Horses and Squirrels Don’t Get It…

Are we nuts? Do we suffer from some strange singular mental illness that makes us paranoid of all things judaic? Is this need to expose jewish malfeasance and treachery…blaming this cult for all things evil in our modern world…some kind of illness? Or do those that shun our usage of the term “jew” , suffer from a blind-spot as it were, that does not allow them to see what is in front of their eyes? Kind of a “horse/squirrel vision” that does not facilitate straight forward sight, causing them to jump in startlement every time something passes in front of them and reappears suddenly on the other side.

I have a pet squirrel…Coleen…to whom I was feeding peanuts one day. She always turns her head quickly to the left and then to the right to be able to see what lies in front of her. On this occasion she was unusually hungry or impatient with me, apparently. Because she just bit in the direction in which the peanut normally is. The peanut was not there. But my finger was. I forgave her. Although she could not see that she did not actually have the legume in the clutches of the enormously strong grip of those backward-facing teeth, and instead had a profusely bleeding human digit instead, I forgave her because I understood the limits of her vision and judgment. I am not so forgiving of humans that have a much wider field of vision. Humans that are intensely and annoyingly aware of what is on the left and the right, but remain oblivious to what lies ahead.

I am constantly startled to learn that more people do not use this gift of increased visual capabilities. The gift to see the connections…left, right and center… that almost draw themselves. It seems pretty simple to me, that say, if the overwhelming majority of international bankers in the world are of this jew cult, that such a group of like-thinking people are indeed part of a conspiracy. Or that not a single major motion picture or teevee program made in this country, or indeed the world, casts the jew in a negative light. All other groups at one time or another are portrayed as the bad-guy. Why not the jews?

I’m going to go ahead and assume that everyone else in the parade is out of step but me. For the sake of argument. Another for-instance to me would be gas chambers. A curious thing about gas chambers. From all the research that I can find on the subject, one has never been designed, built or used to kill more than one human at a time…and even that one has serious flaws and a huge amount of precautions for those doing the gassing. Which is much like three sky-scrapers falling into their footprints because of fire, all in a single morning when before and after that morning, it has never happened. Mysteries, mysteries.
Maybe the conclusions I make about all these events and more that I connect with the jew, are too simple. Perhaps that is why most people don’t concur with my conclusions. These connections are too straightforward. Life isn’t that simple. There are complications and circumstances that I don’t consider. The complexity of these details are common knowledge to the man on the street. He can see this clearly…and I can’t. I jump to obvious conclusions that even the most bereft of intellect understand to be mere antisemitic canards.
I mean JEEZE…what the hell is my problem anyway?
“The joos” aren’t anymore evil than the Catholics or the Freemasons or Methodists. There are bad apples in every barrel…get over this “jew” thing, and get real. I act like I am watching a melodrama in which all the bad guys wear black, have curly mustaches and laugh maniacally every time they thwart the fellows in the white chapeaus.
Funny that I don’t see anything else in life as being this obvious. I see many things contributing to social and political shenanigans. I see many reasons for this or that occurrence. I understand that various detailed circumstances and agendas always act on events in various ways producing a myriad of outcomes. However, I see the simplicity of the duplicity of jews to be exactly how it appears. Jews(well, ashkanazi khazarians if you insist on being technical) play by a different set of basic rules…thereby cheating the game…thereby coming out ahead of the game. They can therefore be blamed for the way the world is today. They are in charge. Of that, there is little debate. The world is generally fucked up….sooooo…what else am I to conclude? Judaism; bad. Non-judaism; normal.
But the majority of the world doesn’t see it like this. Why is that?
I have a couple theories about that. They include jewish control of the media. And jewish control of the world’s monetary systems. But you know all this. It was outlined for the simple-minded like me, in the Protocols. But only a simpleton would take that document or it’s predictions seriously. Simpletons like…Henry Ford(what a non compos mentis), Benjamin Franklin(idiot), Mark Twain(retard)…and the list goes on and on. Simple minded fools that jump to simple-minded conclusions about the poor hebrew.

Is this “thing ” I have of a simple minded variety? Or is it a malfunction of the gray matter? Is it like religion itself, said to be a mere off-on switch located in a region on the brain located above and behind the right ear? Could it be eliminated like religious belief with a negative magnetic pulse directed there? I wish. Truly, I wish it could. I would pulse the hell out of my brain-box and have done with it. I would look to the right and the left and never straight ahead. No one looks that way. There must not be anything out there to see, really.
Maybe the simple horse and squirrel are one-up on me. Life must be much simpler. Or more complex. I’m confused.


15 thoughts on “Horses and Squirrels Don’t Get It…

  1. Timster – An important question is how and why they are the way they are. I wrote a couple months back that those special people have ,over centuries, had their behavior and response mechanisms ingrained within their genetic structure. I bet if you took a single cell out of me and put it in with a single cell from one of them, the maggot cell would say it was persecuted then try to feed off of my protoplasm rather than finding its own sustenance. It is just how they have behaved since before they used Pilate to kill Christ…. they have been honing their parasitic skills ever since.It has been demonstrated that their behavior is partly due to their barbaric Neanderthal genes. It really is important to understand that they are genetically different. There are certain scientific laws that cannot be denied. One must ask oneself why they are like they are…. The Khazars have taken the despicable Talmud for their very own code of life. They've become a destructive codependent swarm of locusts…

  2. Timster, at this point I cannot say I disagree totally with Anon @ 7:38 PM.I mean, I've been reading a lot of the anti-Talmudist blogs/websites and I cannot disagree that the Cult of Death/Materialism has some genetic basic to it.If you read "Caliban and the Witch" you realize that a LOT of the Inquisition persecutors have suspiciously "Conversos" Jew names. Look to my post over at Les Vis. I'm realizing that the crypto-jews have had a much, MUCH bigger influence than conventional history has revealed.Jews are degenerate Neandertals. are at War. It is a war between mostly Neandertal and mostly Sapiens humans. The neandertal Faction numbers some 60 to 200 million and the Sapiens the rest. Sapiens interbred with at least two other species, but it is Neandertal that genetically reared it's ugly head and wishes total extermination of all others.WV chobalp: A degenerate chew/chopped by a paper mill into a pulp.

