When I was a kid, I was one that liked to take things apart. How does it work? What makes it do what it does? I don’t believe in magic. On this little spinning rock, there is almost always an explanation for anything, I have found. Some said I had a propensity for engineering. Well, I suppose that I do. It was fed by my upbringing, but anyway, that’s what I wound up doing for a living. Not a passion, just an ability I nurtured as a vocation.
Anyway, also among things that come naturally to me is kicking rocks over. I know generally what I am going to find there. So it’s more of a quest for affirmation. I am going to find slimy little bugs. They vary in size, shape and species, but they all share the ability to live in darkness and muck underneath the pressure of a rock. This is among the very few things about my personality that I’m ok with… Curiosity. It seems that this particular trait is disappearing from our species. What’s behind the curtain? Who is pulling the strings? Who benefits?
I have been watching. I have been reading. I see a lot of good things out here. I see few jewish attempts at slight-of-hand that aren’t called out…somewhere. We are all watching and we are not foolish.
If something in their media stinks, we look for the jew behind it. He is always there. If there is something life-affirming and human and good, we look for the jewish denigration of it. It is always there.
His mask is slipping and it is fast approaching the point at which a child can see him.
Here’s a little drill that I have used for many years. If I see something decadent…I dunno…theft, filth portrayed as art, political movements with goals that don’t serve the common man, …I look for the jew. Find the company, movement, seller…online, then click on the “about us” link. It’s always there. If there is one thing that is taught to an ashkanazi and he/she understands, it’s that they must feed their ego. Take that name of the ceo or founder and do a search. You can get very adept at this. If they have a wiki entry, it will most always proudly display their “religion”. If they are jews you will usually see it there. If you don’t and you still question their “ethnicity”…take it a step further and do a jewish surname check. There are many out here on the web. As I said, if nothing else they are vain. Like the serial killer that purposefully leaves a signature clue at every one of his crime scenes, they can’t help it. Vanity will always get the best of them, and be a huge player in their downfall. With extraordinary arrogance comes extraordinary vanity. The two are never apart. These are the hallmarks of the jewish philosophy. It is inherent in their upbringing to display their jewishness when they attain their little personal fame. And they most all strive to do so.
So if you practice this little ritual as a rule for a while…like staring at stereograms to see the picture-within-the-picture, you will get good at it. After a while it will take very little stimulus to see the Millers and the Browns that are taking the side of israel…those with normal Gentile-sounding names, are in fact members of the tribe. And you will stop listening to them. This is a phase that the hebrew has always gone through in their rise-and-fall existence in various cultures throughout history. When the goyim start to catch on…change your name…change your appearance. Of course this time in history is the big show. They have never been able to display so much hubris about their cultural identification before. They have never had so much global power to facilitate so much boldness. So we are seeing more and more classically yiddish names under the talking heads on our screens. So I’m a jew…so what? That has become the mindset. I’m sure they are lovin this period. They better…it isn’t going to last. When a Schlomo Goldberg is telling you to buy a stock that falls and a Abraham Cohen directs a movie that disgusts you…you are going to start to connect…one to the other…names and faces will become clear as day. But what will become even more lucid is the behaviour and the agenda.
So if you don’t already use my little methods. Stare at the picture…kick over a few rocks. Let the cleansing sunshine expose the slime and watch them run for cover.

15 thoughts on “Curiosity…

  1. You are absolutely right with your idea of "cherchez le Juif",look for the Jew behind everything unwholesome.I too do it by habit ,there is always one.Pehaps you know in my country,Holland we have a new politician Geert Wilders who has a fierce anti-Islam and fierce pro-Israel policy.On the first day of the new parliament a member of his party held a long speech in which he warned for the mortal danger of Islam and a nuclear Iran.His conclusion: we should bomb Iran.When I looked at his picture in the paper I saw a long face with a a suspicious big and crooked nose: a Jew.

  2. Here is another fun one. is the primary competitor to Putin in Russia. I don't know if you are following the news, but Putin seems to be trying to control the plague. Anyhow, the Wiki on Boris lists him as "Russian Orthodox" yet both parents as Jewish. Hmm. How about that. You can see the the "World Economic Forum", you read the glowing review of how Boris stands for Russian "freedoms". All the stuff you expect to find under the rock.

  3. Ok, one more.You may have read about Putin taking one of the Russian Oligarchs to court/prison, the guy is called M. Khodorovsky. Khodorovsky is not surprisingly a Jew who made a fortune in post Soviet Russia. Of course the US media and govt. are crying for the deplorable treatment of this guy by the brutal Russians. Here is a link to a more balanced story: here is a link to Khodorovsky's philanthropic organization, Open Russia Foundation. a load of the board members; Kissinger, Rothschild. Wow, you know there is serious power and money to be had.I think that Putin may actually be standing up for the Russian people and stepping on some of this poisonous slime. Time will tell.

  4. Hey Timster,..My strategy upon turning the stone is to stomp like all f%#K; I know what's under there, so it's academic really; turn over a stone – stomp! None of this watching the dirty scum as they scurry and scramble away:"If you have an important point to make, don't try to be subtle or clever. Use the pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time; a tremendous whack." -Winston Churchill (jewish mother)With regards the yiddish ashkenazim; subtlety is like sympathy for the devil.veritas

  5. Read a great essay earlier about the movie V for Vendetta. It stated that the movie is zionist propaganda through and through and made by jews. They want nothing more than some lone wolf hothead to go off and get violent so they can say auntie semitism strikes again plus a lone nut is easy to corral. I used to love movies but it is a shame how bad movies suck today. P.S. the essay was called V for zionism.

  6. Anon4:55,Eh. I agree on the Jewish connections and the fascist symbolism.I'm not sure what the author was trying to do other than point out that (like most movies) V is fantasy, written, produced, directed by and starring Jews.Still. Like the Matrix, V hit me on a different level. I enjoyed these movies. I'm neither sedated by them nor inspired to go in to die in a blaze of police gunfire.I think you can claim subliminal negative messages abound in any given movie. "It's a Wonderful Life" was pro banking I suppose. Is the message that one man can make a difference (in that movie) a subversion? Like V, was that a message for the white male to stay alone, not organize, wait for an imaginary God to save him? Was "It's a Wonderful Life" a really subtle bit of manipulation?Although I only see one, maybe two theater release movies in a year, I like (mostly older) movies and see value in them. What you get out of the movie depends on what is in your heart I suspect.I wonder if the author has considered that the fact that on another level of deception, he could be considered the saboteur. Right? You have a movie with a good message, made by and with Jews, then you have a plant start writing that the movie is manipulation, and so dilute and subvert the message. My point, I guess is that most movies, writings, whatever, should make a person think. Evil, deceit, can be discarded, positive and profitable themes retained. What else can a man do in the world?(Of course some movies are pretty irredeemable (anything by Tarentino these days, Human Centipede, etc), no argument there.)

  7. Timster, I assume you mean the stereogram? Or the big picture? I've always taken a long time to see stereograms so I usually don't bother… Sigh, I'll give it a whirl.

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