>Special Effects…


I met a man in London while walking along the Thames. We struck up a conversation, revealing through my accent, that I was not British.
He asked where I was from and I told him. “You don’t look like an American”, he said. That took me aback for a few seconds. “Really?…what do Americans look like?” I asked. He told me that they were fat, loud and rude.
This is not a revelation, I know…but it got me to thinking. He did not recognize me because my image in his mind was a fabrication gleaned from the jewish media. FLR is how we are perceived throughout the world. Have been since WWII, I guess.
This preconception of amerikans is created and reinforced through their tv’s and movie houses. That is fully intentional, I have decided.
Anyway, this fellow was truly aghast that he and I could stand there and quietly discuss the world and it’s problems as if I was just a human. I look much bigger on the screen. This I could see in his eyes.
Life looks bigger, more clever…more purposeful on the silver screen. But it is somehow calmer and makes more sense when you discuss it calmly and without a camera pointed.

Steven Spielberg didn’t direct this little two-shot dialogue on the picturesque walkway along the river. Had he…I might have had a cigar in my mouth, and my friend would be a beleaguered jewish refugee begging me to help get his family out of Nazi Germany. The jewish mindset is like that. Everything is a drama unfolding. Throw in some porn and some violence…Bingo. All to be told in a few reels…then the credits.
Since the jews stole the medium of film it has been like this. On their screens, in their warped view and consequently in the eyes and ears of the world. Packaged. Cut and edited.
Before electronic media, it was their yiddish theater, which bears an uncanny resemblance to what we now view on our tv’s and movie screens.

They are the ones that truly created amerika in the minds of the world. Not the European settlers that actually farmed and worked this country into a livable space. Those were just extras. Extras in the grand jewish movie extravaganza: America.
But we aren’t the only ones of course to be miscast in the ashkanazi lens. The world and all cultures within it have supporting roles in their media. The evil psycho Muslim. The liberal vain French. The sneaky Asian, the arrogant German…and on and on. We the people of this world did not create these celluloid stereotypes…they the Directors and Producers did. Racism is as alive and well in their media as it is in the Occupied Territories. It is easier to swallow their propaganda when cultures are simpler in our minds. From Freud to the Coen brothers, it has always been the same. From Hertzle to Michael Eisner, they all have the same agenda…KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Keep it simple for the viewing audience. Reinforce the easy labels so real humanity will not get in the way of the plot.
Their plot.

I have kinda gotten off subject a bit, but this video will get you back where I want you. This man understands the behind-the-scenes of the orchestrations that are israhell. How they are merely a jewish screenplay attempting to manipulate an audience that have already bought their ticket to the show. The world wants the movie…zionists want to direct it. Win-win…right? But what if the plot is too simple…too unbelievable? What if the characters are horribly miscast? What if they don’t get the box-office they need to recoup their losses? Will there be a “Son of Israhell”? “Israhell: part two”?
Rest assured. It will be playing in a theater near you soon. That great movie in which, under fire from The evil Egyptian Empire, Ben Goldberg(Brad Pitt) launches a preemptive attack emanating from the Gaza checkpoint just in the nick of time, before evil Abdul(boo…hiss) can marshal his army to attack our eternal-victims of the blessed holy land. Whew. That was close! See Ben battle for zion. See Golda(Natalie Portman) take up uzies to give those sand-niggers what for! Their grandparents weren’t tortured to death in gas ovens in vain! Never again! is the war-cry.

Oh brother.

This may seem a bit far-fetched… a bit of an exaggeration… but I remind you to look at “Inglorious Bastards” or any other of thousands of made-for-idiots movies that come from their skewed vision of themselves, and the image they wish to purvey. These people would be deemed crazy if it weren’t for their power and influence to not only accomplish these horrors on the screen, but through the plot mechanisms in their media, get the world’s majority to buy it in real life. It’s all a movie, folks. It’s only a movie…not life…not us…not really them.

But box-office is slowing. Their films and the ideals which they espouse are not getting the return they were expecting. Less and less people, like the man I spoke to by the river, are even paying for their tickets to the jew movie anymore…let alone believing the plot or the two-dimensional casting. They are all alike anymore we reckon. Like hollyweird itself, the whole production is failing. No matter how many movie companies they muscle their way into, nor how many filthy lying pieces of shit they crank out for the viewing audience of the world, we are not buying it or their popcorn anymore. They can’t understand this and label it antisemitic…when we don’t buy the lie that life is just one of their movies.

