The Counter Counter Counter…

In the current vernacular…OMG.

After all the hoopla about 12 busses being slated to carry messages designed to raise the awareness about amerikan funding of apartheid Israel on the second anniversary of the cast-lead offensive by isra-hell, the local branch of the tribe is countering with their own message.

They have submitted the pictured banners to be placed on Seattle busses in answer to the anti-zionist message scheduled to begin on December the 27th.

The tactic here is obvious.  They understand that the Metro Bus line that accepted the original public service banner in the first place, will throw up their hands and back out of the whole situation claiming that they do not care to be caught in the middle of a political battle over advertisement space on their vehicles.  I can see this one coming for miles.  Clever tactic.  But the judaic, if nothing else, are devious.
My prediction is that neither message will roll through Seattle, and the jewish population will claim a victory.  Then there will be another phony hate-crime staged there, just to clinch the deal.  That’s my prediction…I will stand by it.
I guess in this whole flap, I have only one question.  How can the original message proposed be seen as offensive to the jewish people of Seattle Washington?  I mean…why is a missive about our foreign policy concerning israhell an issue to these yiddish Seattlites?  If I paid for a similar message, for instance, about either side of the “troubles” in Northern Ireland…would those with Irish ancestry be offended?  No matter which side I chose to take in such an advertisement?  No.  Why?  Although a few O’Brians may agree or disagree about such a message, they are firstly amerikan…not Irish.  They understand and desire this distinction.  Jews are firstly always “zionist israelis” it seems.  They take offense at ANY criticism.  Kind of a touchy lot…jews.
And of course we HAVE to have the “holohoax” drug into the equation.  It wouldn’t be jewish without that old canard being dragged out and used as a blunt instrument.
The banners proposed are laughable…at best.  But of course they understand that neither the original submission or theirs will see the light of day.  It is just another slap in the face of common sense that they delight in dealing the amerikan Gentile.  And we will take it and ask for another please.
This is the type of jewish-owned media hype concerning the issue, if you haven’t been following it:

“Metro is considering changing its ad policies for non-commercial groups, but says it could be costly and tricky. But if they ban the anti-Israel ads, they might have to ban ads for causes that have public appeal, such as the Boys and Girls Club, Puget Sound Blood Center and United Way.
The American Civil Liberties Unions is urging Metro to run the ads, saying they may offend people but they should be protected under the First Amendment.
News of the ads has led to tighter security at the Jewish Federation in downtown Seattle. Four years ago, a mentally ill man claiming to be angry at Israel broke into the building, shot and killed a woman and shot five others. The fear is an ad campaign could fuel more violence.
“We’re always on a heightened sense of awareness in the Jewish community and this heightens it,” said Richard Fruchter with the Jewish Federation”.
Can this thing get any sillier?  I’m sure it will.  What I thought would make a lovely Christmas gift to the world…well, stocking stuffer anyway…will probably be yanked from our sock.  Judaism spoils everything.


5 thoughts on “The Counter Counter Counter…

  1. Hey Timster,…What’d I tell ya? Huh? That yid bitch was not going to take it bending over! (Is that the phrase I was looking for? Anyhoo.) I guess it’s another slam dunk for the Hegelian dialectic. I wondered why the yid media would publicise such a pro-peace & prosperity anti-yiddish-khazarian story. Well, there it is, they create the forum and spin it on its arse to benefit themselves.“Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, here we go….”veritas

  2. V – Now you got me thinking. I wonder who alerted the press about a damned bus advertisement that was only in the planning stages, in the first place? That alone is hardly news…and who would know about it at that point anyway? Ya don't think the whole thing is a farce from the git-go, do ya? "I smell a big fat commie rat"

  3. Hi Timster, I'm glad there wasn't a money bet on that ad running. I read this morning that it is off. Nothing can be said against how Israel is treating non-Israelis. Seattle seems to be becoming the model city for the Amerian Police State. Also, to go off of the subject for a second….this rant. I read everywhere how the youth of America is asleep and not aware, or caring of these situations around the world created by the beasts in Wash/Tel Aviv. I beg to differ, everytime you see a video of a flash mob or protest about the wars and other crimes of the politicians, and their handlers, you see younger adults in there at least letting the subhumans in DC/Tel Aviv know that they see through the bull that is broadcast over the airwaves at them. Even if most are just worried about the electronic products, there will always be some who take the time and effort to keep the subhumans angry, and paranoid. If Les Visible and his writings are to be believed, it will get worse because they are being cornered by the day, and they will lash out with increasing ferocity to hold on to the power they used to have.

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