A CULTural Education…

After having watched a brilliant series of videos from the great post by A. Peasant, over at Twelfth Bough(tip o’ the hat) on education in the Occident, and this subject’s having always been a point of interest to me…I thought I would add my two cents.

Back in the 80’s I worked with a guy that was chosen as a contestant on Jeopardy. We were all excited to shut down the office for an hour to watch him. Of course we were a bit disappointed in his performance as it unfolded. He told us(it had been taped and he was there to watch it with us) that even though he knew most of the answers to the questions, he didn’t have the presence of mind to press the button or that he was too nervous to think clearly.
Well…shit happens. It got me watching that program occasionally to see how well these contestants could marshal these facts in front of what must be the almost insurmountable odds of the pressures of a television appearance.

Later on in life I got to reading the works of John Taylor Gatto. That explained a lot to me about Jeopardy. It seemed to me that the epitome of the amerikan educational system…the over-achievers in this bastardly scheme that Gatto criticizes, are on this television program. They absorb and memorize these opinions and altered historical facts and figures to regurgitate them in front of a television audience…for cash prizes. Other than this outcome, I can see no other use for our schools.

As Gatto explains, our system here, and in much of the Western world, was designed with a goal in mind that far exceeds reading, writing and arithmetic. It’s goal, as anyone capable of critical thought processes can clearly see, is to subjugate the individual to the will of a federally mandated “group think” that benefits the leaders of our society. The scope of this program of dumbing-down of the Western student is so broad and all-encompassing that even those charged with delivering such “education”, cannot see the forest for the trees. I wouldn’t want to be a teacher today. I would like to teach, however. And I do, to a fashion. But a budget and administrators are not needed for my curriculum.

The only point which Gatto does not touch upon, which if I am to follow his lead, am going to question…is WHO is behind this standard of “education” that he and many others criticize? There are many…that is clear. But of the primary architects of this system, what do they have in common? Surely there must be a basic philosophy from which all these designers of education for the masses, adhere. If it is so single-minded, and apparently it is…from what ideology does all of this come?
We can identify (and the practitioners of this type of schooling make no effort to hide them) these people as being of a certain culture, a “cult” , if you will. These educators, from Dr. Benjamin Bloom all the way back to Horace Mann, come from a certain group. Not the Illuminati…not the Freemasons. But of certain ashkanazi strains. Yes, the founders and current proponents of this indocrto-system are all jewish, or jewish apologists. That is why for instance that having gone through their schooling, we all KNOW that Adolph Hitler was not just a German leader in the 30’s and 40’s…he was the most evil human to ever walk this earth. That is also why we understand little about economics and so slave our lives away, so that a “chosen” few may spend their lives from cradle to grave, in absolute opulence. And the list of the examples of this mis-education goes on and on.

It is not much of surprise however that these critics, as needed as they are, do not take this final logical step. Their message is revolutionary enough without taking onboard criticism of it’s being racially charged. And so for all that they hold to be true and necessary, it is our task to follow their logic and do so ourselves. They have laid out the tools that it requires to make such a step. Question everything. Follow thoughts to their logical conclusions. Do not accept half-answers. Think critically and independently. If anyone presents something to you as a fact, look for an agenda first…as students, and parents of students..especially if that person delivering or designing this lesson plan is a hebrew. That much in life, I have learned. It has never failed me. It must be a useful ruler by which to measure these things.
We can learn much from these critics of our educational system. I have. I understand and have had to live with, and recover from the scars that my public education experience has left in me, for many, many years. I now realize that it was all agenda. From social studies to even math, we were all, and continue to be at the mercy of those that have the purpose to control us, rather than educate. This may be a simple concept to some, but an epiphany to others. Me, I’m just learning…and educating.


17 thoughts on “A CULTural Education…

  1. hear hear…i too was a product of that regurgitate schooling system and the one subject i actually had a passion for..history…well.. lets say i am still negotiating through all the rewrites…what a farce!

