There has been a resurgence of David Duke followers in the wake of world social rebellion over zionism, facilitated by the internet.  Of course there has been increased exposure to just about any wing-nut political and social factions that existed before such global communication of the masses due to this tool.  But here I would like to discuss David Duke.
I don’t want to give the impression that I have any hatred or disdain for the guy.  He (like Kevin McDonald) is clearly doing what he personally deems as the right thing to do.  I don’t believe either are tools being used by zionists(intentionally).  If they are, they are exceptionally clever indeed.
However…I would definitely like to sit each of them down…especially Duke.  In refutation of this video, in which I think Dr. Duke delivers his message in an all-encompassing, lucid and complete fashion…those pesky bells and whistles are going off in my head.
Dr. David Duke, if you aren’t aware, has led a bit of a “clown-like” existence over the course of his career.  Having been a member of, and even a leader of a branch of the Ku Klux Klan in his youth, has branded him a racist…for life.  Well, normally I would say that what one does in their youth shouldn’t always be held against them throughout their lives…but then again.  In Duke’s case I think I can safely say that he has never truly abandoned his youthful belief in racial segregation.
As I have said here many times, much to the chagrin of a great deal of my readers…I believe in multiculturalism.  I hold true to the belief that all people are just that…people.  They should be able to live in any society, no matter what that region’s cultural, or religious background is.  Zionism pretends to believe this as well.  But only, as Dr. Duke points out, for the world OUTSIDE of the racist apartheid terrorist state of jews-only israhell.  It is when racial and religious “pride” enter the picture, do I disagree violently.
I see Duke and his ilk of “white pride” followers that tout their European heritage(I always cringe at the sound of that word…”heritage”) as a guide in the wilderness, pointing out the danger of a trap…by falling into it themselves.
The trap is pride and fear of diversity.  The same old feelings that have driven every mob since the dawn of man.
Even though the video presents an exemplary explanation of jewish zionism…it’s flaws and it’s inhumanity…it’s hatred and it’s racism…the film’s message is totally diminished, because the direction of this video expose’ takes the fatal turn into the very racism it condemns in jews.  The irony is as thick as molasses. 
Duke explains to the viewers that multiculturalism is a philosophy that is used by the judaic as a weapon against every nation that has fallen under it’s leadership throughout history.  The jews that have stolen a country’s reigns of power, use this tool to divide and conquer it’s populace by instilling racial pride and guilt to foment conflict in an effort to diminish the country’s “team”  and hence any power of the indigenous, to effectively battle the true jewish enemy that has infiltrated a nation.  He got that one right.
I can’t argue with that in the least, and it does the soul wonders to hear it spoken. 
However, he doesn’t leave it there…he keeps on going…down the wrong path. The very path that the zionists want him to tread.  He tells us FURTHER that we need to preserve our heritage, as much as each nation should, that is in danger of, or is already overly influenced by tribal zionism.  WTF?
Why can’t he understand the simple concept that through all this racial pride, instilled by the fear-mongering, divide and conquer judeo-zionism, he is furthering THEIR goal? 
Cultural heritage is charming…to be sure.  The folk-dancing…all that.  Very nice.  C’mon.. Surely, it is evident, even to Dr. Duke, that when into the equation of  culturally separatist views such as these, one introduces the vile supremacist machinations of the zionist, that cultural strife will be the outcome?  That which they desire?  
As far as his graphic display of human bliss is concerned, anyone with eyes in their heads can see that not only does he intend to leave his audience with the notion of separatism, but that true…I mean the REALLY true beauty of humankind lies in the face of blond women and children.  The brown folks have their place as well…but not here…threatening to diminish our gene pool.  Of course he doesn’t state this, but assuming that he has editorial control of the imagery of this film, I can only feel that this is his opinion…voiced or not.
Again, he is speaking from the bottom of that pit that the judaic dug for him to fall into.

So the good Doctor, even though he is very successful in pulling back the curtain of the judaic, simply stated…does us all more harm than good.  I hate to say this because there are parts of this video that are as clear and true as sunshine…and NEED to be seen and heard.  But for the most part he is mouthing the jewish-zionist party line.  And the horrible fact seems to be, that he isn’t even aware of this.
Just sayin…


15 thoughts on “Duke-dumb?

  1. I don't like Duke either for slightly different reasons… although I do think every people should have a right to a homeland, just like you should have the right to live in a multi-cultural area. Seperatism doesn't necessarily mean you have to be oppressing anyone, I don't think Duke himself has any illusions that it would be possible to racially seperate the entire USA, but certainly some states are already predominantly White, others are Black, and there are many patches of Native Americans. So that part of his spiel doesn't really bother me, but he's probably turning people off with that stuff and of course his KKK underwear.What really bothers me about him is his establishment "official doctrine' on 9/11, and his taking of other Zionist hoaxes like the 'underwear bomber' at face value.And really the problem isn't the Zionists, but the usury they foisted on us that is the perpetuation of exploitation, the caste class war system, and is the reason that people are such cowardly cats to the Zio mafias – they are concerned about their RRSP's more than the truth. Get rid of all the J-ws and we will still be oppressing ourselves.Anyhow good to see that you are thinking critically about Duke as well. Oh and about your sidebar link, TIU is about 99% infiltrated by Zionist Nazis, including the author of that 'Israel did 9/11' article. Even the title is a deceptive simplification, we don't know exactly WHO all was involved but it was more than Israhell, but the rabid haters at TIU are not at all into the nuances of deep politics, and who is above the Zionists – prefering to quote the Protocols… morons. I don't trust that Irish Yuppie Ognir who runs the site, he seems really into money. Quite unsavoury and crude is TIU as a whole.

