Unwitting Participants…

For regular visitors here, you will notice that the mission statement over there in the side-bar, is new.

I felt I should add this in response to a flood of comments and emails that I have received recently with which I violently disagree. In lieu of explaining my position on the racism that I feel is expressed in these comments, over and over…I can just say “see mission statement”. Saves time. I haven’t been filtering out most of these types of “yeah, I hate joos too” types of comments for a while because somewhere in my head…or in the draft folder…I have been meaning to write the mission objective thing…and this post. So these comments were a reminder to me to do so. I need reminders for just about everything save going to the bathroom, nowadays. I always liked the line from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”: “I’m not the man I was yesterday, and tomorrow I won’t be the man I am today”.

Anyway…I have been reading and watching a lot of Joseph Campbell. Interesting guy, Joe. He had a lot up there in his head about all of us. More so than I think he could deal with. So he spilled a lot of it out in his lectures and books, and some of it fell to the floor for you to either pick up and deal with or to let lie unattended. I picked up a lot of stuff that he gushed out and didn’t expand upon. That was the neat thing about Campbell…he had collected an amazing amount of info in his years of research. Listening to him making the connections of one myth to another was much like looking over his shoulder and trying to help him organize this huge box of seemingly unrelated field notes. That spoke to his honesty, for me. The lack of agenda. The amazement which he himself found in his discoveries and the “oneness” characteristics of the mythology of various cultures that he studied. Listening to him has a quality of resolve about it. As if this bumbling professor, had stumbled upon our collective soul, and didn’t fully understand the revelation himself. But that is ok. This isn’t simple stuff that he talked about.
So I am trying to tie what I have garnered from his perspectives, and that of Eustace Mullins, James Burke, etc. into a neat little package. It’s a work in progress.
But at this point, I gotta tell ya…it’s all related. Somehow. And it’s very important.
One theme that jumps out at me from all these lectures and books from these bumbling professors, is the motif of connections. He did that, so they did this. They said that, so we do this. Cause and effect. Ripples and spheres of influence within our cognitive existence. Nothing ever new. Repeating themes. All within the realm of unwitting participants.
How does this relate to the stated purpose of this site and the emails that prompted me to write this article in the first place, you might well ask. I’m not really sure. Like Campbell, I’m just showing you what I have found.
Myths are important. Myths are powerful. That much I have learned. The modern myth of the holocaust is being force-fed to unwitting participants, just as the ancient myth of the eternally suffering and wandering jew. They are meant to support one another. Without these particular tall-tales…this site wouldn’t exist.
Without racism, the two aforementioned myths wouldn’t exist…and so on. Most active myths are universal and yet neatly fit within and behind previous sagas that have been accepted, or they would have no validity. Myths can support entire cultures as we see in modern israel and the official recognition of it. It is when these myths are proven to be false in the sense that they do not dovetail into accepted legends, that they, and what they are meant to support, falls apart. We are seeing that now with what is described as an unprecedented increase in antisemitism.
Racism plays a big part in these particular allegories. If you do not accept the meme of “hook-nosed kike”, you cannot accept (on any functional mythological level) the aforementioned jewish tales. Even to oppose such legends, you must buy into the racism from which they spring. Therefore for these myths to remain valid they must include the arch-typical racism. The ADL and their ilk understand this very well. I hope this is making sense. It does to me.

So in my estimation, to reject the common racist views about the judaic…the vitriol that keeps their myth valid, I would cut to the chase and merely identify them as human. Humans that seek to perpetuate the myth of race and racism. Because under this guise, they feel free to practice it themselves. The “if you hate us, then we hate you” phenomenon. Beside the fact that the concept of race itself is historically steeped in myth and unproven conjecture.

In that conjecture is the notion that race produces singular social behaviour patterns. This too is a myth. A myth that supports the the jewish rape of the planet. They can’t help it…they are jews. Jews are better than Gentiles…they know it…but what can they do…they act upon it. It’s just the way of things. It’s just their inherent racial characteristics.