  2. The best teacher I had in high school (Vietnam era) was the only one to ever say "think for yourself, don't accept everything 'they' say, you have rights, etc." He also didn't condemn our drinking and carousing but was constantly emphasizing moderation and safety. It was blasphemy. The principal started recording his classes through the two way intercom speaker onto a reel to reel in his office. When they couldn't get anything illegal or against policy on him, they spread false rumors of homosexuality (he had a beautiful girlfriend).At the end of the year he was told not to come back. It was a fascist anti-free speech school. At one of the many office meetings the principal had with us loudmouths against the war he said we would one day look back and thank him for what he was trying to do.He was wrong. He was a pig and his BS propaganda and hate speech against free will didn't stick. At least with some of us.Now I sometimes look at my grandsons' textbooks with their bunk history and global warming religious doctrines and wonder if they will ever have a teacher who will say what my one teacher said 40 years ago. I've taken it on myself to try and do it.

  3. Hahahaha…I HAD that teacher! His demise is when he gave a jew a "C" on an important project. The kid's parents came down hard…the school board came down harder…"change the grade or go sell insurance"…Last I heard he was an allstate agent.

  4. I watch your group of thinkers from afar and I like what I read. Bogus history, math, and phony "walk like me" advise will forever lead up a blind alley.Bless you and yours. Russell Olausen. Canada.

  5. Ever wonder why the Bible and the Ten Commandments have been removed from all public arenas, particularly the schools? And who was behind this elimination? Helps explain why so many are "lost" when it comes to understanding my missive http://keruxreplies.blogspot.com/2010/12/reply-to-resolve-at-how-dare-i.html and its contents. Not that long ago, that content was – maybe not common knowledge, but at least knowledgeable persons were aware of those ideas. More importantly perhaps, those ideas were discussed, if not publicly, at least in private. Now, discussing those ideas brings the label of anti-Semitism or God forbid, Nazism. It was Dual Seedline Christian Identity that Errol Southers of TSA said was a terrorist threat, not Judeo-Christendom. Yes, we have been dumbed down and controlled, haven't we? ____

  6. oh hey Timster, thanks for the link. i still haven't seen parts 2 and 3, but it's horrifying. totally. i excelled in their little system, through two degrees, and then i had to go back and redo pretty much everything. way to piss a person off.we have to think our own thoughts. we have to look things up. just last night some guy at the local bar was complaining about the somali pirates. i told him, you know, people have been dumping nuclear and other waste in somali waters for years. no clue. and NO INTEREST in going to look it up — that's what disgusts me — the intellectual and moral laziness.while in high school, a teacher told us that the best way to build vocabulary is to keep a dictionary at hand when you read. every time you come across a word you don't know, stop and look it up. every time. and that's what people should do when reading news. you stop and look up the names, the places, the events. it takes effort, but in that way, with diligence, one can begin to correct all the errors of their "education."

  7. A. – You are welcome, I'm sure. Thanks for that little hint about the vocabulary. Could you imagine the chaos in public school if every student would be allowed to do that in class? "but Mr. Brown…at Twelfth Bough is says that you are full of…."

  8. Patrick says…*****If anyone presents something to you as a fact, look for an agenda first…as students, and parents of students..especially if that person delivering or designing this lesson plan is a hebrew.*****…..Under the heading of “A brief History of the Terms for Jew” in the 1980 Jewish Almanac is the following: “STRICTLY SPEAKING IT IS INCORRECT TO CALL AN ANCIENT ISRAELITE A ‘JEW’ OR TO CALL A CONTEMPORARY JEW AN ISREALITE OR A HEBREW.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3)…..The khazarian horde is neither Hebrew, nor Israelite, (caucasian race); they are simply the antiChrist that braindead so-called "Christians" are trying to see in just an individual…

  9. Patrick – Well spoken. Hebrew, Semite, jew…they are all misnomers. If I keep repeating khazarian, many won't understand to whom I am referring. Jew, they know. Hebrew they know. In our modern lexicon these are terms that conjure up a negative image…therefore…Thanks for the reference and the comment however.

  10. "If I keep repeating khazarian, many won't understand to whom I am referring. Jew, they know. Hebrew they know."Won't understand? Then teach them. Isn't that what blogs like this one are for? Why perpetuate the lies? jews are not Hebrews, jews are not Israelites. Abraham was a Hebrew from Eber and his son Isaac (from which we get Saxon) and grandson Jacob/Israel (from which we get Israelites) started what we know as the 12 Tribes of Israel aka Anglo-Saxon-Keltic peoples, greatest peoples this world has ever known. See how easy it is? ___

  11. Kerux – No. Not this blog. This is to awaken the readers to the "jew" that they know today. Tell ya what…I'll let you do the Eber begat Issac thingy…k? See how easy that is?

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