One wonders if this housewife on acid, could ever go back to her
suburban kitchen after such mind-bending intrapersonal revelations.

One also wonders why the list of those proponents of experimenting with the effects of acid on unsuspecting people in the 50’s and early 60’s(not to mention the one that supposedly “discovered” the compound in 1938) were mostly of the tribe. MKULTRA…all that. Here we see “Dr.” Cohen delighting at the trip of an otherwise normal housewife. Kinda spooky, if you think about it.
Before I get hate mail about LSD usage, one way or the other…I have taken hundreds of trips on it. Both good and bad. But as Leary used to say in his series of lectures entitled “Stand-up Philosophy” : “…giving acid to most normal people, is like trying to run your lawn mower on jet-fuel…a little over-kill”. So maybe, other than enjoying the first bit of a trip…the insane comedy…I wasn’t such a great subject. Who knows.

All in all, it’s an interesting drug. I can state from experience that the effects of it could easily be termed “false”. They have very little if any relevance to the real world in which we live. But you would have to judge that for yourself.

An interesting bit of film nonetheless.

“Heavens!…it just passed right through me!…Did you see that?!?!”


6 thoughts on “>Pleasant?

  1. >The first time we dosed we went to an outdoor go-kart track and it was the most fun ever. We had perma grin on our faces and sides hurt from so much laughing. We gave some to the German exchange student in high school bwahaha! Totally corrupted ol' Hans Peter.

  2. >Hey Timster,…Brilliant Post. That pretty middle-class house-wife; shifting the veil: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.If only I could be so wonderfully amazed, entertained and educated, everyday of my life; I would be happy to live forever.veritas

  3. >That lady was given the pure, probably Sandoz, stuff.We found that by the mid 70's the LSD became lower quality, adulterated, weakened doses and wasn't worth the effort.I've often wondered if there is available any real deal acid these days.

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