The news isn’t good. But it rarely is.

A Jerusalem landmark hotel was torn down in the latest jewish land- grab in Palestine, while one jew shoots another in Arizona. There are even rumors that the actual target of this little rat-face, was the judge that he successfully killed. This particular judge had recently shot down an Obama cash-grab in his court. The rest was all smoke and mirrors and killing more children. Killing children for money. Screwing children. These seem to be hallmarks of the tribe. Cash-grab. Land-grab. Kid-grab. It’s all too sick to even think about. But we have to.

When I “advertise” my site to friends and acquaintances, the first question out of their mouths is invariably: “am I gonna get a visit from the FBI if I go there?” Half kidding. Half serious. Pussies. Doesn’t anyone have any balls anymore? Don’t they understand that all that science “fiction” that they read as a kid is happening now? I’m not talking about flying cars.
When I was a teenager on the run, so to speak…my Mother BHS, had no idea what part of the world I was in. We put our parents through so much pain without giving a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. Anyway, she contacted anyone and everyone trying to track me down. The Police. Hospitals in various far-flung seaports…and as a last resort, a friend-of-a-friend that was an FBI agent. Understanding her frantic concern about my safety, he ran a check on me. He came back with a report that stated in essence that I: stayed at this house…met these people…attended this peace rally…spent the night there…traveled to this city…was seen panhandling on this street…blah, blah. Upshot of it was…nothing to worry about. We are watching him. Hell, by the time I did call home(probably in search of some cash) she, not being on drugs herself, knew more about my activities than I (usually on some drugs)knew. Spooky, I thought. Oh well, shit happens and the “man” is always there. No biggie. That’s what we were fighting. His facial features weren’t clear back then. They hadn’t come into focus in my drug-addled eyes. They are clear as a bell now. But, of course it’s almost too late.
Then I was a punk kid. No threat really. Now I am an old man(well, relatively)…also no real threat. But what of the rest of us. Those in the prime adult years that walk around without testicles? I am amazed constantly at how deeply in the game they are. How much they can concentrate on their monopoly money and the next roll of the dice. Don’t they even take a break from the game to go take a piss?
I still have my testicles… I am no hero. But you are. Apparently just reading this type of, what we used to call anti-establishment…now known as antisemitic, rhetoric can get you followed. Followed online. Followed through airlines, banks, etc…everywhere the ash-can-nazi has his filthy fingers. And where does he not?

As we all knew it would…the new rhetoric about free speech and it’s “limits” are being trotted out by every whore with fishnet stockings and sparkly dresses…male or female. We have the heeb sheriff from Fuck-you County, Arizona saying that Sarah Palin is cross-hairing the wrong jews. We have the cuckolded(can a female BE a cuckold…or is she really female?)Hilary likening this ghastly shooting to 9/11 or blood-libel or the holohoax or some such jewish shit. It’s all a bad Roman Polanski(whatever happened to that child-raping shithead?)film.
And the hero of this B-flick from hell? Well, that part hasn’t been cast yet. But I don’t think the 30-minute-response-time EMT’s are even in the running.

So to all the “players” out there. Hold on to your cheap purple property cards and wait patiently for the next roll…

You may get the part. The hero may be YOU, the viewer, the player. The one that has to pee but just can’t leave the game. It’s so exciting.


17 thoughts on “Heroes…

  1. Hey Timster, I'm not paranoid, they REALLY are following me!!If I google my Blogger name, and the word "jew", my Blogspot page comes up on the 1st page!! (yours too…)I guess I have tarnished my image forever, no point in stopping now 🙂

  2. Am of that age as well and have despaired of the generations after ours. Trying to get them to understand that there was a time before computers. Pin-ball games used to be 'the' thing. And we really did have fun playing outside. Tree's were for climbing, not hugging. My how it has changed. Ah well, still waiting for that truck to roll by. The one loaded down with serious, determined looking men. They stop by and I ask, "Where ya'll headed?" They respond, "We're headed to the Capital, we got business to take care of." I grab my backpack and hop on to the already crowded truck. Hopefully I will still be young enough to participate.Thanks.

  3. Hey Timster,…Paranoia is an unsubstantiated fear: However, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean, no one is out to get you!Ha ha, I thought I was the only one that joogled himself, nyuk; I also check the feedjit "real-time view", to see where the cranks come from: I didn't know I was so popular with yid jidf sites, coooeee, ah, the sweet smell of success.Ya see Timster, being a bellicose pain in the arse as a teenager is excellent training for the anti-zionazi brigade in later years, we should print-off some graduation certificates in 'Yid Baiting 101'.Woohooo, "What larks Copperfield, what larks."veritas

  4. Ahaha the look on that dog is priceless. Didn't Carlin call it the continued pussification of the American male. Preening nancy boy metrosexuals worried about what the girls like. Good thing there was no people around like this 60+ years ago or we would all be speaking German right now. *Gasp* I'm on a list ohh now what will the neighbors think? I thought we were rough and tumble world beating warlords…well I didn't really. We sure are paranoid and pussified for the last big badass superpower. So let's keep telling ourselves how number one we are hell we might even start to believe it.

  5. I have also joogoled (what a great coinage) myself and am probably tainted for life. I hope the Cambridge Professor who shares my name isn't too upset. hahahahahahahahaScott Mollett

  6. No respect for labor. Thats whats wrong with all slave drivers. The jews dont want to pay for anything and they cheapen everything they own. And they own eveything including you. When someone has a gun to your head you might say they effectively own you. The whole world has a gun to its collective head right now and no one is safe anywhere. Do you feel safe? The people posing as protectors are the biggest threat to peace. Every plus becomes a minus in this world but no one is willing to accept the simple truth of the matter. Each claiming exceptualism. No two snowflakes alike. True. But its still a goddam snowflake.

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