Where The Hell Is Security?

Can’t the police control these damned mobs?  They are popping up everywhere!



3 thoughts on “Where The Hell Is Security?

  1. Hey Timster,..Aren't they cool? I have seen them before and, I was somewhere this morning and there was link to this very vid, I watched it and considered finding the other one I saw some months ago, then; low and behold Timster has it up! (what?).Oh and by the by; I posted a rather bellicose (fancy me being bellicose) piece about Chrissy, recently, then realizing some of my favorite people out here are not convinced of the versacity of the 'word': I do apologise for stepping on your toes, again (can't remember what the last faux pas was) I'm not a very good dance partner am I? All over your toes asthough they were Turkish rugs.Anyhoo, the peice was aimed at the herds of sheeple I was bustling through (rude as F#%k) at the Mall (I almost never go to Malls) where I witnessed the pathetic xmas consumer fever these dumbies are engrossed by. So, I wish you and yours a very Mwerry Christams from the perspective I have on it; which basically manifests a message of hope for us and doom for the yiddish khazars.veritasaka Painful Paulie (that's my real name, I have been called Paulie since I was a kid, ha).Oh, I amnaged to get a couple of codes from amate to sneak into the Internetjouralistcoop Blog (they killed that puppy a lot, seems they didn't want it up and running at all!) and change it, whoohoo, so I will be using it for my 'groovy me' Blog.

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