Not Insane…

I often begin these ramblings by informing the reader what I am not going to drivel on about.  So continuing in that vain…This isn’t going to be about the Firesign Theater. 

I have done a lot of thinking after taking a lot of hits from the “aw, c’mon…the joos aren’t the cause of everything bad” crowd.  But that is to be expected.  It comes in the blister-pack from the impulse aisle marked “antisemitism”.  Yes, I am going to go on about THAT again.

Here is a legal definition of insanity:” The inability to distinguish between right and wrong as dictated by the norms of society”   Most of us know the difference, I think.  I know for instance that it is insane and wrong to kill.  I know also that it is insane and wrong to steal.  I understand that it is insane and wrong to lie, cheat and willfully oppress others.  It just isn’t a good idea.  Bad for society as a whole.  Bad for those committing such acts, as  humans.

The jewish among us are taught differently.  It’s not really their fault at a young age to be taught the insanity of blurring the lines between what we all understand as right and wrong.  It only comes home to roost, and do they own responsibility for such familial instruction, when they grow to an age at which they should be able to reject this “insane” tutelage.  A time when they say to themselves that what Mom and Dad taught me was wrong.  The fact that they are schooled to believe that this type of insanity is ok, as long as it is directed toward people other than the jewish, is no defense when they reach adulthood.  They must rebel against these teachings or live with the “wrongness” of them.

A reader asked me recently if I thought that were all jews to disappear instantly, whether or not there would still be evil in the world.  My answer was…of course.  Whatever humans are capable of doing…somewhere, sometime, somehow…they will do it.  Even practice the above mentioned insanity.  It is human nature to do so.  The difference that we would see if such a vanishing act would be performed, and judaism were instantly wiped from the earth, would be that there would be no organized evil.  This is the crux of the matter, to me.
Judaism and all it’s teachings, especially the talmud, is insane.  It is a set of coda that allows what we Gentiles consider evil, to be practiced.  If this was merely a cult that…oh, I dunno…ate their young for instance and that is the only “insane” thing that they did outside the norm of society…then I would say that they would not be a threat to anyone but themselves.
But you see, the talmudic followers…the jews, don’t restrict their insanity to such minor infractions of accepted behaviour.  They have a whole play-book.  In this set of jew-only rules of behaviour, is the edict to garner as much material wealth as possible.  Now, if that type of hoarding were confined to just living lives of luxury for them and their kind, I do not think they would hold a threat to the Gentile world in the least.  But to amass such wealth with the intent of control is where we get to the “oh-shit” factor.
We are now at a point at which their insanity strives to replace our sanity.  Where pornography, corruption, eternal war and the loss of human rights and dignity become the common-place…this is the concerted effort of the judaic.  Whether each jewish person in the world is aware of this, is not important.  What is salient is that this drive toward an insane world is being directed by those without the sanity in the first place.  The judaic.
Each of the precepts of our Gentile morality, or sanity if you will, is slowly being eroded.  One by one they fall as those that would see such a collapse, facilitate this apocalypse by the ill-gotten gains and the power that wealth buys.  So yes, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are being played out as if they were truly the wishes of those planning such a cataclysm.

Our only defense is to keep our heads…literally.  Hold fast to your sanity.  Your embedded vision of right and wrong.


12 thoughts on “Not Insane…

  1. Hey Timster,…I see a t-shirt opportunity here "Save the Sane, boycott nutters!"Whoohooo!BREAKING NEWS:"Israel's Grand Poobah Fruitcake has just anounced a new plan for a lasting peace in the middle-east…Earlier today Bennie the Nuttjobyahoo was quoted as saying":"I'm a tea-pot, I'm a teeea-pot!""Stay tuned as we follow this story for more breaking News…""In lala-land for Yidwatch Online, I'm veritas6464. Back to you Timster,…"veritas

  2. Very well put! I hope some might be offended. Daily, by the actions of the few the constraints grow tighter on the many. Us Gentiles who have read the proto-calls have an advantage over those whom have not. To them it might seem almost to bizzare to believe. My advantage to understanding might also be my 50+ years of being, and watching America as she goes through these agonizing years of distrust. Actually seeing and experiencing the errosion of the rights that in my youth I wrongly took for granted. But you, my friend, must also speak to a younger crowd. Not an easy task from my perspective. Good luck with that. I visit your site daily for insight, possibly some help in reaching my fellow man.di

  3. You know what Timster….. Doctors kill us with the poisons they are brainwashed into prescribing us, vets kill our pets with the poisons they are brainwashed into prescribing them (poor animals don't get to choose whether they want them or not) The "tribe" brainwash their children to hate anything that ain't judaic, but, who are the tribe??????? This is the biggest question, and it needs to be answered. EVERYONE is brainwashed one way or another…… except for the elite. I see Israeli soldiers terrorising the beautiful ones (Palestinians) it is sickening yes. I see the crisis the whole of mankind is facing, it is sickening yes, Then I see the fires that burn unabated in an occupied land and I wonder. This place that they would call Israel is set up for destruction, that is what I see as the final desperate move of the dying creed, to destroy "Israel". Iran will be blamed and they will have their third world war (population cull) It won't go as planned of course, evil never does. The only thing that will be complete will be the total destruction of "Israel", then, they will have the jews as enemies as well, they will eat each other inside out…………..anyone for ice cream????This whole game will play out real soon, I got my ticket for the front row, let the show begin.Steve B

  4. di – I agree. It is always difficult to communicate effectively with the young. They just won't listen. We didn't. Maybe they shouldn't. I dunno. It's a shame.

  5. Talking about insanity. My local paper had an article about unemployment and how the transsexuals are having a hard time to find a job. They mention five transsexuals in this article and four of these girls are unemployed. Well, I remember another article about this transsexual that was on the Runner's World cover. She seems to be happy and enjoying the trails. Jews like to glorify human garbage. The more sick and twisted the better. No limits to their sickness. I can't forget to mention Penelope. She went to Harvard. At first, she was a very attractive lady. It took me some research in the Internet to find out that she looked more like Mick Jaegger's twin brother.

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