>Nuts And Their Siblings…


Trust me on this…I’m not as nutty as this site may make me appear, at times. Truly. I’m a pretty normal guy. Even what seems to be an OCD obsession with jews, is not really visible if you were to meet me on the street, have occasion to work beside me, or live in my neighborhood. How Dare I, is an outlet for my anti-judaic sentiments that this “future” has provided. I say future, because that is what we are in. Notwithstanding the fact that there is no future or past…just a now…this is one of the possible futures that I envisioned as a youth. Only without flying cars.

This is one of the “bad” ones. A type of 1984 future that I feared. But as nothing is entirely good or bad…at the very least, my anti-judaic feelings have found voice, on the internet. Of course I have practiced what I preach here…long before it was the fashion of this underground movement against the ashkanazi. But my views have rarely found companionship and understanding before the world-wide-web. That is what the net is about. Communication between people…not governments. A yet relatively uncensored common sense without spin or corporate agenda. For the most part anyway.

We all feel the deadly fog of censorship breathing down our necks. A black cloud that will force us further underground…but then consequently in bigger numbers…because nothing fuels the fire of revolt like the hand of censorship. The ruling jew understands this and must himself. feel that rock and that hard place. Good. This may even produce a kind of empathy…ya think?
Anyway, this was going to be yet another attempt of mine to clarify how I see myself, and this movement against the khazar.
They wish to lump us. On the head, to be sure…but more effectively…to lump all criticism of their march to power, as a concerted effort of the like minded. It isn’t. You and I know this. We are varied. We come from all walks. We are for the most part highly educated and well read. But to see the international jew and his disdainful culture for what it is, doesn’t take a genius. Nor does it require any other particular views of life, save the sanctity thereof. But be that as it may…

I always strive to write that consummate post. The one that explains the world as I see it. Many things I have attempted to say here are shared by thousands of anti-jewish sites. That is why, I think that I enjoy some measure of success in my efforts…but I am trying to accomplish even something more meaningful…to me.
I just counted. I have pursued this illusive elucidation for 385 posts. Averaging approximately 700+ words per…that would make almost 370 thousand words. Shit. The average adult book length for non-fiction is 150 thousand words, at the top end.
So I have written the equivalent of almost three entire books here trying to get a particular view of the world that I have, across to a world-wide reading public. Maybe I AM nuts. Maybe not. Perhaps I am just not that adept at communication via the written word. Or as my vanity would have it…it is an authentically difficult p.o.v. to explain fully.

So, that being said…I have to get a little too personal about myself. This time concerning a member of my family. My sibling. She(or it could be a he…hell, “I” could be a she…don’t you love anonymity?) has known me for years. Like me, she is over-educated. That is to say we both spent many years in the educational system and also spent even longer in self-study. Unlike me, she is exceptionally intelligent(why do your siblings always seem to get all the good DNA markers?). She has what I would describe as a casual view of the world. Not a childish one in any respect…but a laissez-faire view of world events and politics. Knowing the world as I do…I can understand that. For years I have tried to bring her over to my view of things to no avail. She is simply incapable of caring about it. Or so it would seem. I can even understand that to a point.
But as most writers do, I focus on a particular reader.
She is my shadowy reader. I have always felt that if I could penetrate that hardened intellect, I would know that I have accomplished my goal of bringing the most disinterested and polarized attitude about the jewish cult, over to my side.
I know this is a bit childish…especially when you figure in sibling rivalry…all that. However, her attitude toward what I see as a major goal in my life, and my effort to win over this older sibling’s accordance, is very much why I do what I do.
Call it nuts. Call it simplistic. But more importantly…call it not yet accomplished. Ha.

So with this in mind, I hammer and hammer on these little keys imagining not only you the reader’s reactions, but my target sibling. Even if this never happens, it serves as a goal…and maybe I will win over many of the less stubborn as a byproduct. Forgive me if this is slighting…but it is my conviction that if I can convince her…the rest of the world is a walk in the park.


4 thoughts on “>Nuts And Their Siblings…

  1. >HI Timster,I've been reading your blog for a while and appreciate what you do, I share many viewpoints and enjoy your writting..and especially the pic of the little one in the red dress..soo cute!!We have to be vigilant in these times and fear and apathy have no place anymore as things are amping up. That's why i've finally commented on your blog as i've just started one too ,as all of us with like mind need to communicate.Thank You again for being Honest and truthfull and creative, which is what we all need more of.Cheers A13http://thirteenthmonkey.blogspot.com/

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