Whether it is Disney films or Al-Jazeera…it is all filmed attempts at manipulation. You must understand this. If jews are not portrayed in the horrible lighting in which they are really seen throughout history…there have been special effects added.


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  2. >PART 1Hello Timster. I've been reading your blog for a couple of hours by now (reading December 2010 right now) and I really like some of the points in it. So thank you for dedicating that certain amount of your time and energy to writing it and I'm glad there are still people like you who don't have their fight-or-flight tendencies stolen from them.I consider Hollywood and events in it (yeah I think movies are real, at least as "events") more important than events in policy and diplomacy and such, so this journal entry seems like one of the most importants entries to me. I have two observations and two questions – observations, because I don't intent to tell things about my outer life and stuff like that, but that's the first time I w=wright to you, so you don't know me and I think you deserve to know my attitude to these most vital questions (to things like respect, survival and knowledge.. in THAT order) so you know what kind of person I am; and questions, to keep the conversation going, because you seem to care about all that just like I do.First observation is that we whites.. scratch that, we non-jews deserve what we are getting these days. The jews (at least the "elite" ones) are parasites, and they use the other folks' vices against them, but that only proves that non-jews have less efficient methods AND more vices that jews. So In my humble opinion, as bad as we hate jews, we're supposed to hate each other and ourselves. Also I hate police officers more than I hate criminals. And I hate bisexual people way more than I hate fags and dykes. And that's not only an emotion, no it's calculated. There are real bad people, like, say, child molesters; I feel about 45% anger and 55$ anxiety (is "anxiety" the right word? if not, "panic"would serve) and that feeling always drives me crazy every time there's bad actions OR bad people even if they didn't commit anything just yet. But you know what? Most people don't seem to care about these or those bad people as long as it doesn't happen to THEM personally. I can't respect that, that's why my "being scared" works worse on most people than on bad people. And it scares me, not only because of disrespect that bad people cause and/or asshole attitude that everyday normal people display, but what's the worst is I start to question my morals and even almost forgive bad people because of that. I mean, at least bad people do know there's a line not supposed to be crossed, you know?The second observation is just a logical step off the first one. I've always found it strange why is it Jews can't read Mein Kampf with aesthetical pleasure, and why, say skinheads can't listen to gangsta rap? That's not logical. So I unlearned to hate. I still fear, but never hate. In example, I hate Lady GaGa but I love Gwen Stefani and Kylie Minogue. I hate Tupac but I love Nas, Redman and GFK. I never have any cash but I love McDonalds' and movie theatres. I hate Jews with a passion but I love when they at least act in accordance with their beliefs. Kinda makes ME go away, and it's good.So that's me. A politically-incorrect, unforgiving person, but if you look close, two-faced.

  3. >PART 2The first question or a thing I'd like to discuss, is it neccesary to prove prejudices against us wrong? I'm a Russian guy so Western people see me as a Chinese type of person, psychotic, sneaky, all that and eastern people label me as a western person, loud, calm, safe, smiling, knowing-answers-to-every-question, condescending person, one word – an asshole. But don't we all deserve it? What blacks in America call "nigga moments" when someone returns to his habits even if he don't want to, don we all get our Jewish (ruthless and/or arrogant), Russian (reckless, paradox-loving), American (cynical and/or triumphant or whatever) moments? Don't these "ethnic moments" make us who we are and isn't this Jewish propaganda on screen just inspired by envy or jealousy or both?And the second question is about roles. It's much like the first question, one of the differences is one has to answer "no" to the first question to even consider the second one. If you didn't read Black Swan article on the Vigilant Citizen website, please do so, it's a good read. In the end of the article, some actors are KILLED by their roles. So if the jews control Hollywood (which they do) and this controlling-people-through-the-images-and-roles skill is being acquired by them, we should expect to see more of this "role" technique used on a global level. How many whites in America want to be or act black, and how many blacks want to act white? That's a weapon. I, for example, am a well-read kind of guy and I fucking hate every second of it, it makes me look and sound and act like and asshole and I try to act as ignorant and inconsistent as I can. So obviously the western entertainment has a lot for me to relate to – it has a praise of ignorance. So the question is, if they can (and will) use roles as a weapon, what would be our defence against that? And on a first question againg, like I said I always spend all the money I have on some nonsence, If you were me what whould you do to get used to this slumming, downshofting lifestyle for the rest of your life?Sorry for my bad english. Thank you again for not ignoring the whole fucked-up state of it all.

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