19 thoughts on “Unwitting Participants…

  1. Hey Timster,…Disclaimer: I am revisiting the Gaza slaughter, in prep’ to the suggestion that yidsrahell is planning another shekinar new year for us goyim, so, I might have missed something, however… See, I don't care why they are dirty child-molesting fiends; I don't lose five seconds of my day considering the hate for hate paradigm and I don't care whether they are a race or not: They are filthy dirty satanic scum-bags that murder and rape children, women and unarmed men, unless of course they can kill armed men from a distant hiding place with super-weapons they have conned out of the dumb ego-centric yanks; whom have never lived in the facade Republic they sing about with beaming shallow eyes and vacuous doll-faces, in their dumb-them-down schools. I blame the jUSA for part of our world's dilemma, because of their simpleton mentality – just add a syntactic quantifier to a noun or pronoun; 'ist or 'ism will do fine and yanks'll come'a running down the gulf of mexico…Go you Roosevelt’s Raiders, slaughtering kids is good for yids."Islamist" – f@%ksakes.No army ever defeated its enemy by taking into account the feelings of the soldiers facing them. Horse hooee.Of course "not all yids are evil", hollow platitudes like this are more important to these pharisaic fiends and the eventual realization of the intention of the protocols than a hundred non-existent Qassim rockets.Playing the victim is what they do, why? To garner un-deserved sympathy while they fuck our kids and rob us blind. Do you think they haven't contemplated the "not all yids are evil", meme coursing through the collective conscience of the humans on the orb? They play everything and anything.The constant well directed volley-fire from the ranks of the blogger militia is what has brought about the scrambling desperation of these pigmen hybrids, not fire-side obfuscation. Warrior poets inspire with pen first and then they take up the sword: All pen and no sword never won a war.Come on Timster, let's not philosophise ourselves out of a victory. The internet has become the bane of their intentions, yet they are making so much money from porn and gratuitously violent cyber games and other such schmutt and nonsense, they are torn between survival and greed:"A yid will sell you the rope to hang him with, if he thinks he can make a buck on it."I think we are beyond analysing these monsters, we have one more push to make and the time and place for that confrontation is entirely the prerogative of the yids; they are after all the bastards trying to enslave everyone else and who cares why? No free man cares why he is being enslaved. He just fights for all he is worth; I define myself by my beautiful family; my fabulous wife and two amazing daughters.What are you fighting for Timster? Peace talks, mmm, a ceasefire maybe, ask the Palestinians about meeting these monsters half way.For as long as I have been cognisant of the crisis in the Middle-East; including 6 months with the Army on UN peacekeeping/pointless fiasco Duty in Sinai.So, maybe I missed your point, I however will not be releasing my grip on these cretins at all.Love ya mate, truly…we win or we are enslaved, they don’t cheer when we hate them, they cheer when we loll around on our lounge chairs in a sympathetic fug.I beg your pardon in advance, 'kol niddre', anyone?Paulie Grice aka veritas6464

  2. Hey Timster,…Funny thing just happened, I realised that the word 'bullshit' was actually written at the end of the piece, in my mind when I finished reading that last stanza, (poetic license?) I said "bullshit!" So, rather than recognise the written word as it was; I transmogrified the word as some visual overlay imported by my mind's eye, not recognising its reality in-situ as the visual fact. I think, I mean, I think; I missed the synthetic irony lingering behind the delicate cynicism; so subtle yet the second mouthful does hint at a certain piquancy.nyuk nyuk nyuk…veritas

  3. V- Interesting take on this article. Peace talks? No. I am just sick and tired of them hiding behind phony race. They are people(believe it or not) They should be treated/punished as people…not a poor race of persecuted jews. I'm with you…fuck em…but first strip them of these myths.

  4. Hey, you're clear as a Bell, a Beautiful Big Resonating Bell to me!I love having an aversion to evil! I love myself for it. It is my most redeeming social characteristic, and you, sweet fellow, have made me see that what others consider a socially unacceptable 'trait' is actually my aversion to evil and all the nastiness that follows. I don't find hatred particulary helpful, in any situation, either, but I do find hatred of evil certainly the best that is in us. It is most certainly not because they call themselves Jews..a rose by any other name..it is their intrinsic learned insanity, brow beaten even into the most meek of jews to be Chosen – to out perform or to beat by whatever means necessary to come out on top…of his fellow man. that old Rothshild spirit of competition. Tim, You're beautiful. I love, and can't live without, that passionate knowing you have, of calling evil by its name. It is a sweet thing to call it what it is, and who it is. unlike that little sack of shit Alex Jones. someone take that megaphone away from him please! I can't go to sleep without checking in here. I thank you for your courage and….brilliance in discerning this mess. I'm usually a quiet old dame, but you help me find my voice in this thing. You are one of the joys of the world. sorry if that came late…I just hate to write things on blogs! don't know why! haha

  5. Jane – I don't either. More…more! Keep telling what a wonderful person I am… I LOVE it!…hahaha.Seriously, thank you for your comments. Agree or not, they are always welcome.

  6. Good post Timster. I recently wrote this, which I think relates well to your piece here:"Just to clarify things a bit– I believe it is best to think of the global power elite network that is calling the shots today as consisting of many different players and socioeconomic groupings or interests, including but not limited to certain corporations and banks, secret societies, various criminal networks, and national governments, which are often overlapping and converging in their interactions. In essence, there is a diverse network of actors competing in the global power elite, with Zionism at the top of this network, infiltrating and dominating the other actors. The global power elite is a diffuse, permeable network, not necessarily controlled by "the Jews" but influenced largely by a criminal network dominated by those who happen to be Jewish or are assets of the Zionist agenda."Stereotyping any social group obscures the real nature of the power structure running things on this planet, and likely plays into their hands.

