>I Don’t Care…


Those are easy words to utter. Probably the most harmful phrase in the English language. Or perhaps the most constructive. I dunno. It allows so much to happen. In response to everything from a simple request from your child to enabling evil itself…we are all guilty of not caring at the moment. Any given moment. So how do we change this? How do we get in the moment in which we do care. Well, I think it has to do with integrity. That code which can be eroded. It is constantly being pounded from without. Mine has taken a beating, I can tell you. Sometimes I give in too easily. We all do. It is within the realm of our human-ness to do so.

You have probably gathered by now that “the world is too much with me” today…as I like to say. I don’t really have that much to say that I haven’t already said a thousand times before. Maybe you won’t want to read this. Maybe you don’t care to be bothered. I wouldn’t blame you. I am no Guru. Gems don’t fall from my keyboard simply because I care to sit down for a few minutes and ruminate with my fingers.

My wife likes hummus. I don’t. What the hell are chick-peas anyway? I don’t care. High in protein she says. Sounds like greenie food to me. I don’t care. What I do care about is where this particular brand of hummus comes from. The brand is Sabra. This word means:”a native-born israeli”. It doesn’t take much to understand then that this little package contains ingredients stolen from Palestinians. Olives, chick-peas…whatever. I care about this.
Inside this little plastic container is the blood of a nation. This makes me angry. I have spent too much time of my short life being angry. Is angry caring really caring….good question. Some little things are important to people.

I know this guy that cares obsessively about those push-wire signs that you see along the roadside. “I lost 40 lbs” …”No money down home loans”. Those type. You have seen them. He is obsessed with them. When he sees these signs that barely transmit their message beyond most people’s corneas…he will pull his truck over to the side of the road, grumbling and goddamming. He rips them out of the ground and throws them in the bed. When his vehicle gets full of them…he takes them to the dump and pays to throw them into the landfill. This is his only real obsession of which I am aware. He cares that companies advertise freely by putting their pitches on the roadside. Funny that. What people care about. Oh well.

If we could channel this angry caring that folks seem to have for unusual things, what could we accomplish? The sign-guy never even had a parking ticket…but he is willing to allow his anger to motivate him to right-a-wrong. To steal, to trespass to destroy. Or maybe it isn’t a matter of allowing. Maybe it’s beyond voluntary. I don’t know. But I do care. I could take this hummus back to the store and smear it in the face of the grocery manager that was insensitive enough not to care that he sold my wife food from a terrorist state. Maybe I will do just that. Perhaps he will “care” from then on. You gotta draw the line somewhere. Stop the erosion. But where is that line for everyone, you might ask. Is it being approached en masse? Is there a point beyond which humanity will no longer suffer the wrongs that judaism brings to the world( and it is almost always their ethos that pushes people to these sign-ripping phenomena)?
Surely there is. Surely their is a line which when crossed, we will all smear hummus in faces and rip adverts out of our world.

We have all heard the phrase “how can you not care?” Do we let the little things…the things that cross our own little lines…”enterprises with great pith and moment” move us to action? Do we smear hummus or knuke the knesset? Do we rip out road signs or burn down Wall Street?
I can tell you what I don’t care about. I don’t care if I offend a jewish person. I don’t care if I am politically correct. And I refuse to believe that many people out there genuinely disagree with me on this.
For those that do….I don’t care.


12 thoughts on “>I Don’t Care…

  1. >Hey Timster,…I don't care; however, we should ensure that the Palestinian Rep's in the Knesset are informed by SMS text not to attend the day we Nuke it.Rather prolific lately sir…well done that man. Carry on Soldier, as you were.I have a motto used by Aussie Rank & File Diggers – for possible use on the Royal Coat of Harms of Timsteria:"DILLIGAF":"Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck?"I shall immediately find the Latin translation, as Latin is sexy and English on a Coat of Harms looks like you bought your genealogy certificate at a temporary kiosk in the local Mall.Saar!! Ah’tennn’shun!Sir Stepn; Step’n’fetchit in Royal Residence.“DILLIGAF”

  2. >Good post Timster, the way your brain combines different things together is out of this world. But then I know you.Reading this post brought daylight into the swamp. There is something I have been obsessively thinking of for some time. I tell myself to not give a shit, but cannot block out something I view as not right. I believe that is why I have high blood pressure is because I cannot be like ones who don't care. THANKS DOCTOR TIMSTER Glen

  3. >Excellent Timster. ……..and once again Veritas you and you phony templar bullshit is some of phoniest see through bullshit on the net.

  4. >As the world sleepwalks into ww3, it is wise to consider that we have been psyopped to believe in the inevitability of it all our lives. But war when it comes is not a spectator sport. When you are given an ultimatum to kill or be killed or you are with us or against us, the only sane response is a big fuck you. I am agin ya. Thats the message the people of the world are trying to voice to their tin eared, tone deaf, clueless leaders. Fuck you.

  5. >I have been asked a few times "why should I care" The answer is getting easier. Simply ask them if they want a decent job?A black guy I was talking to on xbox live (I bash jews nightly to the kids on xbox and have a loyal following there) Anyway the black guy started the conversation by claiming he loved "killing" white people. It was a war game. I asked him why and we went through the whole deal about who really screwed the blacks. When he asked me why he should care I yelled at him hey asshole do you know anyone who needs a fucking job? A job that pays a livng wage? He sent me a friend request a has brought several of his friends to my little xbox salon to find out the truth.It gets easier and easier everyday to convince people they should care.Scott Mollett

  6. >Anon@1:15 – You are right. I love the Egyptian thing. Mubarak the puppet is on his way out. It's because of the people…they have had enough. Which screws israhell…you can't get any better than that.

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