Passionate Weapons For A Gentler Crusades…

I have thought about this one for quite a while.  Which should be a treat to regular readers that realize most of my drivel, is just sitting down at the keyboard and banging away about anything that comes to mind.  It’s a tough one to organize…a tough one to write.  But here goes.

After much diligent research, I have come to the conclusion that I can now PROVE that Santa Claus does not exist.  I know…I know that you are gasping in horror…but for instance I can prove mathematically that there is no way this old man has the time(even if at his age, he had the energy) to visit all these billions of houses in such a short span of time.
But what of the children, you say.  What about the joy that this myth brings?  I have thought of that…and I am going to rescind my conclusion in favor of the passion of the season.

Many have written about the several posts that I have made concerning all things religious.  That’s good.  It gives me hope in this tired old world that people are passionate about something.  I can’t follow along with them, but that doesn’t matter.  I have no animosity towards Christians or Muslims.  Firstly, I can’t afford to.  Secondly, generally speaking I like these people.  Thirdly I hope to use them.  Yes I will tell you up front (unlike the askanazim that use them daily) that I intend to include their passion in my arsenal against the jewish religion.  And I intend to use it for all it’s worth.
I like passion.  No…not the physical feeling you have for your booty-call…but the passion that moves a human to achieve beyond that which they thought they were capable.  I have witnessed such all-enthralling fury of intent.  

I have watched the video below many times.  I have fought with my conscience about whether or not to post it… but passion won out.  Yes, it is an actress.  Yes, it is kind of slick…but…oh dear, it can bring the strongest heart to tears.  I like that.  I don’t really care where it comes from.  Give it a watch, even if you aren’t Catholic.  I”ll be right back after:

Now…if you couldn’t feel the passion of the words and the woman…well then, you must be dead…or jewish.  
So why did I decide to post this, when I have stated here many times that I am not a Christian nor do I truly ever want to be?  Well, several reasons spring to mind.
I have felt that kind of emotion.  When I see the judaic lose. And when I see humanity win.  I wish to tap into this passion…this dedication…Christian or Muslim…this is the kind of commitment that I am trying to stimulate in my battle against the jewish religion and all the humanity to which it has laid waste over the centuries.
Although St. Birgitta lived many years after the Crusades, I reference her passionate life for a new Crusades.  One in which the jew is cast again out of the middle-east and indeed out of the seats of power of the entire world.
I guess I want to alert Christians and Muslims alike that they are being warred upon because of their beliefs.  How many times does Ms. Silverman have to threaten the life of Christ in the event of his return?  How much Islamophobia can Muslims take before we all recognize and effectively deal with this filth and it’s source?  Since we all know where it comes from, I wish to tap into that powerful passionate arsenal of the non-jewish religion which the jews constantly malign.  Use the offense that is given to further my cause, because I believe with a passion that it should be every man’s cause. 
So in conclusion…in this season of the Birth, my wish is for all that hold this faith, to remember who is responsible for the death of Christ and indeed the attempted homicide of this holy day itself.  Perhaps we can through this passion, begin a new birth…a new Crusades to end the reign of those that took so much from the world two thousand years ago and rule today.


15 thoughts on “Passionate Weapons For A Gentler Crusades…

  1. Timster, I don't know what to say or should I say write. You have me all discombobulated my friend. Bravo to the spirit of the season. Merrry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight. Your friend over at Glen View.

  2. Hi Timster.Thanks for your thoughtprovoking blog,I follow it daily.Do you know what happened with The Jewish,(AKA No One Twirls Chickens Like a Judaic)of a non-Jew with a view?Its now only open to invited readers.How do you become an invited reader?I came to like this blog,posted some comments,and now this!

