>Repairman At Wit’s End…


If you can’t tell from my writing…I am easily frustrated.  I get irritated at the most seemingly harmless things.  A jewess starts a wage revolt for teachers in Wisconsin, and I see a broke state that will have to be bailed out.  With our tax dollars…somehow.  Maybe we can put all teachers and state workers on the Federal payroll.  Sure…that would solve a lot of problems.  Sheesh.  As if.  I’m suspicious that that will be their final answer.  I appear to be alone in this anti-anti-revolution thing.  Oh well.  I’ve been alone a lot before.  I am in sparse company as I see the revolt in Egypt and the entire Middle East in fact as being engineered by zionists.  It is cheaper to change regimes, in money and lives, when you stir the people to do it for you.  I am annoyed that people can’t see this.

I get annoyed at those that seek company in their views.  That sounds a bit silly perhaps…a bit contrary and nay-saying. Much against what I am trying to do here…to convince others that I have at least one foot on the right path. Heaven help me if I was taken seriously.  Then I would have to revolt against myself.  But if I see the herd going one way, I often ask why not the other path.  Crowds scare me.  Group-think spooks me out.  If the majority of people believe something, that to me is good enough reason to question it.  But maybe that’s just me.  I am annoying, and annoyed.  A lot of us are.  I think we creepy people are where change for good starts.  Like an inventor that sees the way the world is perfectly happy snapping off the top of a soda and tossing it on the ground…then he develops an opener that stays on the can.  The curse of an engineer.  Always look for a better way.  Never be satisfied.  Tough way to live.  Maybe that’s a small part of human nature.

But you are like that too.  Or you wouldn’t be here.  I look at the world as a faulty machine turning out faulty parts.  After a short time tinkering and fiddling, I announce “well, HERE’S your problem…right here with this main gear that runs the whole machine.  It will need to be replaced”.    I announce also that there will be quite a bit of down-time to replace it, and the world doesn’t want to hear that.  I tell them that if they don’t they will keep getting defective parts, and they tell me they can make-do with what is produced.  I scratch my head in disbelief of their denial.  Sure, it will be costly.  Sure, there will be many changes that will have to take place to repair the damage…but eventually the whole thing will break down if you don’t.  They don’t want to hear it.  Oh well.  I keep trying to convince them.  I show them that the judaic gear that is running the machine is defective by design.  They don’t want to hear it.  They don’t even accept the fact that that faulty gear IS running the whole machine.  They think I’m daft.  They can’t afford it in any event, they tell me.  I tell them they can’t afford NOT to.  They don’t want to hear that either.
What are you gonna do.

I’m losing patience.  I am running out of reasoning power.  Only the defective gear disagrees with my assessment of the problem.  The customer…the world knows I am right.  They know there is a defect in the design and understand that it is getting worse and they really don’t need me…the guy bent over the machine with his butt-crack sticking out…to tell them why there is a problem.  Maybe they allow this annoying repairman his diagnosis because they know that one day they will have to fork out the cost of the repair.  They need the grounding, the common sense solution to be out here at least. They will keep seeking second and third opinions, and on and on. They will keep turning knobs..tweaking this…adjusting that.   The solution that they avoid is right in front of them as the problems mount in a mathematical proportion, all pointing to a single gear.
A single driving force for eventual destruction.  As a wise-guy once said: “Its the jews, stupid”.  I can’t add anything to that.


>Working For A Living…


You know…it’s a funny thing…what can be said in public. Especially in the workplace. I mean WORKplace. Not an office. I don’t mean to say that work does not take place in an office…lord no. I have done enough of that in my day. But as all cultures in the world understand…there is work, and there is WORK.

When I was a young guy working my way through school and a young dumb life, I laboured in many factories and trade areas in which there was little if any political correctness. This is an arena where the common man and woman spend a third or more of their entire lives. The majority of human kind. This is their home-away-from-home. Even less than in their actual homes, do they curtail their language or their opinions in their workplace. This was one of the biggest shocks that I have received in my life…before or since.

After having secured my first summer factory job before my first year of college…a manual labor, unskilled position, I was given training. This training began with a little introductory meeting in a dirty factory office above the manufacturing floor, by the manager of my part of the plant. He began his little talk by saying: ” When you are working down there, keep one thing in mind at all times…keep your fucking hands outta the fucking machines!”

