I Am A Holocaust Survivor

I have been reticent to mention this before. It’s not something one is proud of, or goes around bragging about. It is more an object of shame and misery. But facts are facts and I must tell the world of my trials, and in so doing…perhaps I can find some peace. Maybe I can bring some personal peace to those that suffered with me, and too have kept these memories repressed. Daring not to take them out and examine them publicly.

The Big Inning

It was 1967 when they came to get us. We were a happy lot of teenagers playing softball. I will never forget that beautiful spring day. The cares of the world were forbidden to enter our diamond in the grass. I remember that it was 3ed period…gym class…when they marched into our young lives and told us to report to our civics class in the auditorium rather than the normal classroom. We were to view a film. Of course we had no hint of foreboding…we often “viewed” films in our curriculum in various classes. We had no idea that this was the beginning of the end of our innocence.
We were to view “The Twisted Cross”. A made for TV docudrama about the rise of Nazism and the “holocaust”. It was the first any of us had ever heard of such a thing. As we went into the auditorium, a class that had just seen it was coming out. The girls were sobbing, the boys looked shocked and angry. This can’t be good, I thought. I was right. If you haven’t seen this film…one of the first in a long line of hollywierd’s “twisted” accounts of WWII Germany…don’t bother. You have seen hundreds like it by now, I’m sure. The same old tired footage of starved dead bodies…etc. But at that time, and at that impressionable age…it was startling to say the least. Some survived it’s sickness…some didn’t. That is to say that some still cling to the myth that it purveys. Some have recovered. I survived.

Where was G_D?

I was not then, nor, will I ever be religious. But although I have a whole warehouse of reasons why I am not, among them is that if there was a just and fair supreme being that could somehow affect evil in this world…he would not allow this type of cruel hoax(or the Ice Capades) to plague the world. This “holohoax”. This deception. This horrible hate-mongering lie that has been fed to us and our children for over 40 years. Ever since the moment of watching this film, the PR campaign has raged. Taking over the hatred portion of my gray matter…directed at those that direct this onslaught of sick lies. I have seen skin lampshades, jew-fat soap and shrunken jew heads come an go. Fall by the wayside of credulity, only to be replaced by “raised-by-wolves” , apple and pajama fables. Film after film…museum after museum…memorial after memorial to this holohoax lie…replacing the true jewish slaughters of history. The Armenians butchered. The Gulag massacres of the USSR. All gone from our collective memory. Where was G_d indeed.


Like so many jewish hoax survivors, I intend to petition for relief. I need some cash to make me feel better. I intend to apply for survivor reparations due me for the 40-odd years that I have had to put up with this shit. This has damaged me. It has made me know hate. A feeling that….well…I hate. It has opened my eyes to the evil of mankind. It has forced me to see all of which we as a species are capable…and not in a good way. It has also forced me to bite my tongue. Not to say the word “jew” in public. Not to go off on a relative that was “touched” by some holohoax museum tour. Forced me to trash my television. Forced me to edit my movie selection…to cull my reading and even the company I keep for fear of being labeled “antisemitic”.
All for a lie. A lie to gain power for a few. All to justify the theft and murder that is israel.
I want my youth back. Dammit. I don’t want to know that a cult this powerful, can exert that power so maliciously. I don’t want to believe that these people teach their children so much hatred for anyone that isn’t kosher. I don’t want to live with the negativity that they bring to the world. I want everyone to understand how much power they DO have. And I don’t want to live with the memories of discovering these ghoulish facts. Money won’t heal these scars. But if money is all that is precious to them…I want it.

I don’t have fables up in my head of hiding in a latrine so the evil Dr. Mengele won’t inject blue dye into the eyes of my twin brother and I. I don’t have a number tattooed on my arm, nor can I explain why Nazis would tattoo jews that they intend to kill.
What I do have is a great portion of my life gone…disputing all this horse shit. They owe me big-time.
This site and any damage it does to their ghoulish cause is a beginning.


Unwitting Participants…

For regular visitors here, you will notice that the mission statement over there in the side-bar, is new.

I felt I should add this in response to a flood of comments and emails that I have received recently with which I violently disagree. In lieu of explaining my position on the racism that I feel is expressed in these comments, over and over…I can just say “see mission statement”. Saves time. I haven’t been filtering out most of these types of “yeah, I hate joos too” types of comments for a while because somewhere in my head…or in the draft folder…I have been meaning to write the mission objective thing…and this post. So these comments were a reminder to me to do so. I need reminders for just about everything save going to the bathroom, nowadays. I always liked the line from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”: “I’m not the man I was yesterday, and tomorrow I won’t be the man I am today”.

