>Thinning Blood…


It is not a matter of genetics.  I have said that here often. Understanding this point is the true disarming of the judaic.  When you take race, religion and even regional culture out of the equation, the international jew stands naked in his depravity.  It has always been my intention here to strip him of these mythical subterfuges.  These false labels which he wears interchangeably to mask the true nature of a learned psychopathic behaviour.  And he is helping me in this effort.

  When I was a teenager, among my many friends were a few jewish ones.  Yes…I don’t condemn those that I do not understand.  Anyway, among the jewish in our group was a fellow whose mother was the quintessential “shiksa”.  That is to say that his father was jewish, and his mother was not.  According to talmudic tradition, unless a child is born of a jewish woman, it is not jewish.  No matter what the male parentage. So he and most that knew him never really thought of his “jewishness”.   This guy was enormously likable.  A real goof.  Fun to be around.  Intelligent.  A good friend.  I guess you have surmised which parent my friend more closely resembled.  Yes, his Gentile mother.  This woman had no clue…about anything it seemed.  A bit of a gold-digger, she loved her social place in the community…that of a leading jewish businessman’s wife, and wealthy.  This happens more than you would imagine.  Then…and even more now. 
Jewish men have often fallen prey to the lure of a Gentile woman.  Woody Allen jokingly explained it in his film “Love and Death” by having his main character utter the line “…although, I hear that jewish women don’t believe in sex after marriage”.  That is the beginning of the khazar’s downfall…his Achille’s heel.  His unbridled lust for everything that his new-found(stolen)money will buy.  It seems to know no bounds.  The ultimate trophy…a Gentile woman.  If she were alive today, I’m sure Marilyn Monroe(among millions of other Gentile women) could substantiate my understanding of this.  Although it probably cannot be proven now, it is rumored that once when she was temporarily not under the close supervision of her jewish shrinks, and sober, she was asked what it would mean to her now that she had recently broken free of a studio contract.  Her reply was allegedly, “I won’t have to suck any more jewish c***”.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this quote was accurate.  It probably figured into her death.  When not under her “doctor’s” influence and their drugs…she was becoming a bit of a loose cannon.
So getting back to my point.  Whether you understand that genetics plays no role in the behaviour of the jewish or not.  Or indeed whether they themselves understand this, the fact remains that the strength of their cabal is weakening.  When shiksa Mom sends her kids to public school rather than an exclusively jewish one…the impact of their horrid cult is lessened.  Then when these same kids growing up with a jewish moniker intermarry with the Gentile, it lessens even more.

I don’t see this as a prescription for the ills that the jew causes us all…but a crack in what they believe to be an impenetrable fortress of solidarity.  A huge one.  This “blood-line”  or more accurately…cultural anomaly…is being threatened by it’s own cravings.  It is just another front on which this impossible dream of the talmudic, will fail…and is as we speak.  This lie of genetics
 will become thinner and thinner until the point at which having jews in your family tree will be much akin to the horse thief that is conveniently left out of the pedigree.

Also, the fact that along with the other jewish myths to which even the normal jew is susceptible, this phenomenon of perceived blood-thinning has its power.  Even if a jew believes that certain traits that he sees in himself were inherited from his culture, this too will be a damnation.  For as the half-jew assimilates into normal Gentile society, the behaviour of the jewish half of his parentage will become more and more obviously decadent.  For it isn’t the way of his new goyim friends and coworkers and the ways of the judaic will become an embarrassment and therefore eventually repressed and forgotten.  I have actually seen this happen.  It is a beautiful thing to watch.  And what gives me hope.

But as I stated…this isn’t the final solution.  These half-breeds(so to speak) must be made to understand that the actions of the wrong half of their parents, are the ones to be abandoned.  And they will come to understand that it is not blood-behaviour which they are forsaking, but the conventions of a cult that they have had the misfortune of having been influenced by.  This is when the world can breathe a sigh of relief…when we all understand this fact…and can address the damage done, together.


>I Don’t Care…


Those are easy words to utter. Probably the most harmful phrase in the English language. Or perhaps the most constructive. I dunno. It allows so much to happen. In response to everything from a simple request from your child to enabling evil itself…we are all guilty of not caring at the moment. Any given moment. So how do we change this? How do we get in the moment in which we do care. Well, I think it has to do with integrity. That code which can be eroded. It is constantly being pounded from without. Mine has taken a beating, I can tell you. Sometimes I give in too easily. We all do. It is within the realm of our human-ness to do so.

You have probably gathered by now that “the world is too much with me” today…as I like to say. I don’t really have that much to say that I haven’t already said a thousand times before. Maybe you won’t want to read this. Maybe you don’t care to be bothered. I wouldn’t blame you. I am no Guru. Gems don’t fall from my keyboard simply because I care to sit down for a few minutes and ruminate with my fingers.