I stood in awe of his bluntness. I had never heard an adult use that kind of language…I must truly be a man now…this must be what real adulthood means. To be able to express yourself in colorful language like this. To be able to drive home a point…damn the consequences…by using carefully placed profanity. COOL!
Well, of course I learned that is the way working people talk…less so than they used to, but it is still as pragmatic as it was then.
I also mentioned opinions that are expressed in the workplace. These are of a different color. And when I refer to color…I am speaking of the Caucasian factory worker. This opining is generally rooted in the same pragmatism, but is much less instructive and usually mean-spirited. The invectives “nigger” and “spic” were (or were much more, then) thrown around with a very casual abandon over the drone of the machines. This taught me a lot about human nature as I either endured these racial slurs or spoke up to them. When I endured them, I saw the fear and the pride from which they came. Fear that someone unlike themselves were threatening everything that they held to be true and good, and pride of being above another fellow human, simply because of skin-color or origin. When I spoke up to them, I identified myself as an outsider…a college boy, here for the summer only.
The racial balance in the workplace has so changed over the years in amerika that the racial slurs are almost never heard. Political correctness…or I should again refer to pragmatism…has all but erased this vocal prejudice. However, most of the feelings are still there.
I feel I can write about such things for two reasons. Firstly, I experienced this first-hand as a youth. And of the things this experience taught me was the fact that this imprisonment in the manufacturing life was not something I wished to do for very long and it kept my ambition level high enough to escape it. I quickly longed for the white-collar job in lieu of the physically and mentally exhausting existence of the factory worker. And I triumphed in my efforts. I soon became the guy in the office downtown, far away from the stench of the assembly plant.
But that aside, there was something that always fascinated me about the unskilled laborer and his language and opinions. They are true grass-roots. The people that live and work and die for the industrialists. Noble characters indeed…these workers.

Anyway, the second reason that I feel qualified to comment on this subject is that I returned. Well, not to the factory…but a blue-collar job nonetheless. After I retired I got a part-time night job. I needed to work…that is something they get you hooked on…that idea that you aren’t worth your salt unless you do some mindless tasks for money. But what was chief in my selection of said retirement employment, was a job about which I did NOT have to care. Care about production schedules, quality reports, deadlines…etc. Too many years caring about all that shit, thank you very much. I just wanted a job I could leave at the workplace…didn’t have to bring home with me. I got it. And strangely enough, the same people are still working there. I mean the same pragmatic slaves. Kind of reassuring in a way. Kind of sad in another. Oh well.

There are not as many racial slurs being thrown around nowadays. Now pockets of Caucasian workers catch themselves when they almost utter one. That’s a good thing. But one thing amazes me in this slightly changed area. These white worker-bees are now so sensitive to the feelings of there fellow Mexican, or Black,or Asian workers that they are very careful not to mention their own particular prejudices, for fear that the target of their bigotry might be within earshot.

But NO one mentions jews.

Funny that. These people would never be within earshot of the judaic. As we all know that generally speaking…jews are NOT in the real workplace. I have “worked” shoulder-to-shoulder with probably most all cultures and races of this world, but never “with” a jew. FOR them, yes. But never alongside them in labor. In the blue-collar world however one certainly couldn’t offend a hebrew by stating: “yeah, Bob…another day, another dollar for the jew”, for instance. Or “Say, Linda…you ever notice that we all seem to work for jews?”
Along with the much needed racial sensitivity the amerikan blue-collar worker has taken on his mantle, he has also learned never to defame the ashkanazi for whom he slaves. Blame the media to which he is also enslaved…perhaps… this just strikes me funny. But what do I know…I’m just working for a living. Again.

>Keep Repeating To Yourself…


I don’t normally touch politics. And you know me…I don’t like to get too topical. To me, politics is just theater. Yiddish theater. Nothing changes. Same jews playing with their puppets for the entertainment of the mentally challenged…however…

There is a lot of news about Wisconsin lately. The evil Governor has pushed through legislation that effectively eliminates collective bargaining for state union workers. Whoop de doo. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit callous here in one respect. That being that these workers could lose their cost-of-jewish-living raises at some point. I’m in tears as we speak. As if half of this country cannot even make ends meet.

