Soft White Underbelly…

Settlers…Settlements. I don’t like these words. They are less than euphemisms. They are more horrific lies. They do not evoke the suffering they mask. These terms for amerikans, conjure up scenes of Western pioneers “settling” uninhabited land. Making way in the wilderness for families and communities. One cannot “settle” an inhabited area. It’s a contradiction in terms. Israel has foisted these words upon an unsuspecting world through their media in a successful effort to soften the evil of what these incursions upon Palestinian homes really are. I am surprised that anyone opposed to the very existence of this terror-state, even uses such terminology.

Theft is the correct word. Just as theft was the correct term for what amerikan “settlers” accomplished in the realm of the American Indian. Spades are spades…and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

To make way for any settlements or settlers(thieves), you must first evict those already living there. If they don’t go peacefully…and settlers historically kinda prefer that they don’t…you kill them, threaten them, starve them or physically haul them out of the area. You do this under the authority granted you by a piece of paper that you yourself print. The same material upon which you print pictures of dead presidents, and distribute to your favored classes. But this deviousness and all its printed clap-trap, flies in the face of ethics, common humanity and those evicted. All this authority means nothing to a homeless family or a dead child. This is a contrived reality. This process sickens the soul. And being such, can only be traced to the greed and racism of the jew. Always the jew.
I also abhor the use of the gender-specific pronoun “she” in reference to israhell. It too is a PR term meant to evoke sympathy. How can you not be on the side of a “she” that only wants to defend herself. This blatant marketing technique…again…sickens the soul. More hasbara of the soulless to sell death and suffering.

Speaking of hasbara…much has been made of the recent “Captain Israel” comics for yiddish kids. That’s good. Don’t let them get away with anything. I like that. It comes as a disgusting surprise to many. Not to me. If you understand the ashkanazi mentality…and I wish I didn’t…this type of mythology is typical. Many cannot see the comic-book industry in the west for what it has always been. Jews dreaming of glory. From its infancy, these publications have been conceived written and drawn by jews. It is a great primer for those wishing to understand their mythos of the underdog’s revenge. This always figures into the heroic comic book story-line and in their holy books. The mild-mannered meek and maligned hero(jew) suddenly becomes a super-hero to gain revenge. It comes from their history. It comes from their thought process that has been nurtured by ages of their surreptitious behaviour being rooted out…and then through the same devious nature, seeking revenge. It is a model which they have been taught to understand and revere. It is their “soul”. You may cast us out, but we will wreak our revenge. Their glory is war, death, oppression and conquest. They have fed this crap to our children for generations. Like the kosher-tax…it is essentially a kosher enterprise, but we must pay.
When I have bridged this subject in conversation over the years…how the jew has publicly displayed his hatred in the pages of children’s comics, it is usually met with incredulity. I can usually bring skeptics around by asking them: “Who is the most popular super-hero in the history of comic books? The answer is always correct: Superman. “Who is Superman’s arch enemy?” The second correct answer is always given: “Lex Luthor”. The enemy that stands in the way of “Truth, Justice and the Amerikan Way”
Even a cursory investigation into the most famous “antisemites” in history will turn up the name Martin Luther. He has always held a special place in the hearts of jews. A place of hatred. They loathe him and his pro-Christian/anti-jewish works.
It could even be argued that another “Luther” that got out of hand was conquered by the mild-mannered super-mensch. Oh well…unlucky name.
However…and that being said…instead of the surprise, horror and disdain with which most are treating these latest hasbara comics, I applaud them. I have just become Captain Israel’s biggest fan! YAY!
Two reasons. Firstly, it proves my point that judaism and its hatred is a LEARNED behaviour taught to young jews by their separatist culture(vividly and with pictures for those that don’t get it). Secondly, it is the zionist’s soft white underbelly. That area where he is most vulnerable. He teaches his young about the most feared threats to this filthy ideology. And in the war against such a foe…what General would pass up the opportunity to read the training manual for its enemy’s troops? Everything our adversary secretly fears and treasures is to be gleaned from these tutorial pages directed at their young. The first issue deals with an attempt at indoctrinating their mythical history. The david and goliath and lost in the desert themes…all of which of course are just that…myth. But the Captain’s second adventure is to deal with his arch enemy...the horrible 3-headed monster :”BDS”(boycott, divest and sanction).
You see, zionism is not going to waste much time in their learning programs for the young jew with meaningless fairy tales…they are going to get right to the meat of their plotting. And I for one, wait impatiently for the next issue. Hell, I might even buy one of their t-shirts…I’m sooo a big fan. To hell with the innocuous cryptic crap from wikileaks…this has pictures!


5 thoughts on “Soft White Underbelly…

  1. The etymological root of 'lex' of course indicates 'words' – thus implying the words of Luth(e)r.PS: The apostrophe in 'it's' always (and nowhere else) breaks down to 'it is'. It's that simple my Gentile/gentle brother.

  2. Hi Timster,Theft is theft no matter who carries it out.Only the Israelis could steal the palestinian lands and package it as something else,settlements.Pure hasbara bollocks.Talking about bollocks,you should check out Kenny's comment page,it looks like some of Cass Sunsteins goons have made an appearance.Covkid.

  3. Hey Timster,..Excellent treatment.Oh, anon@10:13, the reference to Luther actually refers to his actions in 1517 as you are probably aware; he posted a sheet of theses for discussion on the University of Wittenberg’s chapel door. These Ninety-Five Theses set out a devastating critique of the church’s sale of indulgences and explained the fundamentals of justification by grace alone. He was also critical of the employment of yids as financial advisors to the Pope, "The murderers of Christ". "Luther's Book" or "Lexicon of Martin Luther", was paticularly despised by the yids: The term Lex in this context is specific and refers to the yid's own opinion of the theses as proposed 'Laws' critisicing yids in the Papacy. Hence their enmity toward Luther. Cheers.veritas

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