  3. New – Well…we have had that discussion here before. Here is my take. I do not give them the "out", that they cannot help themselves…or that they have a "natural" propensity for anything other than listening and learning from their parents/community.This type of racism is just where they want you to go. It is a slippery slope at best. To accept this, it is just a step away from saying that the Irish drink too much…Asians are sneaky…Blacks have natural rhythm…on and on, ad ridiculum. There is NO scientific proof of ANY propensity for any personal traits due to genetics. Won't go there. Social behaviour is learned.But thanks for your thoughts and comment.

  4. Timster – I really appreciate your pleasant and welcoming tone. But, I am struggling with the hows and whys of these Talmudic people. I know you don't want to go down that slippery slide… but, you have been on it ever since you wrote the word jew in the context of their prolific criminality. Scientific researchers who are much smarter than you and I have pains-takenly researched and documented the Neanderthal roots of the chosen. Genetic behavior cannot be denied. It is proven without a doubt in animal breeding (behavior and all). The human mind is the most powerful force on Earth but, at this time, it cannot overcome the genetic structure that is carried through ones veins. The extremely talented Michael Jackson failed miserably to alter his genetic makeup. Some people simply cannot give their neighbor an even break. That fabric of their being is very difficult to overcome. Just like some pit bulls cannot change. The ones that do, STILL carry that aggressive gene.One must never reach a point where more understanding will conflict with ones ideals, but refuse to cross that bridge of understanding. I'm the guy who LOVES all races (except one), but detests multiculturalism. It has NEVER been demonstrated that multiculturalism can be functional, yet people keep professing it as self evident.

  5. Traits are as genetic as the shape of your nose. To deny that is ludicrous How Dare You. Equality is a joke played on the people who play fair. Thus rendering them impotent to act outside the rules, even if it means life or death. And it most certainly does. Everything else is fluff to keep you preoccupied on your way to the slaughter. Like Bob Hope.

  6. Anon@12:24 – I am afraid that you are horribly wrong. I am also afraid of your conclusions. They are racist in nature, I vehemently disagree and that is not what this site is about.See mission statement on the side-bar.

  7. Timster@1:14 – Thanks for your sincere opinion.Sun Tzu said: "If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."I'm fulfilling that quest in a very sincere and objectively disciplined manner.I couldn't find the site mission statement.You have a very thought provoking blog. You have a lot to say. Keep it up.

  8. Okay Tim, I cannot deny that ALL the other Races/Cults seem to be capable of actual humane behavior. Fair Play, Honor and all that. This is WELL documented throughout the Ages.The problem is….what of the Jews? These Tay-Sach inheritors are becoming universally despised.It is as if what is usually isolated cases among Gentiles of psychopathic/sociopathic behavior is a continuum of increasing parasitic behavior among the Zhids.As a Gentile Male Queer with some diluted Sephardic blood, I HATE the fuckin' Zhids. We queers are God's "Two-spirits". The gentle and positive slap in the face of the majority. We were supposed to be holders of traditions, the protectors of society. You are disgusted? What of the Māhū, the Mukhannathun, the Hijra the Ła'mana, the Salzikrum. The Eunuchs and "Male Brothers" of the West?Why do I hate the Zhids? They made us queers to be filthy deviants to be destroyed, while they secretly said it was perfectly fine to rape children in their truly filthy Talmud. Lesbians of course, are truly disgusting….unless a filthy Rabbi is in the mix.What did Jesus say of Faggots? He healed the Lover of that Centurion, he stated there are "Eunuchs" of Earth, Woman and Heaven.The fuckin' Zhids made sure that both my people were destroyed and made low and women were destroyed and made low. You have to do so in order to make the "Men" as nothing.Remember the '60s, '70s and the early '80s? Sex was romantic, innocent and erotic at that time. It was a "Gentile" time, of Joy and Experimentation and attempting to Discover each other.Then the fuckin' Zhids perverted it as they always do. They started the "Sexual Revolution" and it scared the hell out of them. Because the Gentiles were so beautiful and loving and too many of the Tribe's own were going down that path.So they invented AIDS by making sure that all "fast-track" queers got "punished" bastards murdered my Elders and used this issue to destroy whatever "real" restraints the FDA had left. My people were useful idiots for their pharma schemes.This was also useful to "restrain" the Breeder Gentiles and check-mate them for a good decade or two. Sucha'Deal!!!!!I can forgive, but I will NEVER forget!"sorry for the re-post, verification screwed up"

  9. >I am working my way backward through your blog, and for someone who has the same point to make in each post, you have an impressive literary wellspring from which to draw.I've read the "Neanderthal theory" and, pseudoscience aside, I find it disagreeable because it dehumanizes them. By that virtue, the theory is no better than they are.As stated, it also releases them from culpability.The blog linked to appears to have been TOSsed. It's in google cache, but not archive.org

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