>Doubly Dying…


A reader asked me what experience or education I have had that has led me to this place. That’s a good question. What has led me here. I will try to answer this as honestly as possible.
What guided me to this lofty position of wisdom about all things judaic? I can list hundreds of incidents about my dealings with jews over my lifetime that left a bad taste. But that isn’t it. I could tell you that I have read millions of words by those unafraid to reveal this cult’s methods, and learned from them. But that isn’t really it either. What makes me feel it to be my mission in life to warn the Gentile of the tribal trickery that I feel is at the bottom of most of the ills of humanity? I can’t really put my finger on it, except to say that I understand it. I can’t remember a definitive point at which it dawned on me. As they say that death is not an instant, but a process…so was my enlightenment about the machinations of the jewish.

A wise-guy once said that what we hate in others is what we see in ourselves. Words to live by.
There was a time…a short time as a kid when I began to get out on my own, that I behaved badly. We all do…well, most of us, I think. That time when you are no longer under the watchful eye of your parents. That time when you suddenly realize you can do just about anything you want with no repercussions save your own conscience. We try this new situation. That’s natural. I did…big time. I lied, manipulated, broke hearts…all those things that served ME. Not my upbringing.

Then came the conscience. Then I made my own path. One that ran parallel to the one in my childhood home. Not as strict perhaps as my parents own rule, but a self-inflicted morality that made sense in my life. I think that too is normal. For the Gentile.
That wild period in my life left indelible scars on my conscience as it should have. I didn’t “find Jesus” or anything quite so metaphysical, but certainly learned my lesson. These scars that we cause ourselves serve as our own limits to how much WE, we can allow. Not how self-serving we can get away with being, but how much is right. There is nothing new about this process of growing and learning. Most decent people go through it in varying degrees. Perhaps mine was a bit more traumatic…I had traveled a tad too far into selfishness. It caused me untold problems at the time, but I survived.

So from an early age, I understood the deceptive jewish mindset. There is little that they as a cult do on a daily basis that I hadn’t done or thought about doing. Been there. (And for those jews out there reading this…and wondering how to bring the likes of us down…remember, never try to con a con-man. Won’t happen.)

The difference is that I was pulled back from that precipice. My conscience would not allow me to go any further. My parent’s monitoring from childhood was embedded more deeply than anything I thought I could gain from acting differently than they had taught.
That sense of right and wrong that was taught me is what the ashkanazi jew does not have. He does not have the benefit of a moral upbringing…a conscience that pulls him away from a self-destructive life. However, among the things left out of the hebrew rearing are a few things that even I never really pondered in my sojourn into the dark side. Chief among these is the comradery of evil. That is to say that the power of their depravity lies in the fact that it is in concert. In concert with others taught identically to themselves. It allows them to live unnaturally long lives, screwing everything and everyone in their paths…with a powerful support network of fellow jews to protect them from the inevitable consequences that such debauchery would visit the Gentile. This is what most cannot see. And this is what I seek to reveal.

“The wretch concentered all in self
living show forth but fair renown
and doubly dying shall go down
to the vile dust from whence he sprang
unwept, unhounoured, unsung””
-Sir Walter Scott

So, yes I have benefited from my sortie into the “jewish” way of life. It allowed me to see and hate the behaviour in myself that I would not allow to continue. The behaviour that is normal for the jew…and can only continue if we, those that understand it…do not point it out.

This is why I keep hammering on the fact that jews are merely people that are lacking. Lacking in conscience that you and I take for granted, and depend on to see us through our lives and cast an acceptable reflection in that bathroom mirror. This is in no way an attempt at excusing their behaviour. Everyone has the power to change their lives. Perhaps it would be more difficult for the khazarian descendant to do so, due to the lack of childhood training, but that would make it all the more satisfying and noble an act.

But since the jewish have never been known for their nobility…I continue.


6 thoughts on “>Doubly Dying…

  1. >Hi timster,There is no accounting for experience.I suppose to learn the true ways of the enemy one must go into the lions den figuratively speaking.Its very interesting that you recognised those abhorrent traits of the jews that you so loathed in yourself when you were younger.Right and wrong,good or bad it all boils down to conscience.You've either got it or you haven't.Anyone devoid of a good connscience is a psychopath IMHO,and maybe therein lies the root of the problem.Great observations Timster and keep on telling it like it is.cheers.

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