  2. The video has a very jew hollywood style. A new direction for the doc?I watched it on your recommendation Tim and Duke as always makes some good but not new points. I haven't taken the time to see any of his videos since earlier in the year when he went on about how it was Muslims that did 9/11 and that it was 'blowback.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqFKhGHpvnQYet he entertained the idea of Israeli involvement in 9/11 in 2004.http://www.davidduke.com/general/israeli-terrorism-and-sept-11_13.htmlChanged his tune? Why would that be?

  3. I have not seen what you describe in Dr Dukes vids, but I will look closely. Like you I am leary of race mongering which I have missed in watching and listening to him. Naive about custom, tradition etc maybe, I don't know…we'll see…

  4. …blah, blah, blah. So where is the line defining the point over which one becomes a "racist"? Are you for miscegination like the NWO would like it or not? How do you handle multiple nationalities in one country? It seems to me that any tolerance leads to something akin to what happened to Austia-Hungary. That is, you break up. Just sayin'.

  5. Anon@3:35 – OMG miscegination. I hadn't thought about that! My bad. You are right. I hereby retract all that I said about multiculturalism.Sheesh.This is how I define racism. Any identity with race. That's all. As soon as one identifies with race..because of the color of his skin, the shape of his eyes, his ancestry…that is where the trouble begins. I would lay dollars to donuts, that YOU…yes YOU have the genetic markers for at least 4 different "races". So you should go back to where your ancestors are from…and stay there. All four places. Make sense? You see, when you submit to this superficial "identity" that the tribe gets you all hot and bothered about…it is never separate but equal…it is always superior/inferior. Because if you identify some "other" race as different,then they may want to harm you. Then they have you by the balls.This is a bit of a pedestrian model, but I think even you can get the point…you that uses the term "miscegenation". Or maybe not.

  6. Anarchore – Oops. Your comment was a well-reasoned piece of thinking. Unfortunately, it went to the spam folder. After your second comment, I found it, and published it here. Sorry, it must be something about your login ID. That has happened before with others. Didn't mean to slight your response. I don't often check the spam folder.I agree with most all that you have to say here. In principle.TIU link is not necessarily an endorsement of them…as I am sure you are aware…just the article.Thanks for your comment, and again…sorry about the mix-up.

  7. Duke doesn't claim whites are any better than other races. His claim is that people are d i f f e r e n t. When different cultures mix, they clash. Simple biological law. There are distinct behaviors, desires, needs, and levels of aggression. Multiculturalism is irreversible folly…. especially forced multiculturalism. I live in one of the most multicultural cities in the world and there are no clashes. Aliens respect and adopt the culture of the host. One of the greatest pleasures in my life is interacting and learning from different cultures. It will be a sad day when all the cultures have morphed into the zionist induced puddle of mud. Multiculturalism is one of their most powerful tools. I agree with Duke.

  8. Anon@6:27 – Thanks for your comment.However I am a bit confused. You said "When different cultures mix, they clash. Simple biological law". Then you go on to say "One of the greatest pleasures in my life is interacting and learning from different cultures". Some may say that those two statements are a bit contradictory. I agree with the latter. Why can't we all learn from each other without clash? Because that is not the goal of, as you observe "forced multiculturalism". It's true goal as run by the JPTB is to foment the fear and hatred upon which they thrive…IMHO.Again thank you for you reading my stuff and feeling deeply enough to comment.

  9. Timster – Thanks for your comment. Back to my favorable comment on Mr. Duke and my love of different races, but disdain for multiculturalism… There is a fine line of distinction where you politely pointed out that I contradicted myself. I live in a dictatorship where everyone gets along. America, not being a functional republic, is essentially an oligarchy of a certain supremacist race…. some say American democracy is mob rule. But mob rule only applies as far as one understands the maggots that control the mob. The maggots need multiculturalism to dilute resistance…. especially as they promote friction between the victims. People yearn to live with those that are like them…. thinking-values-goals-etc…. There was a very volatile environment in a California prison. There were regular lock-downs. Some anti-PC advisor suggested segregation…. which was an INSTANT success. Illustrations are endless of how different people are and how it is best to keep it that way. Unfortunately, even a highly intelligent people such as you can be conditioned to believe in a Utopian otherwise. I would certainly rather live in the America I once believed in than in a dictatorship…. but EVERYONE loves the dictator….. and our supremacist maggots aren't a social problem there either. Work to Maintain Diversity, before it is too late.

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