  3. Hey Timster,…"In a symbol there is concealment and yet revelation: here therefore, by silence and by speech acting together, comes a double significance. In the symbol proper, what we can call a symbol, there is ever, more or less distinctly and directly, some embodiment and revelation of the Infinite; the Infinite is made to blend itself with the Finite, to stand visible, and as it were, attainable there. By symbols, accordingly, is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched."Thomas Carlyle, on Symbols.The first thing I noticed in this attempt at emotional manipulation through shallow sentimentality and glossy heartlessness is the symbolic shape that the stance and pose adopted by the actor forms:Remember Timster, symbolism is everything to the masters of subterfuge…Firstly the hands crossed at the groin and elbows akimbo form the classic masonic diamond suggestive of the square and compass, the hood of the Habit is affectatiously dressed to the left to create a pyramid on the left of our POV, the central dot of the scapula that secures the hood is suggestive of the eye of horus, or the ‘all seeing eye’ within the capstone of the pyramid.Further to my scepticism for the sub-motive of this emotional manipulation; a little research turns up a lot of dark connections to the film makers: to ‘Our Clients’ ‘knights of columbus’…scroll down to monsignor kevin w. wallin’s:The knights of malta are the militant army of the yiddish created and controlled social engineers – The luciferian freemasons.The entire hierarchy of blackwater and xe security are knights of malta. They also man-up for halliburton and the bush family business, the carlyle group.When I was a Soldier, the Platoon staff would say to us prior to ‘official leave’: “If you can’t drink, don’t!”Many people underestimate the true potency of spirituality. There are the bad guys who use exactly the same energy source as the good guys…"Caveat emptor" Timster: Your passion and sensitivity are noted and respected in an otherwise excellent post, in my humble opinion of course…A Merry and safe celebration of the message of hope that is the life of Jesus the Christ. To you and your famly.veritasN.B: No typos; no caps where no respect is intended.

  4. Hey Timster,..Oops, I left this par out of my previous; it shows the collusion of K of C with the knights of malta: Further to "…scroll down to monsignor kevin w. wallin’s":"In April, 2002, The Most Reverend William E. Lori, S.T.D.[listed on the K of C website] the Fourth Bishop of Bridgeport, appointed Monsignor Wallin pastor of the Cathedral Parish of Saint Augustine."veritas

  5. V – Hmmmm…and here's me just thinking it's a woman trying to convey the passion of a woman dedicated to the holy mother…go figure. hahaha. Interesting.Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. Haha – I'm a SHE by the way! I have strategies in place now – mirrors sites and an impending website should that one go down – Just search for me on google with "No one Twirls Chickens Like a Judaic" to find me again if that happens!

  7. Veritas,Eh, I really see a woman/actress in a nun's habit. You may be over analyzing maybe? I mean really, we could do a lecture about her being a phallic symbol for a woman's studies class too… Timster,I never could wrap my mind around Mary worship but found grottos dedicated to her to be very peaceful places. Hmmm…Also, as I get older I find I get a lot more from the old Christian writings, (Brother Lawrence, Pilgrim's Progress,, etc) than the modern stuff. This woman seems to be trying to channel some of the passion in the writing that she reads. This is a nice project actually. As the old Christians didn't have access to mass produced books, much of what they wrote was meant to be read aloud to an audience. Sometimes, reading some of the classic writings does not impart the same feeling and passion as having them read.

  8. Hey Timster,…Oh frog, yeah perhaps I'm over-anal-izing it; unlike the several thousand crusty old rabbis in yids-ra-hell crunching numbers using kabbalist incantations in order to deduce the probabilities of the creeping ulcer of their jew World Order intentions. "We sleep, they live"."In plain sight." Freemasonic quote, ring a bell with you Frog?They use Psy-ops like some use platitudes; I also wouldn't consider the books you mentioned as 'old Christian writings'."Channelling", are you kidding me, she's an actor dude and she’s taking home a wage after the ‘shoot’, when she peels the Habit off, duh.Oh and Mary worship is not consistent with Christ's teachings; Idolatry anyone? Jesus even discouraged his disciples from celebrating his birthday; which by the way didn't take place in December: The harsh winter weather in that region wasn't conducive to hanging out with the flock in open fields; so much for the sweet Carols, we all sang as kids. Also, Bethlehem is not the venue of his birth either, the term Be’t L’hem means House of Bread, it was a grain store that was not established until after his recorded death. Oh and as for the cozy un-Christian grotto’s to Mary the Magdalene; the myth that her name derived from her home-town, wrong again; Magdala was not established until after her disappearance. “The Magdalene” means “The Tower” as in the tower of strength: It was a term of reference to her person qualities; Mary was a true woman of substance and often sat in Jesus’ stead during theological discussions when he was away.It is so much fun being lagged by someone with a commercial Television understanding of Christianity. The perilous situation we face in light (Apocalypse) of the impending jew World Order, remember this next time you snuggle up in a grotto: The yids have been conniving world domination ever since Lucifer created these hybrid pig-men by encouraging his nephilim to procreate with wiccans (Frog, you research this last statement, it will be more helpful to you than my rant). Many self-styled ‘earth-mother mew-age types refer to themselves as ‘wiccan’. Either they don’t know what they are talking about, duh, or they are in on the evil plot. Look at the ‘new age’ crew, many are jewesses and yiddish soddomites.End part 1…

