>Thinning Blood…


It is not a matter of genetics.  I have said that here often. Understanding this point is the true disarming of the judaic.  When you take race, religion and even regional culture out of the equation, the international jew stands naked in his depravity.  It has always been my intention here to strip him of these mythical subterfuges.  These false labels which he wears interchangeably to mask the true nature of a learned psychopathic behaviour.  And he is helping me in this effort.

  When I was a teenager, among my many friends were a few jewish ones.  Yes…I don’t condemn those that I do not understand.  Anyway, among the jewish in our group was a fellow whose mother was the quintessential “shiksa”.  That is to say that his father was jewish, and his mother was not.  According to talmudic tradition, unless a child is born of a jewish woman, it is not jewish.  No matter what the male parentage. So he and most that knew him never really thought of his “jewishness”.   This guy was enormously likable.  A real goof.  Fun to be around.  Intelligent.  A good friend.  I guess you have surmised which parent my friend more closely resembled.  Yes, his Gentile mother.  This woman had no clue…about anything it seemed.  A bit of a gold-digger, she loved her social place in the community…that of a leading jewish businessman’s wife, and wealthy.  This happens more than you would imagine.  Then…and even more now. 
Jewish men have often fallen prey to the lure of a Gentile woman.  Woody Allen jokingly explained it in his film “Love and Death” by having his main character utter the line “…although, I hear that jewish women don’t believe in sex after marriage”.  That is the beginning of the khazar’s downfall…his Achille’s heel.  His unbridled lust for everything that his new-found(stolen)money will buy.  It seems to know no bounds.  The ultimate trophy…a Gentile woman.  If she were alive today, I’m sure Marilyn Monroe(among millions of other Gentile women) could substantiate my understanding of this.  Although it probably cannot be proven now, it is rumored that once when she was temporarily not under the close supervision of her jewish shrinks, and sober, she was asked what it would mean to her now that she had recently broken free of a studio contract.  Her reply was allegedly, “I won’t have to suck any more jewish c***”.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this quote was accurate.  It probably figured into her death.  When not under her “doctor’s” influence and their drugs…she was becoming a bit of a loose cannon.
So getting back to my point.  Whether you understand that genetics plays no role in the behaviour of the jewish or not.  Or indeed whether they themselves understand this, the fact remains that the strength of their cabal is weakening.  When shiksa Mom sends her kids to public school rather than an exclusively jewish one…the impact of their horrid cult is lessened.  Then when these same kids growing up with a jewish moniker intermarry with the Gentile, it lessens even more.

I don’t see this as a prescription for the ills that the jew causes us all…but a crack in what they believe to be an impenetrable fortress of solidarity.  A huge one.  This “blood-line”  or more accurately…cultural anomaly…is being threatened by it’s own cravings.  It is just another front on which this impossible dream of the talmudic, will fail…and is as we speak.  This lie of genetics
 will become thinner and thinner until the point at which having jews in your family tree will be much akin to the horse thief that is conveniently left out of the pedigree.

Also, the fact that along with the other jewish myths to which even the normal jew is susceptible, this phenomenon of perceived blood-thinning has its power.  Even if a jew believes that certain traits that he sees in himself were inherited from his culture, this too will be a damnation.  For as the half-jew assimilates into normal Gentile society, the behaviour of the jewish half of his parentage will become more and more obviously decadent.  For it isn’t the way of his new goyim friends and coworkers and the ways of the judaic will become an embarrassment and therefore eventually repressed and forgotten.  I have actually seen this happen.  It is a beautiful thing to watch.  And what gives me hope.

But as I stated…this isn’t the final solution.  These half-breeds(so to speak) must be made to understand that the actions of the wrong half of their parents, are the ones to be abandoned.  And they will come to understand that it is not blood-behaviour which they are forsaking, but the conventions of a cult that they have had the misfortune of having been influenced by.  This is when the world can breathe a sigh of relief…when we all understand this fact…and can address the damage done, together.


7 thoughts on “>Thinning Blood…

  1. >I think I would prefer the full- breeds because it would be easy to identify them then have all these half-breeds spreading their Talmudic behavior without knowing…And yes, money and a comfortable life always corrupt the minds of the "shiksa". It is prostitution with a good reward. But things can get ugly on divorce's day. I have see it.

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