We all know that the Koch brothers through their newly purchased Governor, have accomplished this attack on the unions. It has grown legs and is being copied in several other( even in my) states. I’m going to shock some of my readers here. Good for them.

Why do I say this? You have to understand firstly where you are hearing all this from…The MSM. There is a reason that you are feeling angry about the poor government workers losing their voice against the “man”. They WANT you to feel this way.

From Samuel Gompers and Emma Goldman on…unions are jewish.

They are a jewish trick. Get the workers united against the Goyim industrialists and break their bonds of slavery…while you fight for higher wages ( more money only…screw the benefits). Of course as leaders of the unions, the jewish take a huge portion of their member’s higher wages in dues…and then put them out of work by way of strikes to gain even higher wages to suck out even higher dues. On and on, causing inflation in the process. It’s the oldest hebrew trick to come out of Russia. For anyone to say no to unions is a jewish sin. They know on which side of their bread lies the butter. These “wobblys” have been leeching off of the amerikan worker for ages…when it suits their purpose. When the industrialist is jewish, he can be seen as magnanimous by giving the workers a union…playing both sides. As old as the Napoleonic wars. Now it starts again.
The huge crowds of protesters that they have organized in Wisconsin, Ohio and now Indiana are reminiscent…for those of you with very short-term memories…of the Egyptian people crowding their city squares demanding freedom from oppression. Same docu-drama here folks. Same director. Same channel.

I can see that this thing is going to come down to a few jewish organizers and the corrupt Gentile state government…and we are going to have another “Hollywood Ten” thing again. For those of you unaware…that is when the Evil McCarthy tried to stop jewish communism in hollyweird…and won, a small battle. But Senator McCarthy was relegated to the anti-semitic trash heap of history later on. So here we see another showdown. One in which you are going to be on the side of the poor worker…against the Evil Gentile Koch brothers. Oh please…get a clue.

I am not sure…but I would be willing to bet that the Koch brothers have refused to play ball with some powerful yids at some point in the recent past. They and their puppet Walker are going to pay the price. I am already seeing calls for boycotts of Koch brothers industrial products…even in the alternative media. Some people never learn the first rule of life here in the united snakes. KEEP REPEATING TO YOURSELF… IF YOU HEAR IT OR READ IT IN THE MAIN-STREAM MEDIA…IT IS A LIE. ALL OF IT. END OF STORY. Jesus Christ on a bike.



An individual is complicit in a crime if he/she is aware of its occurrence and has the ability to report the crime, but fails to do so.
This is a legal definition of the word complicity. It is the definition by which criminals are tried for their role in crimes in most courts of law. So many of us, were we in the dock on this charge pleading innocent…would be found guilty as charged. So many of us unfortunately would go free. Those that are not “aware” of a crime. But to whom would we report such a crime, if indeed we were aware of it? To the police? To the court system? Or are they also complicit?
The crimes I speak of are all around us…on a daily basis. It is the occupation of and illegal influence wielded by foreign nationals in our state and federal government and using such power in our country as a base of operations from which they wreak havoc on the civilized world. It is the trust, or monopoly that is held in the media, disallowing dissenting voices. It is the illegal usury applied to matters of finance and private central banking which our Constitution specifically forbids.
So we that understand these crimes are by definition complicit in their continuance. We that have done nothing to impede these crimes. Those that do not see this occupation, are innocent of any wrongdoing. I think this verdict is probably correct. Justice would be so served. Sort of.
There will be such a trial. Those found guilty will be punished. Those found complicit will also. Claiming you did know that these crimes were happening…and that you screamed your head off about them yet no one listened…will not be a viable defense. You did know and you spouted off to your fellow citizens about it, but your partners in crime continued their activities.
You’re fucked. The old saying “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” applies here, I think. We are outcasts in a corrupt society because we choose to scrutinize it’s corruption and yet are powerless to stop it. And we will be judged as complicit in any just world to follow, because we knew.
We will feel like those German officers on the dock at Nuremberg while being accused of almost super-human acts of evil. They could say little to nothing in defense…what’s the point…they were already tried and hung before the trial. The rest is awaiting the gallows. The rest is silence.
Well, that’s ok too. If it serves. In what will be the reverse-Nuremberg. If it serves a better world, I will sit there and allow the assassinations of my character proceed to my demise. That’s what I got into this for in the first place.
Prosecuting Attorney: “So, you would have this court believe that you did your utmost to impede zionism in your lifetime?”
Me: “Yes”

Prosecuting Attorney: “…even though you worked in their factories, voluntarily I might add…and paid taxes that you were fully aware were going mainly to subsidize the wanton murder of innocent men, women and children around the world, furthering the cause of zionism?”