  9. Part 2…Frog, we are at war with an evil satanic tribe that knows no restraint.Please do not make the mistake of assuming that spirituality and science are two different things, astronomy and theology are the same science; the yids have corrupted our thoughts by manipulating our spiritual schooling. E.g. Early last century, approx. 1910; the communist Oligarchs of world jewry instructed over a thousand yiddish communist apparatchiks to infiltrate the catholic church. The catholic church of course has never been Christian; lately however, you will hear the clergy refer to themselves as “catholic Christians”. Even the catholic church is going through another schism, during this period of apocalypse. The anglican church is moribund and has just made the endangered species list, ordaining soddomites, yeah that’s consistent with Christian teachings..The fact is that science proves a ‘divine ineffable’ entity, whether this is my interpretation or another’s view of the same mountain. It is all the same at the end of the day: If a religion worships demonic ‘looking’ entities and celebrates indulgence of the flesh – it’s a death cult; flesh dies. hinduism, buddhism, shamanism, talmudism – all death cults, all satanic.Timster, I know I bang on a bit about things, none the less, I feel the same way when I talk about that which I have studied, those things that I can ‘see’, as you do when you mention israhelli involvement in 9/11 to sheeple.It’s all one war, with many Fronts; there is only one prince of darkness, lucifer (bringer of false light), yet there are many satans, they are the ‘ork army’ of lucifer and these evil spirit beings are from where the yids manifest their egregious will (power).Regardless of anyone’s opinions, even by virtue of the most ephemeral glance – this thing is biblical. If not for some goyim, it sure is for the bastard yids! Trust me I have been studying this stuff for a looong time.Love, light & peace y’all…veritas akaSir Paul Grice 18th Baron de Gris HST HktB KTA Hereditary Knight of the Temple of ChristAdjutant; the Knights Templar of Australia.

  10. Veritas, you wrote about a lot. I'll answer briefly. I'll get on your blog, maybe we can talk more."thousands of rabbis crunching numbers". Yes, they do. In the Bible, David counted his troops. Where do you stop trusting numbers and and trust in (but not tempt) the Lord? This is not a criticism of what you write. It is a very hard question for me. I do not want to get lost and corrupt like the Rabbis are. I think that they will get their due. In time."In plain sight" yes. You just have to know what to look for. Rather like marksmanship. You just have to shoot straight :)"Old Christian writings" True, I made a comparison to modern popular writings. Many older writings exist, some are even valid :)"Mary worship" Idolatry or demon worship. I agree. I said only that I felt peace when visiting places dedicated to her. I was raised Catholic and tried to believe. I do so no more. Still, can the Satan offer peace and rest? Or is God using evil to provide good. I will have to go to a chapel of Mary now that I am older and know more and test it again."hybrid pig men" Yes. It does seem, by inspection, that some who look like us are not. No soul or humanity within. And great masses of the ignorant and deluded follow them. Presumably they are children of the nephelim or of the serpent. I worry about this line of thought lest I lost the ability to love my fellow man more than I have already. I suppose "fellow man" is the operative concept. Difficult."war with satanic tribe" Yes Veritas. The fact is more obvious every day. It is what I teach my kids about life on this rock. I show them masonic and occult symbols. I try to reveal reasons behind strange things like Columbine. Even the name of that abattoir holds significance. The Christian denominations. Yes, all corrupt. Some priests and pastors remain good I suppose. Still, of what value a good man who can be ordered to do wrong. "death cults" I agree."this thing is biblical" yes.God walk with you and smile upon you Veritas.

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