Beyond Our Time…

I know it’s tough. No one knows that any better than I. I have lost friends, embarrassed family and alienated myself from many people…generally made an ass of myself. All for what. A vision.
History is rife with our kind. Those that live beyond our time. Those that can not only see the future, but feel it. It’s not something you can turn off. It is us. It is in our being. It’s not fun.

I always like to see myself as a type of time-traveler. Someone set down in a time beyond what I understand. A time when no one else can see the present for what it is, and more importantly where it is going. This kind of temporal estimation allows the vanity of knowing before and around others what is not commonly understood. This I think, for what it is worth, is the only plus. Because this trait also ushers in a feeling of loneliness and pain for those without this vision. Those that cannot see what the future holds, and what is around them on a daily basis. It is truly a feeling akin to the Cassandra legend. I “saw” this time and day when I was a teenager…and so did you.

How do we get this way? Why are so many of us charged with this understanding that there is a tribe among us that wish to sap the very life from us? What makes an “antisemite”?
You take one part intelligence, to which you add two parts social conscience…throw in a little personal pain to make you really “feel” the suffering that the jews have caused in our time. Add eyes that see behind curtains. At least four ears to listen to all the BS. Then slap the hell out of yourself with disappointment in the human condition in general. Bake this concoction for twenty-odd years in a hot oven of jewish am
orality, and there you have it. Let cool and serve.

Don’t think that I haven’t quit a hundred times. Like smoking, I put down my conscience for a blink of an eye and tried to cope. The pain will bring me back every time. The crying of Palestinian children. The pain of the unemployed trying to raise families against a sea of jewish greed. The horror of watching the family unit disappear before our eyes as children are glued to a box in the corner of the room flickering images of filth. I always come back to myself. So will you. You will once again be the “nut”. You will speak your mind and warn, when it seems no one will listen. We have to do this. It isn’t a choice…although we must make it so for others. We are compelled to provide this choice for others. To teach, to inform.

But we are not alone…nor have we ever been. There have always been those that understand the goals of the judaic religion, no matter who is following it’s precepts at any given point in history. The list of pogroms and exclusions against the “jew” throughout our little planet’s past should tell you this. This is not blind prejudice against a maligned benign group of people. These incidents of ridding populations of this scourge upon the dignity of man, did not occur because the followers of this religion were just standing around being jewish. This cult brought these prosecutions(not persecutions) upon themselves through their talmudic edicts. Edicts that prescribe the underhanded behaviour that has brought them to seats of power that they hold today. It is no different now than it has ever been. Except that people with our “affliction” are needed out here more than we ever have been. We have many tools at our disposal with which to ply our sophism in this electronic age and we must use them. We cannot fail our children or indeed our grandchildren in our efforts to alert the world again of the ghetto-dwelling vermin’s culture that has once more risen beyond the point of tolerance.

You may tell yourself that you are going to stop all this preaching. That you are going to quit ostracizing yourself from those numb to the jewish machinations. But you can’t. You will be back. Renewed. Because we are beyond our own time and we are charged with this vision. That is our purpose.

For NJ…


14 thoughts on “Beyond Our Time…

  1. Powerful, Timster ………once again you have said so much with so few words! Will the world know that I have been here? It makes no difference to me, as long as I know that I have been here!!

  2. yes… i experienced this just last weekend… my friends and some of my family think i am nuts…i was crumpled at first… but , i am still standing.

  3. Powerful post and..much appreciated…I just feel as if I am making little impact aside from to the already converted… This is how Jim from the former Gentile Alliance often felt until he also crashed and burned.If we were a unified force, I'd have a little more hope, but when you look online Gentile sets upon Gentile, and the primary issue (that of the Jews) becomes blurred with all of the infighting.We need more tenured academics who are not afraid of speaking out and came frame their discourse in such a way that they do not lose credibility. We need to own our own newspapers and media outlets to disseminate what is going on……we do not have the resources for this (and even those that do would rather purchase a super yacht and a house in the Hamptons then assist in exposing the Jew)…We do not realise how greatly our lives are affected by the judaics on a daily basis – the credit cards we use, the mortgage loans we take out, the groceries we buy from the Jew owned supermarket… Their strangelhold is complete.I would still like to see a Gentile only territory established somewhere far away. But Jews will insist on living amongst us when we simply want to be left alone…Thank you for your support over the months. I shall certainly continue to read your blog, which I find to be very articulate and humourous….All the Best NJ

  4. Don't feel so isolated, this guy saw it 2300 years ago. Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Yudhishthira has a vision of the age to come: “I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world; where puny, fearful, hard men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity; ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time”

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