Touching A Nerve…


I don’t necessarily like writing this one, but perhaps it should be in print here.

My last post seems to have gotten quite a few pairs of panties all twisted up in a knot.
After giving my opinion of a David Duke video, and in fact, my opinion of him generally, I seem to have opened a container of crawly things.
The opinions that I expressed, I thought, were nothing more than common sense. But apparently not.
I will admit here and now that I do not publish all comments. Sorry if that offends some. But start your own website about such a controversial subject as I have taken upon my mantle, and see how much…well, “undesirable” commentary that it can attract. Most that I do not publish is just disruptive. I don’t know what motivates some to make such commentary, but frankly I don’t care. I just don’t waste your time by putting it up.
But at times I will include an abusive comment or two that illustrate a point which I might be trying to make in an article. I think Blogger would shut me down if I posted all the comments that I got over the Duke-Dumb piece however…for exceeding space concerns…or general profanity. Well, in a way that may be a good thing. The fact that I am at least moving a varied “multicultural” readership to such participation.
But it was a bit negatively enlightening as well. That so many people like Duke, identify with their “race” or ethnicity, or culture or whatever moniker you wish apply to these differences in humans upon which so many wish to hang their hats. A bit scary really. Kind of like lifting a rock and seeing all the varied species of bugs underneath. No. Actually those bugs get along better. The picture posted over there on the right has a special meaning to me. It is a popular image. As a kid, I am sure that I saw that tree thousands of times as I walked around the square in which it grew. The fact that there in the town in which I was born was host to this, the last public lynching in the Northern United States…hard-wired a disdain for those that talk about “race” as if it was something to be considered important. I learned from this photo and the scourge that it left on my little community how important race is to those willing to be stirred by such superficial differences in humans. Hell of a “heritage”, huh. These primal emotions are being stirred at all times by the jewish powers that be. They foment this type of hatred…and they LOVE it. This is where parking your chapeau on your race and your ethnicity will lead you. It is a slippery slope…race. So excuse me if I see stupidity in anything that touts heritage and racial purity. It comes from some rather unsavory childhood memories. I tried to state that in the Duke article…I guess some didn’t want to hear it.

In college, that article and even this follow-up one, would be known as a “weed-out” course. A first class in a particular discipline that gets to the heart of the matter…one that unless you can pass…you aren’t going any further. It doesn’t get any tougher than this course. But you should understand that this is the tone of anything further.

I have stated that over this past year that I have been scribbling these things here, that I have apparently come to some unpopular opinions about things over my life, and I intend to express them. Chips falling where they will, I don’t buy into anyone’s philosophy wholeheartedly…but my own. “To thine own self be true.”..all that. You are not required to agree. You could keep a civil tongue…but even that isn’t compulsory. I don’t offend easily. But I am often amazed at the short-sightedness of some. Things that to me, are simple human concerns seem to evade so many. Oh well.
So…for newbies here: This is not a news site. It is an opinion page. My opinion. I don’t race around the net collecting all those great items that I love to read…I leave that to those that I admire for their vigilance. I will often express my social and political opinion by reprinting such articles, vids…whatever…if it tickles my fancy. Or if I think such a piece requires more exposure, or can illustrate a point which I want to make. Other than that, I don’t subscribe. To magazines. To political camps. Race. Religion. To anything which requires any type of compromise of the things that I hold to be true. I am not sorry if this offends some. Offense is something that should be sorted…and more often than not, it is in the eye of the offended, not the offender. That is to say that people will often look to be offended(gosh, I wonder where they have been told that that is ok?) just to claim victim-hood. Oh please. Get over yourselves, I say. Stop acting like a bunch of jews.


15 thoughts on “Touching A Nerve…

  1. You know Timster i admire your honesty and insight in this latest post .Its time people woke up to who the real enemy of humanity is,the ones responsible for most of our misery .divide and conquer is their most effective weapon ,and has everyone blaming each other while the real culprits continue with their carnage and fraudulent ways. Stay focused folks and keep your eye on the bigger picture ,Timster s observation and insight provides a truthful evaluation of what is wrong with the world and who is responsible .Covkid

  2. I agree with both of the recent posts which is why I dedicate no time to issues of racial purity, etc. Quite frankly I find it to be divisive and like yourself believe that this simply plays into the Jews hands. Adam Austin from Subverted Nation and Jim from the now removed Gentile Alliance website also feel the same way.

