What in the hell are you posting Chinese-Western music on an antisemitism blog for?

My blog. I post what I want.  I do what I want.  I’ve paid all my dues.  I guess.

Sometimes I wish that the little card that is nailed to the back of hotel room doors would be on the back of my front door.  It lets you know what is expected of you here during your stay.  All the fire exits.  The local codes about noise, theft of property…all the legals.  But more importantly…check out time.  That time, that if you don’t get out of bed, get a shower, pack up all your stuff and appear at the front desk…you are going to be charged extra.  If you don’t get your sorry ass down the road, you are going to pay.  The card may as well be there.  It’s their hotel after all.  The banksters.  I just keep it up for them for when they want to rent it to another sucker later.  It’s their life that they insist you check out of at some arbitrary hour on some arbitrary day.
That would be nice though.  Good for planning.  I mean you wouldn’t take off sight-seeing in the morning if you knew that check-out time was 10am.  You would do all those things that you must do, to move on. 
Many of us don’t get to read that card though.  As Rimmer said “..the most warning than most of us get is “mind that bus…What bus?…splat”.
We don’t often know when it’s time to move on.

I have always felt that my check-out time was exceeded a long time ago.  That I didn’t get my wake-up call.  I got a bill for yet another day.  A day in which I don’t recognize the other guests here, not many familiar faces…they moved on.  They got their call and got up in plenty of time.  I didn’t.
I’m sure by now, you are wondering where in hell I am going with this post…as am I.
Well, the idea is that irregardless of my digitized ranting on this site, life moves on.  There are bills to pay, jobs that we all must hold down, chores around the house…this isn’t all we are…these words we send out to the world in an attempt to bring us all closer together for a purpose.  There is a human side to all of us out here as well.  Sometimes I forget that.  Sometimes I am reminded.  I dunno, listening to that Teresa Teng song from a while back is one of those little tug-of-the-sleeve things for me.  Everything isn’t political,or all social awareness…unless you want to delve into the political strife that she underwent dealing with Communist China during her short career.  But that’s not important now.  Right now, I’ll just remember the feeling that her music evoked.  That “oneness” of humanity.  That commonality of life and romance that wasn’t language-specific, if you want to put it that way.  It doesn’t matter what she is saying in her songs because it does matter how she says it.  Does that make sense?
If I have learned anything in my stay in this room without a check-out time posted, it’s that all of the good things of life, have nothing to do with governments, politics, ideologies,religion, who won what war, what leader said what, what’s on television…etc.  All those things they tell you to regard as life-positive and important.  The good things in life are just human.  Family, chores around the house, music… your children.  At least to me.
And I can’t help but think that more and more of the world is coming to these conclusions.  Even though they haven’t overstayed their reservations yet.  They aren’t turning on the tee-vee in the room.  Maybe it’s just a feeling.


10 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. People are starting to realize that at the end of the rat race there is nothing but 30 of your best years wasted. The day after your done no one will care you were even there working beside them, they move on quickly. After raising a family you have other Beings that care and appreciate the work you did.

  2. It wouldn't be your blog if it didn't have interesting music. By all means continue. Admit Icould go 20 or 30 years before I need to hear more10YA but that's you and it's OK. DYT!(not dissin'Alvin either; he OWNS much of "Woodstock")Bill Evans;Alison;Ray;Bird;what can one say? More!Don't bother me what you play tho really'cause it's your slow rant I dig.

  3. ______________________"That I didn't get my wake-up call. I got a bill for yet another day. A day in which I don't recognize the other guests here, not many familiar faces…they moved on. They got their call and got up in plenty of time. I didn't." Oh, yes you did. But you – so far – have chosen to ignore it. Of course, I am referring to – I think you know that. Kerux____

  4. Kerux – Hahahaha….Touche. I have been holding off comment on your reply. So, it's really not a matter of ignoring it…mulling it over, perhaps…trying to see things your way, maybe. But mostly, I don't want to get trapped in a biblical discussion that to me is academic. Not that you haven't given a great deal of thought to the matter, obviously. However, it all boils down to the same conclusion for me. You can quote scripture to prove just about any point of view. I have always been aware of that. It is a slippery slope to me…or more like swimming in treacle. It is a diversion from fact…not an explanation, IMHO. Even though you could rightfully say "WELL, HE STARTED IT!", and I realize that I touched a nerve with my questions, both rhetorical and literal. The opinions I voiced were meant to be more of wake-up call to Christians to re-think what judaism is doing to their beliefs publicly. You clearly have. As far as your detailed post is concerned…quite frankly you lost me. Several times. I guess I just don't have the spiritual capacity or interest in such matters that you do. Or something. This is not meant as condemnation, just kind of a "huh?…well..ok". But thank you for your considerable opinions, whether I agree with them or not.

  5. Timster, Most of what you need to "resolve" your – what I now realize are rhetorical questions – can be found in my reply."I just don't have the spiritual capacity or interest in such matters that you do. Or something."Shame on me, I thought you were serious. Seems you're writing to be read, rather than seeking to resolve. You want "Christians to re-think what judaism is doing to their beliefs publicly" and not to resolve those contradictions for yourself. Why do you care? For those who are looking for answers to those same and similar questions, here is the link:'s just not quoting Scripture – what DSCI people believe fits the reality. ___

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