I am usually hesitant about touching a story like this, but… A jewess gets shot in Arizona and the world is supposed to stop for her. A woman is intentionally run over by a jewish soldier and killed….and well…she is a terrorist. Only terrorists remember her.
A million people are killed in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine for no reason whatever…no problem.

I used to know a guy. The most unassuming person I have ever met or am likely to. Once when we were talking about work, he caught himself saying something not too flattering about someone there. He said “Let me shut up…I’ve got no business talking about someone I don’t know”.
I loved that. I loved him for saying it. It made me think. It made me think about what I have to think on a daily basis. I have been callous. I have talked about people without understanding them. I am not always right. Most of the time I hope that I am wrong. There is a reason for that.

The first thing that goes through the mind of anti-judaism site owners when something like the Arizona shooting happens…”oh shit, I hope my blog wasn’t on his list of favorites”. That is all it takes. One incident. One made-for-tv drama in which all that oppose the tribe can be demonized. Gun control, net censorship, political dissent…you name it. If it isn’t in the interest of the ruling ashkanazi, it can be made politically incorrect in one day. On the back of one tragedy. Scrub all statements that can be construed as having been the cause. Scrub those cross-hairs…make new ones. Never waste the opportunities that tragedy brings. I know that is how some in the tribe think. We all know. We can predict this filth because we have seen it before. We have been calloused to these types of black-ops. They have done this to us. It’s one of the great tragedies in life to understand the depths to which your fellow man can sink. It pales the color of what life can be. When you understand the mentality of those that commit atrocities…you become less. You begin to look for it. It is always there and it always has the same face.

I said “one” of the tragedies. Another is NOT seeing that face. Not seeing it for what it is, invites more. When you don’t understand that black-ops happen…that there are some among us that would gladly kill for their own greed. That they can and do act in congress. Then your absense of awareness is license for more of the same.
That is what I am trying to get across on this site. I don’t know that Sirhan-Sirhan didn’t pull the trigger. I know who it benefited by saying that he did. I don’t know that 9/11 was orchestrated by israhell…I only know it benefited them. The list goes on. We are allowed to think anything…we are not allowed to KNOW anything. The list goes on because of this fact.

So yes, we have all become more callous. We have all been made to see the worst that we can be. The best that we can be, is always impugned by the worst. To the point that we can no longer see what is good in ourselves. We too often believe their lies about our own nature. We can quickly understand that we are all unworthy beings because the unworthy among us want the company. And it allows their behaviour to continue. I am trying to change that feeling within myself. And so should you, if you have fallen prey to it.
I did not shoot 14 people in Arizona, and I cannot understand anyone that could do that. It isn’t me. It isn’t you. It isn’t politics or agendas or Gentile versus jew, or healthcare or tea-parties or cross-hairs. It is madness. Madness in the form of a mal-functioning brain…in the shooter’s head or someone else’s. I will brook no other explanation. The problem is that it will be used. You know it and I know it. We have callouses to prove it.



13 thoughts on “Callous…

  1. Following on from your post…I don't know why congresswoamn Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a 22 year old guy from Tuscon – all I do know is that she had subscribed to his rather bizarre Youtube channel… Out of all of the Youtube channels she could have shown interest in, one wonders what drew her to the lunatic rantings of his site.See link to the bottom left hand side of her page where you will see her subscriptions. Jared Loughner is "Classit". I am certain her Youtube page will disappear before too long.

  2. The congresswoman was jewish and she is all we are hearing about. Almost nothing about the federal judge, the 9 year old child that was the granddaughter of former baseball manager Dallas Green, aides to the congresswoman and other innocent bystanders. There is something that smells about this whole thing. WWW pages are saying Giffords subscribed to Loughners myspace page and he had a letter in his safe from Giffords thanking him for attending a previous "congress on your corner" event. SPLC and other political hacks and hucksters wasted no time they are singling out David Icke. These charlatans are the lowest of the low, walking piles of pond scum to exploit this for political gain or to take away what is left of the handful of rights we have.

  3. Beautiful! A masterpiece! Already I have heard anti-semetism as an excuse. The whole incident reeks of false flag intentions to yet restrict more freedoms from the American public. There is no such thing as freedom of the press in the MSM. Just a propaganda fest to sway the uneducated to except further control.

  4. The lamestream media and webpages are saying this creep's favorite books were mein kampf and the communist manifesto as stated on his mespace page.

  5. I have known three people named Jared in my life. All three were jews. I have heard nothing of this Jared's religion but the fact that the holacaust has not been brought up tells me there is a good chance he is a jew. His high school yearbook photo shows a head full of curly hair that looks like most of the young jews on tv.Also I have seen a picture of him volunteering at a book fair. Not the kind of activity one expects from skinhead racists. Scott Mollett

  6. Non Jew,He, Jared, worked for her. He was actually a radical leftwing Democrat who posted on Daily Kos (retch)and either volunteered or was employed by Gifford's campaign.Gifford, btw, rediscovered her "Jewish Roots" much like Madeline Albright. Another cryptojew.Jared may be Jewish too, but that info is hard to find. It will not be spoken of by the media at any cost, much like the Jewish shooter in Columbine, Dybold.I wonder what this thing is all about. A federal judge with a checkered history is shot and killed as well as a kid born on 9/11/2001. What was the judge doing at the booth? Stopped in after grocery shopping I suppose.I just saw an article that Sarah Palin (Ms. Israel 2010) accused her critics (with regards to the shooting) of Blood Libel. Blood Libel? Like the jewish/satanic bloodletting ritual? What the hell is this stuff?

  7. Non Jew,You said "A Jewess Congresswomen is shot in the brain and lives. Reason? She has no brain."Keep civil man, have respect for life and suffering of others. It's what makes us different from them. After that injury, Gifford's life is over whether she lives or dies.

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