Banksy, Or Where Are The Artists?…

You are probably saying “Oh no…he’s not going to write about that passe street-artist turned gallery-artist turned commercial film-maker”.
Well, yes. Sort of.

If you are not familiar with Banksy…just look around this post…around the web, and maybe around your city. There are thousands of his images in the world. Everywhere it seems. This guy from Bristol, England hit the jackpot when it comes to underground success stories. A true rags-to-riches story.

You are probably also asking yourself where I come off lauding his artwork on this site. And well you might ask. But this guy interests me. He tapped into an unprotected underbelly of the beast, and even though he ostensibly remains anonymous to this day, his 20 or so years of artwork and it’s impact has been felt by millions of the world’s inhabitants…and for all this he has garnered riches but no real personal celebrity. That is to say that he walks no red carpets replete with flashbulbs. I like that. I enjoy his stuff.
Much has been said and written about this guy. So I won’t bore you with all the hoopla, or add my praise to the pile…but I would like to point out something that interests me about the phenomenon of Banksy.

He is anti many things that we all are. Anything to do with anti-human exploitation. That is evident from the work for which he claims responsibility. Therefore he is anti-israel. For his work on the apartheid wall of Jerusalem alone, he has won me over. The anti-capitalist bent of his work is also a plus for me. And I will forgive his gallery shows and the exorbitant prices that his gallery art commands because I am sure that his craft demands a great deal of capital. Travel expenses mainly, I would think. And it makes asses out of the jewish art world “Collector”. More power to him.

But more importantly I admire the underground-ness of his craft. The fact that his artwork has achieved world fame because of it’s value…not because of spin or PR or hype. His contributions are temporal, incisive slaps to the PTB. If he has “sold out” to the point of warranting disregard, I haven’t noticed it. Even his film “Exit through the Gift shop” is a visual joke played on the viewer as much as his street art. You have to admire this.
And this admiration that I hold for such rebellion fuels my hope. Why not more.

With his brilliant imagination he has perfected a new medium which no jewish PTB can control, by it’s very nature. He has proven that in Palestine, and interpret it how you will, he proved it with his “Elephant in the Living Room” exhibit.
This to me is yet another weapon against zionism that cannot be effectively silenced. Perhaps Banksy doesn’t go far enough, or connect his own dots completely enough for my political tastes…but I am sure there are artists out there that can and will.

I always used to marvel at the artwork and lettering capabilities of the street-gangs of L.A. It is everywhere there. It cannot be contained, yet it holds little if any political or social import. It just says “this is me” …”this is us…and we are here”.
I can’t draw a straight line…or I would be out there with these vandals doing what I think should be done. And you can bet that it would have a bit more substance.

Banksy and all street artists capture an audience. They can advertise their product as easily as the life-sapping zionist banksters. This is a virtually unused palette for an anti-jewish point of view. Of course they will paint over it…that is the nature of this communication. Temporary. Powerful. Graphic.
I think if I won a gazillion dollars, I would fund some of these night-raiders…give them a political slant that cannot be ignored. Give them an agenda for truly alerting the Gentile commuter.

I have praised the bloggers against judaism, I have called for the hackers to do their level against the online zionist, and now I appeal to those with spray-cans, an imagination and a little guts to follow this man’s lead and take it to the next step…the next numbered dot and the ultimate picture of the jewish hand in all that is evil. The quote from him over there, to me is an invitation. I will tailor it a bit. I say there ARE still bright, creative and ambitious artists out there with a lot to say. And I challenge these artists to put their imaginations on the street. The power you hold, as Banksy shows…is awesome and can be wielded for good.


18 thoughts on “Banksy, Or Where Are The Artists?…

  1. "They Saved Hitler's Cock" – The Angry Samoans"They saved Hitler's cock, They hid it under a rock.I discovered it, last night. I couldnt even, believe my eyes.If Hitler's cock could start to talk, it would say: To kill today. IfHitler's cock could choose it's mate, it would ask, for Sharon Tate!They saved Hitler's cock. They stuck it it in Himmler's sock. Theysaved Hitler's cock, and now it wants to talk.Now it's starting to get hard, i found it in my backyard. Everynight itkills a dog, and now it wants, some nightly fun Hitler's cock is on themove, and now I'm scared of what it's gunna do!"

  2. As a mostly self taught artist who had hoped to make a simple living can atest, and evidenced by record albums from the 1980s, as one of many examples.When computers took over the artwork for alot of the industry and outed the traditional paint and brush artist, so also went the spirit that was employed by alot of artists in making statements through their art.There are still statements being made but not even close to how it used to be, and definately most of the substance in those statements is gone.

  3. Timmeister Angry Samoans are a punk rawkus band from Canuckistan (Canada). Glad to see teh innernett still here! I thought some half assed Kenyan half breed and pinko commie rat czar would pass the faux fcc net neutrality in the middle of the night. Let's piss the world off some more and fuck with the interwebs like the beer commercial says brilliant (not).

  4. I agree that zionists are a problem, and they all should be punished as traitors.However, I can count on one hand the number of jews that denounce zionism, therefor most jews are complicit. Just read the Hasbara manual if you don't believe me.Avoid the attempts to throw you off their trail, jews and zionists are one in the same.

  5. Hey Timster,…This stuff is phenomenal; when I was getting over a wound some years back I took space in an old warehouse in Adelaide, (where I had slunk back to to lick my wounds); you know the type; high mutli-tiered turn of the century buildings buildings with those pulley cranes hanging out of loading doors on every floor. The Artist's co-op was called West-End Studios. I was pretty well bank-rolled from years as a hack; some of these kids though were incredibly talented, I was on average 18 years older than the kids that shared these adhoc shanty-town style divided sections with me. The wide open space was divided by size for cost. I took a humble space about the size of a medium-sized lounge-room. On my tippy-toes I could see the bobbing heads of the pretty 'art students' on the other side of the warehouse. Apart from the usual over-privelaged middle-class no-talents; there were some gifted folks in that co-op. One of these kids started painting (tagging) the electrical switching boxes on street corners; this kid had talent, he would spray-can these detailed little vingettes of the homeless and unemployed and add witty and profound comments; real Scitti Politti. Anyhoo, I put some pressure on an old mate of mine (an old dear that covered 'The Yartz')at The Adelaide Advertiser (Murdoch Broadsheet, turned Tabloid, "shock horror", yeah right.) I actually got my first break at that old Broadsheet, it was a good read; now it looks like, The Sun in London.Well, she did an excellent piece on this kid and low and behold The Adelaide City Council contracted him to paint all these ugly boxes in the city. Yeeehaaa, I consider that my contribution to The Yartz and class War-fare.veritas

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