I Have Heard Enough…

“The moment people start throwing billiard balls at the police, their argument is invalidated.”

This statement was made recently about the disobedience surrounding the latest usury that has been assigned to student tuition in the UK (a tip ‘o the hat to Kev Boyle) Usury is a funny thing. As are all things that originate from the jew…they upset normal people. My mother used to gasp at the idea that I offered to pay her interest on any loan that I would ask of her. “That’s USURY!” she would exclaim. As if I had proffered the most unspeakable insult. Well it was many years later when I realized that I had. It is an insult. An age old one. To quote Le Goff J. in his essay on the 12th and 13th century emergence of jewish money-lending:

“Usury sold what did not exist (unlike a tree it bears no fruits, so a sum lent should be recovered in full but without interest since no ‘harvest was lost’) and thus was considered as a form of theft…
For the domestic pawnbrokers, usury was regarded as a dangerously fast way to access to wealth and power…”
” “Moneylenders, unlike merchants, did not work, they exempted themselves from the form of redemption that the central Middle Ages were starting to find in labour (55). The pawnbroker did not fit in any of the three divisions of the medieval society (the workers, the fighters and the men of God), as such he belonged to a fourth one, the Devil’s.”

I’m sure that is where my mother’s abhorrence for such underhanded money dealing came from. The church. Or maybe it was just common sense. You do not profit from no labor. This is an age-old view of money-changing that is making the rounds one more time. It’s coming out of retirement and on tour again. Tickets are going like hotcakes.

I was recently in court. No, they didn’t nail me yet. I was called as a witness in a minor domestic dispute brought by a friend. But as I sat there enduring “the insolence of office and the law’s delay” it occurred to me that I was no longer in the United States. I was outside my own country, really. I was a representative of the corporation legally known as “Timster”. I was even explaining these facts to a fellow witness as we waited. It should have come as a breath of fresh air to be outside this landfill we call amerika…and it did in a way.
The woman judge came in and sat down. She listened to both sides…all witnesses and then when someone offered to add a bit more info to the court record…doing her best “Judge Jew-dy” impression she stated “I have heard enough…I am not going to listen to any more and now I am going to make my decision”. Of course she could do that. It is her court, and you have no real recourse. If anyone ever entertains the childish notion that there is such a thing as “free speech” anywhere in this old world…try telling a circuit court judge to go fuck herself and just see how long you remain “free”. Oh well.

Call me old-fashioned…but there was something about that statement that struck a positive chord in me. It’s what I would have said in the same situation, but beyond that, it is something I say to the world.
As I have stated here many times, the jewish and their minions like the one I quoted (up at the beginning of this gobbledygook), see this world as some sort of game. A debate in which those that dominate are the ones that can talk the longest, martial the most facts and figures or steer the conversation away from the issue of humanity.

It isn’t.

They are just beginning to see this as billiard balls go flying past their heads. There is going to be a lot more than an argument that will be invalidated…and it has nothing to do with “scoring points” from a dais. As that judge in her courtroom and I have “heard enough”, so have the masses. It is coming to critical mass. They are not going to keep swallowing usury and the rest of the jew’s trickery and deceit. It will no longer be a game for them to win…with our money…their scoring of talking points…or any of the hebrew fair that up until recently has served them so well. The time for debate is rapidly coming to a close. As Judge Jew-dy can stop debate at any time in her court, so can we…it’s our courtroom, our world.

So in my advancing years, I will enjoy sitting back and watching the fall of the global pawnbroker, because I have heard enough.


7 thoughts on “I Have Heard Enough…

  1. Hey Timster,..Couldn't quite work out wether you were the Defense Attorney or the Prosecutor: Helluva closing statement though!Bravure…I too have heard enough, yuk yuk yuk.veritas

  2. marshal |ˈmär sh əl|noun1 an officer of the highest rank in the armed forces of some countries, including France.• chiefly historical a high-ranking officer of state.2 a federal or municipal law officer.• the head of a police department.• the head of a fire department.3 an official responsible for supervising public events, esp. sports events or parades.verb ( -shaled , -shaling ; chiefly Brit. -shalled, -shalling) [ trans. ]1 arrange or assemble (a group of people, esp. soldiers) in order : the general marshaled his troops | figurative he paused for a moment, as if marshaling his thoughts. See note at gather .

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