Me: “but I tried to tell them…”

Prosecuting Attorney: “Your Honor, I would have you direct the accused to answer the questions I put to him with either a yes or no.”
Judge: “He is so directed…please answer with either yes, or no”

Me: “…yes”

Prosecuting Attorney: ” You sir, say you “tried” to tell them? To whom are you referring?”

Me: ” Well…everyone. I had that blog… and…”

Prosecuting Attorney: “Yes, we are well aware of your writings, sir. They were ineffectual at best…this has already been proven in these proceedings. Isn’t it true that in these writings you played more the “apologist” role rather than a critic of…

Defense Council : ” Objection. Your Honor, my client was only an apologist by way of stating many times in his pre-war writings, that jews were only people; and as duped by zionism as were the Gentiles of the time…a fact that has been proven time and time again throughout these numerous trials…”

Judge: “Objection overruled.”

Prosecuting Attorney:” Your honor, I have no further questions for this sorry individual. May he feel the wrath of the New Gentile Government in their punishment of such spineless individuals as this man…that was not only cognizant of the activities of the zionist infestation which nearly destroyed our world, but failed miserably in his meager efforts to save his own skin by his…”writing”.

Judge: “Guilty of complicity….next case”

Me…ambivalence. Silence.

>The Certainty Of A Closed Mind…


“…If only bloggers and circle jerk buddies ran the world it would be a utopia. Keep pluggin’ on your joogle owned blog”. -Get Deeez

I don’t often even publish troll comments…let alone mention them in a post. They are generally disruptive, or mean for the sake of meanness, or hasbara talking point BS. But every now and again one of them just cries out to be refuted or at the very least be used as fodder for this little wacky attempt at rebellion I call How Dare I.
I love writing this stuff. I guess that is apparent…I do so much of it. Almost daily, if I don’t have something more pressing…and sometimes even then. Call it a hobby, or a frustrated writer’s last ditch attempt at expressing over half a century of unusual experiences, or just jerking off(as did my latest troll). I actually kind of like that type of comment now and again. I don’t enjoy being abused any more than the next guy, but every now and again it’s good to hear from the opposition camp. Someone that does not see things my way. We can learn from these experiences, or at the very least, learn that everything we say out here…just because it is in print and comes from an honest place within ourselves…doesn’t make it gospel.

My latest “troll”,(and I call them that, due to the hit-and-run nature of those that normally leave such negative…well insulting…comments) is typical of what I am talking about. I think that is the common term. Anyway these people seem to spend as much time as I do behind the keyboard typing out comments contrary to online articles/posts…for purposes unknown. To express a dissenting view? To challenge the writer’s facts? Or just to see their words in print online…I don’t know for certain. But they are a breed apart, that is certain. You find them everywhere that a webmaster allows. They are much akin to…I dunno…mosquitoes…that always seem to get in, no matter how vigilant one is about keeping the door closed. Sometimes they bite…sometimes they just buzz around your ear threatening to do so, as an annoyance. Either way they must be dealt with, eventually.
Perhaps I am being too harsh. After all these are just people. Maybe they have too much time on their hands…or are also frustrated writers, or feel that their opinions are not being considered. Again, I can’t be sure.
But they do provide something useful. They remind us sometimes that the whole world is not our(bloggers) choir. Not everyone agrees with our point of view, simply because we are being as honest and as genuine as we can be in our efforts. That is a good thing. It is a way of honing our skills as writers, and thinkers. It keeps our mind open to differing opinions, even if in our initial estimation, they are clearly wrong. It is uncomfortable to be challenged, but there is no real solace in the certainty of a closed mind.
I would have a suggestion however for those that feel tempted to comment on this or any other site in such a negative fashion.
I too have commented to the contrary on many sites…but I have always kept one thing in mind. That is that I should comment to the author of said piece as if I were standing in front of them. Without the anonymity of the online experience. As if the speaker knows who I am and that I am willing to defend my position right here and now to their face. Then and only then…when you own your remarks…are they valid. This rule has always worked for me. It is amazing how seriously you are taken when you follow this simple guideline. The writer will automatically assume that first: you aren’t a bot. Two: you are a human that deserves the respect of a response, and Three: you may or may not learn or teach something in the ensuing exchange. Neat thing…communication.