  3. I don't post thoughts or comments on the internet much, as I believe most such anonymous comments serve only to reaffirm personal prejudices and desires of the writer to make others believe and think as they do. In fact, it troubles me immensely that I'm using words like "me, my, I" and other grammatical first-person terminology. It's refreshing to see another free spirit who isn't concerned if they "offend" others; who expresses their thoughts and beliefs without fear of social consequences or ostracization. You think for yourself and that trait is a rare and admirable gift. Please continue to be who you are, unconditionally. ("I" know you will!)

  4. Timster I respect you and your writings immensely. I also feel that this is one issue that has been used by the Jews for so many years that our reaction is often pre-programmed. I do not doubt your own reactions that you have eloquently voiced are deeply held and genuine.I am not an American. I do not live with the legacy that brings. I do come from a race that was at various times sold into slavery by a treacherous nation in debt to the usual usurious scum. It was the fact that white slaves were too expensive that spurred the traffic in black slaves. I have personally been called a ‘bog-wog’ to my face. It hurts but it helped to feed the resistance also.I know that racial tensions are a powerful tool in the hands of the elites. For so long now the useful idiots in the white supremacy movements have been the obvious playthings of the PTB. Racial tensions have been deliberately injected into communities to destabilise them and to prevent concerted action by citizens.By not having the balls to discuss openly the feelings of disenfranchisement felt by the majority of citizens in formerly white only nations we have surrendered that ground to the nutters. The good sheep bite their tongues rather than saying anything that would label them as racist. Racist is as meaningless as a slur as the old favourite – anti-semite – but is just as useful. Everyone has their own prejudices –that is just normal human nature.In many ways it is easier to call out the Zionist lobby that it is to touch the live wire of race. How’s that for conditioning? The fact that any discussion of this issue seems to me to prove that while we can readily remove the shackles of discussing jewish programming the live rail of ‘white’ is too hot to touch. Why? I mean this in the sense that the lead character in Eastwood’s movie Gran Torino. People are people and right and wrong are constants.I am no fool but I will oppose the ‘social movements’ of the last century when basic concepts of civil rights get elevated to the status of moral imperatives – feminism, gay ‘rights’ and racism etc. We seem to get stuck on racism and our premise seems to be arse about face. It is a ploy to supplant and equate the idea with supremacy. No one should be supreme in any eye that ‘judges’. The debate has been hijacked and used to divide. On this we agree.I DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHO EARNS MONEY FROM ‘TRUTHTELLING’. If you are still telling the truth after all these years and you’re not dead then there is a good chance you have settled and made your peace with the devil? I enjoy the odd video that I watch. Like Rivero or Rense. Take what is good and move on.

  5. Chucky – I agree with you wholeheartedly. However, I guess what gets my goat, is that "anti-semitism", or identifying evil with judaism, is being tied to racial/ethnic "pride". Jews will never let the two be separated. It's a "feel-good" emotion that costs nothing…no effort required to be white/black…whatever. It is that emotion on which the their political correctness stays afloat and they play us like cheap fiddles. It is so easy to fall into the trap of being proud of and demanding rights for either of these qualities…which of course allows for the no-touchy that all these groups have for the jews. With all this pride floating around, you are bound to racial tension. I think in his later years, Malcolm X got it. He saw how his work toward "racial equality" was merely a catalyst for jewish supremacy. He was not a man to be pushed…when he saw who was pushing him, he turned around and named them…he paid dearly.

  6. The ‘minority’ status is the cloak that they have hidden behind for years Timster. The emotional blackmail used to give favoured status to groups on the basis of colour, sex, or sexual preference is the perfect foil for critics of the jews’ overreaching power and status.I try to keep in mind the ancient rules of Common Law – as opposed to the shyster version. Cause no harm and inflict no loss. I try to treat folks as I meet them and to ignore labels given my others. I don’t always get it right but I am trying – my wife certainly thinks I’m trying sometimes (grin).

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