My wife likes hummus. I don’t. What the hell are chick-peas anyway? I don’t care. High in protein she says. Sounds like greenie food to me. I don’t care. What I do care about is where this particular brand of hummus comes from. The brand is Sabra. This word means:”a native-born israeli”. It doesn’t take much to understand then that this little package contains ingredients stolen from Palestinians. Olives, chick-peas…whatever. I care about this.
Inside this little plastic container is the blood of a nation. This makes me angry. I have spent too much time of my short life being angry. Is angry caring really caring….good question. Some little things are important to people.

I know this guy that cares obsessively about those push-wire signs that you see along the roadside. “I lost 40 lbs” …”No money down home loans”. Those type. You have seen them. He is obsessed with them. When he sees these signs that barely transmit their message beyond most people’s corneas…he will pull his truck over to the side of the road, grumbling and goddamming. He rips them out of the ground and throws them in the bed. When his vehicle gets full of them…he takes them to the dump and pays to throw them into the landfill. This is his only real obsession of which I am aware. He cares that companies advertise freely by putting their pitches on the roadside. Funny that. What people care about. Oh well.

If we could channel this angry caring that folks seem to have for unusual things, what could we accomplish? The sign-guy never even had a parking ticket…but he is willing to allow his anger to motivate him to right-a-wrong. To steal, to trespass to destroy. Or maybe it isn’t a matter of allowing. Maybe it’s beyond voluntary. I don’t know. But I do care. I could take this hummus back to the store and smear it in the face of the grocery manager that was insensitive enough not to care that he sold my wife food from a terrorist state. Maybe I will do just that. Perhaps he will “care” from then on. You gotta draw the line somewhere. Stop the erosion. But where is that line for everyone, you might ask. Is it being approached en masse? Is there a point beyond which humanity will no longer suffer the wrongs that judaism brings to the world( and it is almost always their ethos that pushes people to these sign-ripping phenomena)?
Surely there is. Surely their is a line which when crossed, we will all smear hummus in faces and rip adverts out of our world.

We have all heard the phrase “how can you not care?” Do we let the little things…the things that cross our own little lines…”enterprises with great pith and moment” move us to action? Do we smear hummus or knuke the knesset? Do we rip out road signs or burn down Wall Street?
I can tell you what I don’t care about. I don’t care if I offend a jewish person. I don’t care if I am politically correct. And I refuse to believe that many people out there genuinely disagree with me on this.
For those that do….I don’t care.



I have always been fascinated by genealogy. I have done family tree searches and taken oral histories from older relatives since…hell…a long time ago. Until rather recently the LDS had hoarded their massive records however. This has made it tough for genealogists. But they released them a few years ago and it has become fashionable to pay jews(who of course bought all the rights to them) for the online privilege of researching your family. Well, I’m a bit ashamed to say…I bit. Hell, it’s only money, right? I never had any kind of reverence for that shit. Money.

Anyway, as I traced my maternal lineage back through the centuries…this mother…this father…these siblings…I made an astounding discovery. Not only am I a direct descendant of Geoffrey Chaucer(direct great-great-great something or other), I have found and verified that the original members of my clearly traceable family, were none other than the rulers of what is now known as Switzerland! Not the family that now rules the area. Before the Old Swiss Confederacy…before the reformation…before the Ancien regime…before the Holy Roman edicts kicking my family out of the area…we ruled. I can prove this in the ancient texts I have uncovered. The lands were given to my family by a guy named Steve.

Therefore…I hereby reclaim my family’s throne and power over the entire region. I am of course grateful to the pretenders over the millennium for taking care of my lands and peasants, however…I feel it my duty to assume my rightful place on the throne.
I know this will come as a shock to many of you…not knowing that you have been reading and corresponding with royalty, but I am of a forgiving nature. Under the dictates of noblesse oblige I excuse your trespasses upon my royal personage.

Now to the matter of what will hereafter be known as the Holy Re-assumption. Although I feel somewhat indebted to those that occupied my lands for so many years, I must exercise my power over the area…and they are hereby notified to vacate this, my holiest of holy land. The land of my saintly ancestors. They must leave immediately.
I have contacted the UN about these matters and I assure you that a resolution is being drafted as I pen this document. If you wish to verify this, you may contact the undersecretary for emerging nations in his office…a Mr. Balfour esq.

