>A New Leaf…


This isn’t going to be more jew-baiting.  I’m sick of the one-sided attitude I have undertaken here.  I intend to sing the praises of the international jew from now on.  

So all those good hasbara special-branch Mossad folks that are encumbered with following at least this one supposedly anti-semitic site…relax.  I have seen the light.  I am changing my ways as we speak.  I am no longer going to be a boil on the neck of the judaic philosophy.  There is no profit in it.
Yes, I am here to give the devil his due…well, so to speak.  Look at it as a kind of hollyweird awards show.  You know the type…there are hundreds of them nowadays in which the jew-behind-the-goyim get a chance to pat each other on the back for a job well-financed.  From now on, this blog will be such and acknowledgment.  You can’t fight city hall…all that.
I think it’s time to congratulate the judaic in their efforts.  We complaining Gentiles underestimate the time and effort spent by our hebrew brethren to rise to their rightful place above us.  Do we give one thought to the enormous amount of patience that it has taken for the ashkanazi to have risen from the ashes of the Asiatic ghetto to claim the reigns of power over the the centuries as they have?  I think not.  This is a persistence that is almost g_dlike.  Do we, the non-jewish have this much fortitude and perseverance?  If only.  Our efforts are dishwater in comparison.  Weak and uncoordinated efforts to maintain a silly Christian-based morality in the face of a much more logical view of reality…that of the profit-based.  Even Jesus spoke of profit…but did you listen?  I doubt it.  Or we would be in the cat-bird seat instead of those of a certain financial persuasion.
I really don’t know why the world incessantly tries to argue with success.  Outside of Rome, do any major religions of the world claim as much power as the jewish?  No.  And even the Pope is compromised toward israhell.  Many misinterpret the pet name I affectionately use for their base of operations.  It is an homage to their awesome presence. Is Rah Hell.  These(although not really “holy” as we think of the term) people have attained influence never known before in the history of the planet.  And without a majority population in any of the lands they now rule…even in their own homeland!  Think about that for a minute.  If that doesn’t speak to the dogged determination and divine luck of these saintly beings…well, then I don’t know my beans.

Most all cultures teach that the good will always triumph.  The hero will always win the day.  And yet these same cultures reject the celebratory victories of the jewish.  I don’t get it.  Haven’t they proven to the world that they are the deserving competitor?  The triumphant good-guy?  I think they have.  And in a dramatic awe-inspiring fashion.  They have risen above the morality that has failed every other culture…that of the do-gooder…the loser…to craft a model of effort that would make Machiavelli weep with envy.  And what do they get for all their tireless endeavor?  What rewards do the people of the world heap upon their newly proven masters?  Disdain.  Hatred.  Envy.  Well, as they say in football…they only go after the guy with the ball.

Well, I’ll be damned if I will join in such insubordination to those that have genuinely proven to me that they are worthy to rule this planet.  Religion or no religion…these are just swell people and I bow to them.  I encourage all to genuflect to those that have won the human race.  It proves to any that will stop for a moment and reflect on their sacrifices that they really ARE genetically superior.  How can anyone deny this?  It is every man’s duty to spread the word that we all must submit to the better man.  The world must turn a new leaf in history…we must rewrite history as our masters have done.  We must crown those deserving and live in peaceful servitude.  I for one, will never vilify those above me.  I am happy to serve and will encourage all to do the same.
 I thank you.

12 thoughts on “>A New Leaf…

  1. >Hey Timster,…after serious consideration, I can find no valid argument against that which you posit, in fact: I am energetically genuflecting between words, as you can im a gine i am puff in g har d and …wa it.OK, no more energetic genuflecting for the moment, perhaps some isometric genuflection will be more beneficial and reverent?I mean, really, what do I; a beer swilling bar-room brawler with a streak of belligerence a mile wide have that can possibly justify my vilification of the loveliest tribe ever to roam across someone else's borders, eh?Credit wheres its due I say, I totally concur with your sycophancy and will do my utmost to kiss yiddish arses, from here on in, hallelujah, I have seen the light and now I can get on with shutting the fuck up and getting back in line…Thanks Timster, thanks for the epiphany!veritas

  2. >TimsterI believe you are suffering from the dreaded "Eww-ii-ssh" syndrome. Doctor of idiotology Glen Bob prescribes reading my blog until you are forced back to whatever your "normal" real world is.

  3. >"get a grip. You knew to whom I was referring, yes? A bit semantics-obsessed?"Patrick… says:No!…..I am not "semantics" obsessed; it isn't mere semantics… you are MISIDENTIFYING them and yes, it is very important; if you confuse the terms, you will never understand your own heritage, which is what they've stolen from you… the caucasians are the Israelites, whom the "jews" claim to be; when you refer to edomites as Hebrew, you are off track at the rudimentary level… …..Don't you understand the vital importance here?

  4. >Patrick – No. Let me explain. I do not see this issue as vital, nor can I be convinced that it is…for me, or my site. I have been through this before, with another reader. Whether I use the words "hebrew" or semite or edomite, to me doesn't matter. These are ancient biblical references that hold little if any interest for me, or most of my readers. Although I appreciate you taking the time and effort to read my posts…and comment on them, archaic etymology is not the thrust of my mission here. jews are jews…everyone knows the term. Hebrew may be a fundamental misnomer propagated by ashkanazis to somehow legitimize their cult as "religious"…I have conceded this several times. However the same thing can be said about "antisemitic", which also has no basis in the modern world other than to say "jew-hater". I deal with the here and now. What terminology has evolved into, albeit incorrect or used for masking a tribe who's ancestry actually lies in southern Russian ghettos. If I was to nit-pick the terminology constantly here, this blog would become muddied and it's true purpose lost. I don't wish to enter into debate over this matter, nor drag my readers through it. This has been explained before if you wish to review several discussions in my comments on other posts. If not…take this as the last word on the subject. Thanks again for reading.

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