  7. Patrick queries:…..Baiting? Whatever do you mean? I sincerely believe you have much of the picture to learn to fully appreciate the nature of the struggle you highlight; do you not see that the adversary is, collectively, the "man of sin" of 2 Thessolonians? In other words, THE antiChrist that the deluded world believes will come as one individual, is instead already present and personified by the children of the serpent; if you need proof that the serpent had a seed, you need only read Genesis, 3:15…

  8. Patrick – You know my rule about scripture quoting. The adversary is the concept of judaism…the religion. Religion spoils life, Judaism is at the top of the list. I am NOT a Christian.

  9. Timster……..I am the furthest thing from "religious"; indeed, "religion" is an abomination before My Father… Scripture is NOT a "religious" Book, but an History Book of our people, NOT the "jews", (canaanite khazars)…

  10. John -"Stereotyping any social group obscures the real nature of the power structure running things on this planet, and likely plays into their hands."I could have said that instead of driveling on and on for a 1000 words…but NO….hahahaThanks.

  11. It must be exposed and shown for what it is. It is my intention to help the effort to do so.DSCI not only exposes judaism /Zionism for what it is, but it explains it as well and tells us what will eventually happen.I see you've chosen to ignore my comments here, and my reply to "Resolve." Well, like you say, it is your blog. But you don't fool me. You are not as intelligent or dedicated to your "mission statement" as you would like some of your readers to think you are. __

  12. Kerux – You slay me…hahaha. I'm saddened that I don't fool you. That is my intention. I actually work for Mossad. I am in their intelligence division, in the IT dept. It is our mission to dupe the goyim into believing all this hateful antisemitism. Later on I will bring you around to our way of thinking…I haven't quite figured out how yet. But I'm working on it. Don't tell anyone else…k?

  13. So you admit beating your wife! I thought so. I think people should be happy to be of whatever heritage that brought them into the world.Even if its the disposessed Melungeon of the Carolinas. If this is racist, so be it.

  14. Timster – Thanks for posting your Mission Statement.This is your blog and you can filter as desired if this angers you. It is UR sounding board.But you are tagging everyone who makes scientific observations as "racist". Perhaps if you hate what is called here a racist, racist should be defined.If one denies that humans don't have genetic differences they are blind. And to claim that genetics wouldn't effect behavior, one would be suffering with cognitive dissonance. It may be nice to wish that all behavior is learned, but it is not.If it is racist to recognized the differences in different races, racism doesn't sound like a bad thing. But, when you say that your race is better than another race, that is bad in most cases. Blacks play better at football and basketball. (that's a good thing. Please don't accuse me of being a crazy racist for that). Jews truly believe they are superior and the master race. That is bad racism. I truly love all races, but I believe we are very different and it would be nice to keep it that way. I hate it when people scream "RACISM" every time anyone says people are different. And why if some people want to live among their own, is it ok for some know-it-all to scream "racists" and force guilt on them?I'm a white European. I believe there are MANY things that make the races I love: Orientals, Blacks, Indians, Mexicans, Turks, Arabs, Persians, American Indians, etc. better than me! But, I love my race. Does that make me racist?Multiculturalism is one of the prime weapons of the Talmudists, and this site has provided some of the most ardent radical support for it. HDI's attack on judaism is very informative, but it has a big hole in it. Science has proved long ago that much behavior is genetic. Different behavior is different NOT better. There's a distinction.The Holohoax is for the most part a big extortion supporting lie… we are not going to win out over it by denying reality. We must support absolute truth.If your Mission Statement helps you fight the criminals, so be it.I never taught my Irish Setter to point… he just did…. perfectly.

  15. Anon@8:40 – "Science has proved long ago that much behavior is genetic"Really?…I wasn't aware of that. You sound as if you know this to be fact. But I beg to differ. If you are referring to what geneticists now refer to "scientific racism" of the 30's – 50's…then I suggest you do a little more research. Behavior, as far as have been able to ferret out from actual scientific data is learned. Period. And it only makes sense when you think about it. This type of thinking can lead to all sorts of mischief…and has over the years. Irish Setters, with very few exceptions, are not human.But I am glad you took the time to make a thoughtful(if wrong) comment…hahaha.Thanks for reading.

  16. "I actually work for Mossad. I am in their intelligence division … blah, blah blah. "The best you can do is a straw man argument? I'm truly embarrassed for you.

  17. Kerux – Ok. That's about it. I have tried civility. A brick wall clearly has to fall on you. Here's the deal:This, in case you haven't noticed, is MY site. If you want to ramble on and on about biblical history, and who's a jew….I think you should. Somewhere else. You have a site…use it. If your message is so important, people can read it there. You are not going to use my blog as a sounding board. This conversation is over. You are banned. As I am sure you have been from other sites. Sorry.

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