Walt And Helen…Goodbye

Irony is a big thing with me.  It teaches us. 

From JFK on, I have admired Helen Thomas.  She always asked those questions to the PTB that we would ask if we were in that coveted press-corps seat that she occupied for so many years.  The common sense queries that every other journalist would artfully dance around.  I expect her to be replaced.  As Walt Disney was replaced eventually, with a cut-out character that just doesn’t have the bite or is selling a different product line that we came to expect from these cultural icons. 

Walt and Helen held a special place in our culture.  A culture that is long since deceased.  They both fought tooth and nail to get to where they got to, to bring something wholesome to the amerikan scene.  Walt through his entertainment for maturing children…and Helen through her child-like curiosity directed at adults that should know better.  Both in their hey-days were facets of our collective conscience.  We rested assured that if they were going to the movie house on a Saturday afternoon to see the latest Disney film, that they were alright…they were in the hands of someone we trusted.  Trusted not to betray our faith in family entertainment.  An extension of the values that we endeavored to maintain in our homes.

Helen brought our values to the powers in Washington and demanded accountability from the people in those seats.  Whether she always got it was not important really.  If she caught them unawares with a wild left-hook of a question and they countered without their guard up…for all to see…or they dodged her questions entirely.  Either posture showed us who they were as humans and what if anything they were trying to hide.

As the jewish took over the last bastion of family entertainment, and turned it into child pornography and subliminal suggestions to our children disguised as fun.  So will the next senior journalist in the Washington press corps pitch softball questions that lead us to further ruin.

It’s a shame really.  We will miss them both.  They both fought a long battle with the jewish/zionist crowd and both were defeated in the end.
Although Ms. Thomas says that she will continue to write, and that she still has a lot to say…it will not be for the public eye anymore.
Gone are the days when she represented the Hearst news empire…the last Gentile-owned news service that once challenged the hebrew influence in all it’s forms…mainly hollyweird.  Now even that is owned and run by jews…as are virtually all media outlets.


Hearst Newspapers owns 15 daily newspapers, including Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, Albany Times Union and San Antonio Express-News.

  • “Hearst Newspapers has a single vision: innovate to maximize the profitability of all lines of business while improving its high-quality products for readers around the country.”

    Steven R. Swartz   President, Hearst Newspapers

2009 ANNUAL REVIEW: At the start of 2009, in an industry that was already rapidly changing, a tough economy for newspapers turned outright brutal. Hearst Newspapers launched a counterattack: a “100 Days of Change” blitz to rein in costs, leverage and maximize resources—both human and financial—and remake its businesses. By the end of the year, Hearst Newspapers stabilized, returned to a profitable run rate and is charting an aggressive new course for 2010 and beyond. Read More >>

Find out about Hearst Newspapers Fellowships.
Executive Team
Steven R. Swartz >>
Hearst Newspapers
Mark E. Aldam >>
Executive Vice President, Deputy Group Head
Hearst Newspapers
Phil Bronstein >>
Director of Content Development & Editor-at-Large
Hearst Newspapers
John Condon >>
Senior Vice President, Finance
Hearst Newspapers
Lincoln Millstein >>
Senior Vice President for Digital Media
Hearst Newspapers

You better listen to Helen.  You better pay attention when she tells you that Wall Street, Hollywood, the media and Congress are all owned by zionists.  She knows of what she speaks.  Just as Walt fought the ashkanazi octopus in his chosen field of endeavor every day of his career, so should you understand that it IS a daily battle to which we Gentiles are challenged.  From the moment you tune in to any of their media, whether it be political or entertainment…understand that many have gone down before you fighting the jewish influence there.  Had Walt lived to see what became of his vision to influence the young mind in a positive light, it would have killed him.  Helen has been brought to tears and “retirement”  over the same oppression.  She vows to continue her brave battle against these oppressors, but as with the dream that was “Disney”,  it will no longer reach the public.  
Gay weddings at Disneyland.  A compliant press corps.  It all leads to the same conclusion.  Disintegration of truly human values in a nation that once could have been the bastion of decency that it always dreamed it could be.

It’s ironic to me that the very tools that the decent used against an encroaching amorality from Khazaria, are the weapons that are now being used against us in our struggle for some semblance of humanity.


6 thoughts on “Walt And Helen…Goodbye

  1. And Henry Ford and the Dearborn Independent. He fought the good fight.Rick Sanchez: I think that he simply found out what happens to slaves when they're no longer useful. Still, hopefully his demise opened the eyes of others.Senator Lindbergh Sr.: His family paid the price for his crime of speaking against the bankers.Admiral Morrison: His son Jim suffered for the his fathers criticism of the USS Liberty coverup.The list of "martyrs" goes on and on. Sigh.

  2. Interesting as always Timster. You keep em comimg and we'll keep reading em. What kind of vitamins does a mind like yours take,just wondering.HaHaHaaaaaa………..

  3. Look, I'm a "Fag" and I don't like any of this crap that is going on. I saw the Miley Cyrus sister dancing around a pole and pretty much puked.Most Fags I know are strict disciplinary assholes with their nieces and nephews. We are the Hiawathas, the We'whas, the Fa'Afafines. We smack the kids and adults and even the animals back into place. That was and is our job. We are the Trickster's admonition and reminder. We are the Blessed Roman Centurion's everlasting love for his man; who Christ laughed and rejoiced, saying "who else here has the faith of this man for his Love? Not my followers and not my disciples.!" I HATE the pedos. Whatever they are, they are not of the "Two-Spirits" they are negative/evil demons/jinn/aspects of manitou.I remember that old greek saying, "Good men do not require laws, Evil men do to protect themselves".

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