>Anniversary …


It’s your fault. This damned site of mine. You that keep coming back to read my meanderings and smug observations. I think if no one ever read this crap, I would not continue. Then sometimes, I think I would.

Unlike all of my other posts…this is going to be the “album version”. The long one. A journalist friend of mine reminds me often that if I can’t say what I want in 1,000 words or less…I’d better make it a series of articles. Good advice. But I’m going to deviate from that rule, just this once. So get another cup and settle down for what will be my longest post…or you can skip it altogether…I mean how many have actually read War and Peace from cover to cover?


I have just recently passed my first year’s anniversary for this site. Yay. A year of hammering out my opinion of everything judaic. As Lasha Darkmoon once said, it is obviously a labor of love for me. She is right. I guess I wouldn’t do it, if I didn’t get something in return. I’m not sure that I enjoy it that much…but I know I enjoy the clean conscience that it provides me. There would be a part of me that would feel starved of oxygen. Gasping for lack of expression if I didn’t do this thing. But perhaps even that is a bit melodramatic. Suffice to say, I need to do this for various reasons. I have enjoyed phenomenal (to me)success in this effort. For all the hits, page views and comments, I thank you. Genuinely. My ego soars( a bit too much). But let me kick around a few ideas(at your expense) about my methods.


Condescension is one of these methods. Before you get offended (which the JPTB have taught us all how to do on a daily basis), let me explain. A well-worn rule of journalism is to write to a target reader with the education of a 12-year-old. Well it used to be 12…it’s probably much lower now. Dumbing down…all that. But the fact remains that to reach the greatest number of readers…those that stick around to the end of any given article, you must aim at the lowest common denominator. This attempts to include everyone from the most unimaginative, to the more highly educated and intelligent. In theory it works, sort of. But there is a sacrifice to this. It condescends on one end and over-simplifies on the other. That is to say(I’m doing it again), that an effective journalist must express his thoughts as simply as possible, leaving out most of the intricacies of his thoughts. This can alienate the intelligentsia, but draw in those with more rudimentary understandings. And on the other side of the coin, to truly express one’s thoughts down to the finely detailed ruminations of which the writer is capable, alienates those of a duller mentality.
Before you assume that I consider myself to be an intellectual, let me tell you, I don’t. I have an acceptable education…mostly by my own doing…and a little above-average IQ(I guess). I don’t see myself as a gifted writer. Period. I see myself as, at this time of life, having enough time daily to sit down and share many decades of experience concerning my dealings with the jew. That is all.
However, even though I don’t wish to rewrite Ulysses, I also do not wish to belittle my opinions on this subject here with constant mundane simplistic repetitions. The subject I have chosen for this site is too important for that. And the effort to expose the evils of the judaic tribe, lends itself to so much criticism that it is singularly important to do so in as scholarly fashion as possible. But sometimes, I just rant like a damned maniac. So if you feel you are being “talked down to”…don’t. Or if I lose you in the details, take heart… I am just trying in my sometimes clumsy way to reach as many as possible with my thoughts.

The community…

The subject and purpose of this site aligns with a great deal of others much like it. I try to give my readers a little something different in the bargain, but basically it is another, what I like to think of as “rationally antisemitic” blog. There are thousands of them…literally. That’s great. There wouldn’t be, if there was no need for them.
But in this community there are a vast amount of intricacies. It is a network of writers with a common goal, yes. But there is always the human element. In-fighting, jealousy and little plagiarisms.
They all play a part. For the most part we trudge on. But it hurts our cause. Little can be done about it, so we continue…and continue effectively, I think. We are getting the message out. Sometimes it is a bit clouded. Sometimes our anger and frustration is somewhat misdirected…but generally…we are doing the job, or we wouldn’t have lasted this long. I revel in this fact and it helps me continue to contribute to the effort.
That being said, I don’t feel it is my responsibility to point fingers or reveal “dis-info” agents out here. There is enough of that going on. I have always felt that no one makes anyone read or agree with another person’s opinion. I am what I tell you I am. In that vein…if you don’t agree with something I have to say…tell me. That’s what the comment section is for. This is a big thing for bloggers, I think. Comments. It let’s us know that we are at least making an impact. Good or bad. We can all keep an eye on our hit-counters, but the human element of feedback keeps the community together in more ways than one, I have found. We are all, myself included, guilty of hit-and-run. But at least help the pedestrian to the side of the road every once in a while.

So in a year, I have managed to alienate most of my family(or at least create a subject about which they shy away from discussing), made myself the target of web-attacks, been called just about every foul name that a decent person can take, been singled out at airports several times for intense searches and interrogations and generally made an ass of myself.

I like it.

I wouldn’t continue with this if I didn’t see these all as worthwhile sacrifices to a cause that is as important to me as life itself. Yes, if you haven’t gathered by now…or if you are new to this site…it is that important of a message to me. To know that I have somehow impacted the concerted effort of the judaic in their profane quest for power, is almost all that I am about. Take it or leave it. Take me or leave me.
But all in all, it’s been a good year for me since I decided to vent and inform about this subject on the web. I hope I have done some good for the world. It has done wonders for me. I intend to continue…no matter what. Thanks for a great year!


14 thoughts on “>Anniversary …

  1. >♫Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…♫I wish I could take the piss out of your writing style or talent but I can’t. I’m too much of a hack to know where to start (grin).Keeping banging that wooden stake through their Khazar hearts.

  2. >I am happy for you. I think after reading your site all these years that the fruit of righteousness is sewn in peace of them that make peace. That would be you HDI. I also think you are a big softee at heart. Thanks for not kicking me out when I was off my meds and went off the deep end. At least here we are friends. And thats enough for me.

  3. >Congratulations Timster on your 12 months in the front line.As a relative newcomer to your bloggings most of what i read here is new(ish) to me,but is backed up by a little research through the many varied sources that are available over the net.I've discovered a clandestine world that is seldom discussed in the mainstream jew media.Tell me Timster how did you come about your knowledge of the machinations of the tribe?Are you self taught,mentored tutored or what?I think a series of articles on your education in such matters would make fantastic reading,and provide an insight into what makes Timster tick.Respects covkid(p.s. when are you going to rewrite that piece about Coventry,i promise i wont be offended)grin!

  4. >Covkid – Thanks. Well, yes to all…and it helps to have lived in the USSA for untold eons. It's different here in the den of the wolves themselves. But that is a good idea you have about me ticking…I do a lot of that.May do a Coventry piece too…thanks.

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