Never Before…


7 thoughts on “Never Before…

  1. Hey Timster,..Sony Music won't let me view this video on your site because of copywrong infringements, so I'll watch it in a new window on youtube – WTF? Typical pettiness from the dark; commenting on the content: "I'll be back"!veritas

  2. Hey Timster,…Well, what can one say? Surely critical mass is not far away; then the Transylvanian style mob will no doubt gather in the town squres of all the Goy cities and villages across the globe and Pow-ee, flaming torches and pitch-forks, and a serious arse-kicking contest between the congenital weakling child-molesters of Magog and the livid brick-layers and factory shit-kickers of the Goyimsburgs!Bring it on!Here’s a bumper sticker I designed:“I ♣ yids!”veritas

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