Anyway…I have been reading and watching a lot of Joseph Campbell. Interesting guy, Joe. He had a lot up there in his head about all of us. More so than I think he could deal with. So he spilled a lot of it out in his lectures and books, and some of it fell to the floor for you to either pick up and deal with or to let lie unattended. I picked up a lot of stuff that he gushed out and didn’t expand upon. That was the neat thing about Campbell…he had collected an amazing amount of info in his years of research. Listening to him making the connections of one myth to another was much like looking over his shoulder and trying to help him organize this huge box of seemingly unrelated field notes. That spoke to his honesty, for me. The lack of agenda. The amazement which he himself found in his discoveries and the “oneness” characteristics of the mythology of various cultures that he studied. Listening to him has a quality of resolve about it. As if this bumbling professor, had stumbled upon our collective soul, and didn’t fully understand the revelation himself. But that is ok. This isn’t simple stuff that he talked about.
So I am trying to tie what I have garnered from his perspectives, and that of Eustace Mullins, James Burke, etc. into a neat little package. It’s a work in progress.
But at this point, I gotta tell ya…it’s all related. Somehow. And it’s very important.
One theme that jumps out at me from all these lectures and books from these bumbling professors, is the motif of connections. He did that, so they did this. They said that, so we do this. Cause and effect. Ripples and spheres of influence within our cognitive existence. Nothing ever new. Repeating themes. All within the realm of unwitting participants.
How does this relate to the stated purpose of this site and the emails that prompted me to write this article in the first place, you might well ask. I’m not really sure. Like Campbell, I’m just showing you what I have found.
Myths are important. Myths are powerful. That much I have learned. The modern myth of the holocaust is being force-fed to unwitting participants, just as the ancient myth of the eternally suffering and wandering jew. They are meant to support one another. Without these particular tall-tales…this site wouldn’t exist.
Without racism, the two aforementioned myths wouldn’t exist…and so on. Most active myths are universal and yet neatly fit within and behind previous sagas that have been accepted, or they would have no validity. Myths can support entire cultures as we see in modern israel and the official recognition of it. It is when these myths are proven to be false in the sense that they do not dovetail into accepted legends, that they, and what they are meant to support, falls apart. We are seeing that now with what is described as an unprecedented increase in antisemitism.
Racism plays a big part in these particular allegories. If you do not accept the meme of “hook-nosed kike”, you cannot accept (on any functional mythological level) the aforementioned jewish tales. Even to oppose such legends, you must buy into the racism from which they spring. Therefore for these myths to remain valid they must include the arch-typical racism. The ADL and their ilk understand this very well. I hope this is making sense. It does to me.

So in my estimation, to reject the common racist views about the judaic…the vitriol that keeps their myth valid, I would cut to the chase and merely identify them as human. Humans that seek to perpetuate the myth of race and racism. Because under this guise, they feel free to practice it themselves. The “if you hate us, then we hate you” phenomenon. Beside the fact that the concept of race itself is historically steeped in myth and unproven conjecture.

In that conjecture is the notion that race produces singular social behaviour patterns. This too is a myth. A myth that supports the the jewish rape of the planet. They can’t help it…they are jews. Jews are better than Gentiles…they know it…but what can they do…they act upon it. It’s just the way of things. It’s just their inherent racial characteristics.


Horses and Squirrels Don’t Get It…

Are we nuts? Do we suffer from some strange singular mental illness that makes us paranoid of all things judaic? Is this need to expose jewish malfeasance and treachery…blaming this cult for all things evil in our modern world…some kind of illness? Or do those that shun our usage of the term “jew” , suffer from a blind-spot as it were, that does not allow them to see what is in front of their eyes? Kind of a “horse/squirrel vision” that does not facilitate straight forward sight, causing them to jump in startlement every time something passes in front of them and reappears suddenly on the other side.

I have a pet squirrel…Coleen…to whom I was feeding peanuts one day. She always turns her head quickly to the left and then to the right to be able to see what lies in front of her. On this occasion she was unusually hungry or impatient with me, apparently. Because she just bit in the direction in which the peanut normally is. The peanut was not there. But my finger was. I forgave her. Although she could not see that she did not actually have the legume in the clutches of the enormously strong grip of those backward-facing teeth, and instead had a profusely bleeding human digit instead, I forgave her because I understood the limits of her vision and judgment. I am not so forgiving of humans that have a much wider field of vision. Humans that are intensely and annoyingly aware of what is on the left and the right, but remain oblivious to what lies ahead.

I am constantly startled to learn that more people do not use this gift of increased visual capabilities. The gift to see the connections…left, right and center… that almost draw themselves. It seems pretty simple to me, that say, if the overwhelming majority of international bankers in the world are of this jew cult, that such a group of like-thinking people are indeed part of a conspiracy. Or that not a single major motion picture or teevee program made in this country, or indeed the world, casts the jew in a negative light. All other groups at one time or another are portrayed as the bad-guy. Why not the jews?

I’m going to go ahead and assume that everyone else in the parade is out of step but me. For the sake of argument. Another for-instance to me would be gas chambers. A curious thing about gas chambers. From all the research that I can find on the subject, one has never been designed, built or used to kill more than one human at a time…and even that one has serious flaws and a huge amount of precautions for those doing the gassing. Which is much like three sky-scrapers falling into their footprints because of fire, all in a single morning when before and after that morning, it has never happened. Mysteries, mysteries.
Maybe the conclusions I make about all these events and more that I connect with the jew, are too simple. Perhaps that is why most people don’t concur with my conclusions. These connections are too straightforward. Life isn’t that simple. There are complications and circumstances that I don’t consider. The complexity of these details are common knowledge to the man on the street. He can see this clearly…and I can’t. I jump to obvious conclusions that even the most bereft of intellect understand to be mere antisemitic canards.
I mean JEEZE…what the hell is my problem anyway?
“The joos” aren’t anymore evil than the Catholics or the Freemasons or Methodists. There are bad apples in every barrel…get over this “jew” thing, and get real. I act like I am watching a melodrama in which all the bad guys wear black, have curly mustaches and laugh maniacally every time they thwart the fellows in the white chapeaus.
Funny that I don’t see anything else in life as being this obvious. I see many things contributing to social and political shenanigans. I see many reasons for this or that occurrence. I understand that various detailed circumstances and agendas always act on events in various ways producing a myriad of outcomes. However, I see the simplicity of the duplicity of jews to be exactly how it appears. Jews(well, ashkanazi khazarians if you insist on being technical) play by a different set of basic rules…thereby cheating the game…thereby coming out ahead of the game. They can therefore be blamed for the way the world is today. They are in charge. Of that, there is little debate. The world is generally fucked up….sooooo…what else am I to conclude? Judaism; bad. Non-judaism; normal.
But the majority of the world doesn’t see it like this. