the top is gone but not the massive infrastructure he built up is still in place. They know that. The US and Israhell have spent about 40 years buying the place and they won’t give it up easily. That is the fight.I think that this op has gone rogue and the people are more organised than we think. The press are programmed idiots repeating the usual jew lies. I’m not sure what will happen but so far it has been off script and off reservation. Normal people and not violent mooslims.There is a huge, bigger picture to this than what we see on the idiot box. I don’t normally plug my own place but this is the video I have up there currently.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkExju9m65E

  3. >Hey Timster,…Great post; democracy is was and always will be a con, like I said last year in Les's comment section "The revolution WILL be televised", how else could they use it to manipulate the sheeple?Oh, and Chuckyman, on the money as usual:What now though comrades, what now?Love Light & Peace; for those that deserve it!veritasP.S. I'm a keen Chess player to, nyuk nyuk nyuk. Did she have knickers on Timster?

  4. >IMHO The Egyptians understand perfectly what they want for themselves. Freedom from US/Israel interference.. One of their aims after they get Suleiman OUT is to get The Rafah crossing Open to be able to march to FREE GAZA..I'd willingly go to help them ..and me thinks you would too.

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