This, my ancestral land which I intend to rename “Timsteria” will be home to my many relatives and friends of my royal choosing…and no others. It is our homeland. Non-Timsterians are not welcome and shall not be citizens. We must have laborers and they shall be called “beasts”…but they must not profit from their labors in service of we the Royal Entourage, other than bare subsistence as we deem necessary.
I understand that this change may come as a surprise to some that now inhabit my realm, however they are few in number and at the end of the day, they are merely beasts. My ancestry has chosen us to rule. And rule we will. Along with the official resolution coming from New York, will come also funds which will be applied to defense of my realm. Make no mistake about this: We the Royal Timsterians will brook no trespass. If my lineage and claim to these lands are in anyway questioned throughout the lands over which the UN presides, such offenders will be put to death. As will any “swiss” people found living in my country after a week next Tuesday. So it is written…so it shall be.

The official religion of Timsteria shall be none of your business. Except to say that is a holy one and it is based on the current value of silver. Other than these facts, it shall not be questioned. Such inquiry will be treated as will the above mentioned denial of my due heritage.

We shall be a democratic nation…almost entirely. The only exceptions to this type of government shall come in the form of official Timsterian Decree. These may come often and at my whim and of course are again…not to be questioned.

Hereafter I shall expect total Royal respect from you…the filth that are reading this(except my brother-in-law). You shall address me as “Your Worship”…or “Chosen One”. No exceptions.
All borders to what is now known as switzerland are hereby closed. Closed until Holy Tuesday, when the “swiss” will be driven out of my lands. Once my lands are secured, I intend to attain nuclear weaponry and to look beyond my realm for more real estate. So I am warning all countries bordering mine…to watch their asses.

Thank you.

Harm’s Way…

This is another in a series of ramblers.  No, not the car…and not a one story house.  I’m jet-lagged and more pissed off than usual.
So, I’m in an airport, just having undergone a pat-down because…hell, I dunno…and I hear that a slew of people are dead and injured in an airport blast in Moscow…and I’m thinkin.
I hear that the israeli-based airport security was on the job just before a shitload of these passengers lost their lives and limbs.  I have just come from a mall where some israeli girl wants to sell me e-cigarettes from a kiosk and she is way too interested in how much I travel by air.  And people ask me what I am on about here.
Some woman tells me that the Free Palestine movement is spreading lies and that they are undermining the efforts of hasbara, and I’m thinkin about lies.
Things are getting confusing.  I’m thinkin that things didn’t used to come this fast and furious.  They didn’t touch my life…or anybody’s life…that often.  Not that openly.  People walk by the kiosk, and people walk by the dead and wounded, and that woman keeps telling me that all the dead children that have no skin left on their bodies, are faked. They are not really there…nothing to see.  Move along.  And I think again. How can they walk by.
I was talking to a guy that told me that he was having a Slurpee outside a mall shop when he heard shots…then saw the screaming crowd escaping towards him.  He ran along with them to get out of harm’s way. Or was that the direction of harm’s way.  What have we allowed to happen?  Why can we live like this now, when just a few generations ago, we couldn’t.  What has changed?  Where is out of harm’s way.  Does it exist? Questions…questions.  The devil cannot enter your domain until you invite him.  Stay in the safe circle.  Don’t answer the door for anyone but me.  How will you know it’s me?  Run when the crowd runs…put your hands in the air,but don’t drop your purchases.  Sacred has changed.
I don’t know where this all is leading except to say that black isn’t black and white isn’t white anymore.  Maybe that’s what they want.  The mall shooters.  The airport bombers.  The kiosk operators. The cops. The facebook.  Keep em in the flux.  Keep em unbalanced…like a fighter.
Nothing makes sense anymore.  It’s not supposed to.  People don’t get that.  Cops stop you to get your money.  You rolled through a stop, harming no one….you pay…someone collects.  Your pocket to theirs.  I hope you have learned your lesson.  Bring more money next time.  The police stop and rob the rollers…and stay out of the malls…stay away from the kiosks…away from the bodies.  It’s a sub-harmonic.  Just enough of that almost-inaudible primal threatening growl to keep you on edge.  They know where to direct it to make your skin crawl and look before you answer that door.
One can’t help but think the whole thing is planned.  Planned like the haunted house.  But they own that too now.

I have talked to zionists.  Not many,but one thing appears to be consistent in their thinking when I bring up the terrorist state of israel.  And that is that I am neither jewish or Palestinian, so it is none of my business.  I object on a very fundamental level with that, and as they claim constantly…I am offended by that response.  If something happens in Missoula, Montana or Abu Dhabi that is contrary to the humanity of its residents, it is my business.  Any time people are being oppressed it is everyone’s business.  Why is that such a difficult thing to understand?  I don’t think it is.  I think most of us understand this in our heart-of-hearts. That we are all connected. More people than you can imagine are listening to that heartbeat within themselves.  They are listening to it and to others who have to be the assholes that bring these issues to normal conversations.  Be an ass.  Be the one that speaks these words that most dare not.  Inform.  They will listen.  Stay in harm’s way so that your children will not have to.  This to me is simple.