When one doesn’t start off a rebuttal with something like: “You ignorant slut”…well, I’m sure you are familiar with the honey/vinegar adage. But beyond that…
What can be gained by hit-and-run vitriol? I never understood it. Perhaps in an arena of a bit more popular-subject website, an occasional “Fuck Off!” comment can be seen as…well, children giggling as they type it. But a venue such as this, with such a narrow focus…well, short of zionist-sponsored hasbara, I don’t see the need. You certainly aren’t going to garner that huge audience that such flaming would bring you by bombing a CNN or NBA type website. But maybe I just don’t understand the troll mentality. It must be in the realm of the human experience…these are after all just folks like us. If they would expend as much effort in their colorful and descriptive insults, truly expressing their opinion…maybe someday they will be writing a similar article decrying like activity on their own sites. I dunno.

But anyway…Get Deeez, you have had your few minutes of fame(very limited – sorry I am not more popular for your sake). And twice even. I won’t return insults. I don’t know you. I don’t think you really expressed an opinion…dissenting or otherwise. But your trolling paid off…I guess.
Myself, I would rather converse, learn, teach…open my mind…but that’s just me.

>Almost What I’m Talkin About…


The video contained here is movie-length…as a warning. You should reserve the time to watch it in it’s entirety. I thought about just embedding it without comment as a…I dunno…public service type of thing. Then I thought that if I had the opportunity to speak to the authors…not as a troll in the comment section…I certainly would. Then I thought…hey, I have a site where I can post this film AND my take on it. Which I will. I decided to do this because there are some very important basic mistakes, or at the very least, omissions, that would to me change the film’s outcome.

If you haven’t seen the “Zeitgeist” films, you should. They are the brainchild of Peter Joseph. These are important outside-the-box documentaries. They got a lot of flack when first released…mostly because of the input of Acharya S.(D.M. Murdock), the atheistic academic author that has taken it upon herself to prove that ALL religion is myth. A noble pursuit in my view…but that is neither here nor there. The point is that the views expressed in these films are generally anti-religious…as a second warning.

So, I feel you should watch both previous Zeitgeist (and the addendum) films before viewing this one, if you haven’t already. I’ll be back down there when you are done; with my views…

As you see, there is a great deal of material covered in these films. But I intend to comment only on this last one that was recently released, “Moving Forward”.
As I have said here many times, I endorse the philosophy of Jacque Fresco and his Venus project…in theory. He is the only person out here that I feel has not only a grasp of the world’s problems, but a viable, workable solution.
That being said, I feel that the film’s attempts at history are flawed, and they do not attempt to name those that are at the helm of this, our sinking ship of a planet.
I feel that they correctly portray all human behaviour as learned. They are very precise in this, and I applaud them for it. However, they fail to identify the culture which PRODUCES the traits of cupidity and amorality that have gotten us into this mess in the first place. To my way of observation there is only one religion/culture that instructs their young…learning through nurture…to apply this lack of conscience toward the humans outside their own kind. The judaic. Max Kaiser even profiles this type of philosophy in the interview contained in this expose’.
So my suggestion would be for the authors of this film to apply their own scientific findings ruthlessly upon the world as it is now. Then and only then would the judaic be exposed as the driving force behind the greed of the monetary-based enslavement of the world. But perhaps they are fully aware of where the finger of blame that they point, lies. Perhaps to gain a larger audience, they merely allow the viewer to deduce these facts. I dunno.
Of course they make a few mistaken historical references, in all 3 films…but I will forgive them that, considering the immense power of the remainder of the content in this series.
At any rate, I find this last film to be exciting and uplifting. It provides at the very least, the confirmation that someone out there understands the manifestations of those problematic people…and also ministers a very real alternative. Unfortunately, short of a non-violent revolution which this film depicts(if only)…it doesn’t really inform the viewer HOW we get from here….to there. But you be the judge. I would like to hear from you on this.