Back To School…

Let’s work through this assignment together.
No, it isn’t going to be the “What I want for Christmas” theme assignment that Ralphie was elated to receive…but almost as fun.

It is going to be a “theme” however. This is going to be what every English teacher assigns at one point or another. It is “compare and contrast”. A bit of an exercise to develop skills at seeing two related ideas and assessing their relationship to one another.

The two things we are going to cover are “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion“….and “Hasbara Handbook: Promoting Israel on Campus”. (PDF here) One is reputed to be a forgery…one is official, though meant to be for jewish eyes only.

However, both detail a few common philosophies that are singular and revealing in their style and content. If you are not familiar with these documents, I have provided hyperlinks for both. Read them in their entirety. Compare these two manifestos, if you will, and their intent and form.
They both begin with an assumption that those jews, about and for which they are written (although in direct opposition to the Gentile world and all it deems as moral), must assume the role of leaders. Leaders that by way of deception must manipulate the rest of society to their will. It doesn’t matter if all they stand for is wrong in the eyes of the Gentile world, both documents detail how the goyim will accept the jews wishes, by being deceived.
In the Hasbara handbook, we read that “scoring points” in a debate over israeli genocide and “antisemitism” in general is more important than actually being right. Name-calling, personal attacks and distortion of facts are all methods that this handbook prescribes for the young jew on campus in his effort to sell the zionist way of thinking.
Now even though I will help you with the general content of this “theme”, I am not the exhaustive-research academic that will write it for you(if you haven’t surmised that by now). I am going to let you compare statements and contrast methods that, I think lead to the same conclusions in both books.
Intent and mindset is what I am stressing here. Both of these declarations by the judaic have an agenda…to elevate the jewish to leadership and credibility. Both detail methods to do this. The Protocols are a bit more general, in their edict to take over the media, where the Hasbara handbook details how to organize campus activity. But they both enlist deception as the ways and means by which to attain these goals.
Should we expect anything different? Didn’t Henry Ford tell us about the Protocols that : “…it doesn’t matter if they say they are forgeries, what they predicted is what is happening now”.
So to deceive the Gentile is the only way to sell him on anything judaic. Well, even though the zionist mind would have another way…reality is reality. Zionist jews DO control the media, international banking and are behind(usually on both sides) of every conflict in our world. These are facts that you can include in your theme. So if the Gentile on campus, or sitting in front of television has serious reservations about the jewish role in the world…they must be deceived into believing that the hebrew point of view is the correct one.
Of course both of these documents are dated. But then, so is the plan that they outline. It is dated and yet current. We see these methods being practiced day-in and day-out. On television, in the film medium, in newsprint… The judaic idea is to never let up on the propaganda. Never let the other side of an issue be presented unless it is being denigrated. Never allow a dissenting opinion to the zionist rule be heard without ridicule or claims of injury. Always stress the mythological victim status of the jew and tie that in with zionism.

Read these two items fully and I believe you will be amazed at their similarity. Strangely enough and as backward as it appears, the Handbook would seem to be the first one written…not the Protocols…as the Hasbara describes how to get to the point in which the jew is already in the seat of power and all arguements are won…then on to world domination. I guess they are feeling a bit threatened on the college campus that up until recently was a haven for their filth to be disseminated.

So. The theme is due next Friday. Single-spaced and watch those margins! No cheating.


4 thoughts on “Back To School…

  1. Hey Timster,…Ooo, ooh, pick me pick me! (standing by my desk now) Sir, is there a word limit for this exercise? As I have several thousand ancient texts, scrolls and documents to support my essay; I also have several hundred hours of AV presentations and several hours of audio files…? Oh, I see, thank you sir: I will pare down my summary to about a hundred words, for the comment section, yes the comment section, of course. Thank you Sir. (Resuming my seat).veritas

  2. Here's another contrast and compare to ponder:last year climategate – this year wikileaks.suppressed by MSM / flaunted by MSMreveals a massive real scam / hides the biggest scam ever (911) and promotes new fake onesanonymous / egocentricprofound / title-tattleand so on….

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