Harm’s Way…

This is another in a series of ramblers.  No, not the car…and not a one story house.  I’m jet-lagged and more pissed off than usual.
So, I’m in an airport, just having undergone a pat-down because…hell, I dunno…and I hear that a slew of people are dead and injured in an airport blast in Moscow…and I’m thinkin.
I hear that the israeli-based airport security was on the job just before a shitload of these passengers lost their lives and limbs.  I have just come from a mall where some israeli girl wants to sell me e-cigarettes from a kiosk and she is way too interested in how much I travel by air.  And people ask me what I am on about here.
Some woman tells me that the Free Palestine movement is spreading lies and that they are undermining the efforts of hasbara, and I’m thinkin about lies.
Things are getting confusing.  I’m thinkin that things didn’t used to come this fast and furious.  They didn’t touch my life…or anybody’s life…that often.  Not that openly.  People walk by the kiosk, and people walk by the dead and wounded, and that woman keeps telling me that all the dead children that have no skin left on their bodies, are faked. They are not really there…nothing to see.  Move along.  And I think again. How can they walk by.
I was talking to a guy that told me that he was having a Slurpee outside a mall shop when he heard shots…then saw the screaming crowd escaping towards him.  He ran along with them to get out of harm’s way. Or was that the direction of harm’s way.  What have we allowed to happen?  Why can we live like this now, when just a few generations ago, we couldn’t.  What has changed?  Where is out of harm’s way.  Does it exist? Questions…questions.  The devil cannot enter your domain until you invite him.  Stay in the safe circle.  Don’t answer the door for anyone but me.  How will you know it’s me?  Run when the crowd runs…put your hands in the air,but don’t drop your purchases.  Sacred has changed.
I don’t know where this all is leading except to say that black isn’t black and white isn’t white anymore.  Maybe that’s what they want.  The mall shooters.  The airport bombers.  The kiosk operators. The cops. The facebook.  Keep em in the flux.  Keep em unbalanced…like a fighter.
Nothing makes sense anymore.  It’s not supposed to.  People don’t get that.  Cops stop you to get your money.  You rolled through a stop, harming no one….you pay…someone collects.  Your pocket to theirs.  I hope you have learned your lesson.  Bring more money next time.  The police stop and rob the rollers…and stay out of the malls…stay away from the kiosks…away from the bodies.  It’s a sub-harmonic.  Just enough of that almost-inaudible primal threatening growl to keep you on edge.  They know where to direct it to make your skin crawl and look before you answer that door.
One can’t help but think the whole thing is planned.  Planned like the haunted house.  But they own that too now.

I have talked to zionists.  Not many,but one thing appears to be consistent in their thinking when I bring up the terrorist state of israel.  And that is that I am neither jewish or Palestinian, so it is none of my business.  I object on a very fundamental level with that, and as they claim constantly…I am offended by that response.  If something happens in Missoula, Montana or Abu Dhabi that is contrary to the humanity of its residents, it is my business.  Any time people are being oppressed it is everyone’s business.  Why is that such a difficult thing to understand?  I don’t think it is.  I think most of us understand this in our heart-of-hearts. That we are all connected. More people than you can imagine are listening to that heartbeat within themselves.  They are listening to it and to others who have to be the assholes that bring these issues to normal conversations.  Be an ass.  Be the one that speaks these words that most dare not.  Inform.  They will listen.  Stay in harm’s way so that your children will not have to.  This to me is simple.


15 thoughts on “Harm’s Way…

  1. >'Stay in harm's way so that your children will not have to. This to me is simple.'we have no other choice. we owe it to them.funny about this russian airport bomb. the day before it happened, russia recognized the state of Palestine.

  2. >Hey Timster,… “Them's fightin' werds sir!” “God damn have you lost your mind, son!” “How in the world do you expect us to keep and maintain order, if you are gonna be spouting this nonsense, boy!?”“If you don’t get a god damn job before sundown; we’re shippin’ you arff ta military school with that shit – kid, finklestein!”Hey finklestein, is that you in the banner pic? I saw those Hendrix pix and thought woe! That there is, The ‘T’ meister! Maybe?Excellent post mate,veritaaaaazz

  3. >"Any time people are being oppressed it is everyone's business."That's the core of it, right there. Edmund Burke once said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."I intend to go into harm's way.

  4. >Hi Timster,Ken O;keefe is a true 'freedom fighter' in every sense of the word.What the world needs now is more men of conscience to step forward,and follow in his footstepsand dare i say it,yours and others like you.The world would indeed be a better place.Heres to the trailblazers of the truth.Respects covkid.

  5. >Covkid – no…don't dare…haha. I in no way compare myself to him…he is the embodiment of "action". I only hope to further our shared message…I would love to be on that boat this summer though, if it happens. Thanks for the comment!

  6. >I mess with the Israeli kiosk scum everytime I go to a mall. They sell those worthless little helocopters that my kid just had to have a few years back. It worked for one day. The jews refusd to trade them in or give me my money back. I have now told at least 50 people who were about to buy the junk my story and watched them walk away without buying. The jews ask me why and I just tell them that like all smart people I am an anti-semite and know all about their scummy ways. I love to make jews uncomfortable. Talk shit about jews everywhere you go. You will be suprised how many people will NOT take offence. I was a little concerned about my job so I brought up Israel to my boss as we were playing golf. He looked at me and said he was here to play not talk about fucking kikes.It is a myth that the USA loves jews. I can't count how many times I mave mentioned Israel and recieved a negative response about jews like the one from my boss.I like Ken O'Keefe but I wish he would talk about the jew problem in the USA instead of Israel. I firmly believe Israel is a steam valve for the jew banker/media mafia. If we are complaining about those jews over there we do nothing about the traitors among us. The jew central bankers do way more damage than Israel. Scott Mollett

  7. >"..it is a myth that the USA loves the Jews..".Indeed it is all artificially created by their control of the media,Hollywood and the politicians.In private the politicians confess that they hate to be so controled.But I think there still is a considerable mass of uninformed(better:disinformed)people that thinks that Israel and the Jews are their best friends.It is all a matter of right information.Do you want to hear my definition of an anti-semite? An anti-semite is someone who has UNDERSTOOD the Jews,a non-anti-semite is someone who has NOT YET understood the Jews.We all on this forum understand the Jews,so…

  8. >Franklin – Yep. They hawk this myth with all their others…israhell is the only democracy in the ME…the holohoax…wall street…the list goes on and on.

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