Why I Fight…

I am constantly asked this question. Why DO I care about a disappearing little country on the southeastern shores of the Mediterranean? What difference could it possibly make to me…an older white guy living half a world away in brick-and-vinyl land. Their history is not mine. Their culture is not mine. Their dress, their religion, their cuisine, their arid surroundings…hell, I don’t even like olives. How can I seem to feel their everyday pain?
How can I not. They are at the mercy of a diabolical religion. An organization that I know all too well. A cult that makes their every day worse than the one before. This isn’t just the social and monetary repression that I have had to deal with over the course of my little life. This isn’t having to put up with jewish tv and movies, or knowing that most of my wages have been stolen by a body of jewish lobbyists bent on world destruction. This isn’t the gradual decline of an already too selfish culture in the West that I have seen. This that the Palestinians endure from the same nest of vipers…is much less subjective. It is much more real. It is the beginning. It is judaism unrestrained by Western culture. It is the manifestation of hatred itself. It is the beginning. The beginning of what we will all see in the future, if not stopped there…and here. This infection in the body-humanity must be exposed, isolated and destroyed before it cannot be. If I don’t write one more word on this site, I must feel that I have done something toward this effort.

Long ago I spent a few years working in a small lab of a huge company in California. The short time I served in their employ taught me more than I had ever learned about the world before or since. It was not unique in the fact that the workers there were of a multicultural quality. That is the Californian experience. It was what our little crew in that lab celebrated about ourselves. That almost every major continent, culture or religion was represented in this relatively small workspace. For this, even in my varied employment background, it was singular. Of all the jobs I have held…this was my favorite. I looked forward to my shifts there because of the company of my coworkers. The actual work was mundane and uninteresting, which made the comradery of those around me all the more colorful.
We joked and cajoled…teased and gossiped…laughed and worked. Sharing our cultures our dreams and our lives for 8 hours a day. It truly left a…I dunno…can there be such a thing as a “good” scar on my mind. We all spoke in the common tongue of English, but more deeply we all spoke a common language of humanity. There was never a raised voice except in laughter…never a political squabble…never a cultural argument. I will always remember the pleasant shock of this.
Perhaps this sounds a bit pie-in-the-sky and naive to some. But at that time in my life and in the climate of political turmoil in the world as a whole…it suddenly seemed clear to me that the actual “people” of the world were not incapable of harmony…in fact it is what we all long for. It was the greed of the leadership in the world that caused the turmoil. This was not subjective. It was real and I lived it daily.

However among these many-cultured folks were members of a Palestinian family. I had never met Palestinians before. They were demonized at the time(as they are now) as violent political extremists, in the Amerikan press. But I saw nothing of that. As a matter of fact these people quickly became my favorites in our little microcosmic world of the lab. I don’t really know why. Perhaps it was there quiet suffering that I saw. The fact that I had to practically drag their life tales out of them as we chatted. It turned out that they had essentially escaped their birthplace in Gaza to live in the West Bank. They eventually left the remainder of their extended family there to come to the States and earn a decent wage. The dreams that sour with most immigrants to this country also soon became a harsh reality to them as well. But while I knew them I got to understand the plight from which they fled…and eventually, I heard…returned.

Its no different.
One of the Palestinians, a woman, and I got rather close and discussed such serious matters. She told me something that will always stick in my mind. She said that we amerikans live in denial of what is coming. If we really look, we can see it…but we choose not to. She also said that in her home the zionists made no pretense about their racism, their supremacism and their hatred. And if I wanted to see our future, look to Palestine…look to her home. At the time I almost dismissed her statements as coming from a severely anti-jewish home life…not really knowing that much about what was going on in the middle-east. I didn’t understand then that she had learned this hatred from being at the wrong end of a weapon. She had. She also directed me to look around. Not at the people happy to work and live peacefully with one another…but at those above us. Those that owned the company….the Cohens and the Goldbergs. The ones we saw rarely and cared little for. These are the wealthy…these are the “amerikans” that get that cash to the oppressors of her family. These are the wholly dangerous zionist jews.

She left me with this impression. She left me with a melancholy smile to return to Palestine. I will never forget her and her family, and how quietly prophetic her words were. Over the years since then…with my eyes opened wider by this stint at the lab…the experiment in humanity for me…I have seen what we can be, and who wants us not to attain that state. This is why I fight.