The Loathing Class…

In his article on the new intellectual elite, David Gelernter(himself jewish) stated the following:

 “One dramatic sign was the big influx of Jews.” “the old elite used to get on fairly well with the country it was set over. Members of the old social upper-crust elite were richer and better educated than the public at large, but approached life on basically the same terms.” The new, heavily Jewish elite, Gelernter argued, is not only different from the non-Jewish masses, “it loathes the nation it rules.” 

I think that this is a brilliant and important observation.  It explains many things to which most of our Western society stands slack-jawed and head-scratching.  The demonization of the Gentile in the media and arts which the jewish operate is fed to the general public with a huge dose of guilt.  Guilt for not attaining the intellectual perspective of the new rulers. As I have stated here before, guilt is an exceptionally powerful emotion.  One that can be manipulated in the ruled to just about any desired outcome.  I once had this discussion with a zionist.  It was his contention that if a Gentile didn’t understand the actions…be they political, economic or social…of the new elites, that is wasn’t a simple matter of the ruling classes being in any way wrong, but actually just the opposite.  It was masses of undereducated, unwashed that occupied the incorrect side of any given issue.  That to him was obvious.  Ethics, to him, did not enter the picture.  But to look a bit deeper into this “loathing” with which the new ruling elite now regards it’s subjects, we find some troubling issues…and ethics play a huge part in them.
The animosity that the judaic traditionally hold for the other two thirds of the Abrahamic religions, Christianity and Islam, are ever present and manifest in every move that our new masters make.  How a Gentile in the Occident cannot see this is beyond me.  It’s as clear as crystal.
When the collective media questions antisemitism, they too seem at a loss to understand what is in front of their noses.  However, any even academic attempt to explain such animosity from either camp…the rulers or the ruled…is met with disdain from each.  Neither the jew or the Gentile wish to hear that there are very fundamental reasons for this clash of cultures.  Islam and Christianity are actually taught tolerance to a point.  That tipping point is reciprocal tolerance.  That is to say, these Gentile faiths are inherently tolerant to the point at which you offend their icons.  Neither offend each others.  However, and ironically…those that now rule over each, the ashkanazi… delight in such offense toward both.  It boggles the mind.  It cannot last.

Even though the new tribal elite attempt to walk that fine line between demonizing the Muslim to the Christian, and do so as delicately as possible without drawing Christian ethics into the picture…it must be a tight-rope walk for them.  For even though the jew preaches “tolerance”, he has none for the Gentile.  He indeed loathes everything they hold dear.
It is this hatred that the jew holds for Christians that cannot be well hidden.  It is obvious in everything from portraying the goy as an Archie Bunker or Homer Simpson, to the commercialization of Christmas.  Archie, who must be guided down life’s path by all-knowing and “correct” jews surrounding him, is loathing for you.  Homer and his knee-jerk vitriol is loathing for you the goyim.  They can’t make it any plainer.  And yet some don’t get it.  The Coen brothers movies…as well executed as they are…are merely slaps in the face of the stupid goyim.  They freely admit this.  In “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” they attempt to poke hilarious fun at the country folk they depict.  Although they admit this, it wasn’t received that way.  To the general movie-going public, it was a snapshot of amerikan life in the 30’s.  It’s score became insanely popular, it’s characters loved and it’s rags-to-riches journey applauded.  The brothers must have giggled all the way to the bank.  Stupid goyim don’t even realize when they are being made fun of.  And that is true.  It has been for many years, but I don’t believe for one instant that it is a matter of our new leaders sitting around a table in some back room plotting such defamation.  
It is the loathing that is always present in the mind of the Western jew.  It is a behaviour that is learned and reinforced in this new role that they occupy.  If you don’t get it.  If you don’t feel the loathing…you are not paying attention.



10 thoughts on “The Loathing Class…

  1. My mom got into research on the Fed, on Israel, on the Rothschilds many years ago. She met a lot of interesting people in the process – but a few things she said stuck with me – one was that the Rothschilds hate peasants. You can also see this in the writing of Ayn Rand, who may have been an agent of theirs. I thought my mom was talking about strictly peasants – you know, country people, tribal natives, etc. I soon grew to realize that we are all peasants to them. Not just that, but subhuman. And these days, they even have the gall to admit their loathing in public – e.g. the statement on the goy being forever subservient to them. Honestly, back in the day, say 30 or more years ago. they never would have let that one out of the bag.

  2. Timster that has already happened.Look how Marlon Brando or more recently Oliver Stone groveled in excuse for saying the truth about jewish control of Hollywood.Not individual but "group-courage" is necessary to break this spell.The Jews function as a group,that has been their strength throughout the millennia.Unless Gentiles do the same they will always lose.

  3. Timster,You said :"I envision a time in which all Gentiles will bow to their jewish masters publicly."I suppose the operative word is "all". Today, in America, a academician who questions the Holocaust is terminated and jailed (or sent to a place that will jail him or her). Entertainers who question or even mention Jewish control are publicly (publicly!) humiliated and fired. As a professional/physician I have already been beat for questioning the medical machine in the US. If I were to publicly question Jewish issues… well, it's not that hard to find a jury of my peers who would testify against my ability in a court.So what's "all" mean? As long as it's "most", and the rest don't care, it may as well be "all".I wonder how long until this page, Michael Hoffman's page, the voices of reason become stilled.I don't know, maybe I'm just more cynical than usual, feels like an endgame of some sort is in place. Stick around and find out I guess.

  4. Frog – Yes. I was envisioning more of an adulation than a forced bowing…but you are correct in your assessment of an already compliant populace. We all get cynical at times about this issue. This is not a pleasant situation we find ourselves in…stiff upper.

  5. *****All who are not jewish? I think that's the common definition…*****Patrick says:Okay……..suffice to say, that is incorrect; first off, the term is not valid in Scripture, as they had to take the term "ethnos" from the greek into the dead Latin, (gentilis), the return it to an anglicized term to avoid it's true meaning, which is, quite simply, "nations", always plural and there can be no singular "gentile", as the term denotes plurality……..The "jews" are not the Israelites of Scripture, nor the Hebrews; they are the seed of the serpent spoken of in Genesis, 3:15… I realize you say you're not Christian, but I submit that if you are a caucasian, you will discover that you are, indeed, Christian; these matters cannot be understood fully from a secular perspective…

  6. Patrick – Oh no. Here we go again. I deal with vox populi..current definitions. I use the term antisemite as well, although we all know it has no real application…it has a popular definition. I deal with that. To delve into the historic semantics of these words is not my purpose, nor my wish. I won't go there…it holds no interest for me or my readers of which I am aware.

  7. Patrick,I see your point but I stand with Timster, we have to use the most widely accepted definitions. Other wise it gets crazy and communication of ideas becomes hard.Really, the majority of the people who call themselves Jews may not be the peoples of the old Testament. Anti-Semitic is meaningless as it refers to a heterogeneous group of people, like most Palestinians, and may or may not include people that call themselves Jews in our age. The word Gentile has the roots you mention and has too been corrupted as you said but quibbling over the old meaning is probably not useful. I too study the old meanings and roots of words since words and language define and reflect our minds. Still, if I walk into a bar and comment that a man is "gay", I will cause a problem irregardless of the old usage and intent, right?I suppose I wrote this comment because words, language, communication is dear to me. I realise that English has no words like "Agape" or "Zeitgeist". Our language betrays the limitations of our minds. Still, in this case it seems like we should be practical in our usage of words, so as to promote our ideas with clarity. Our foe is certainly clever, now and always, at the lie, the obfuscation, misdirection, semantics.

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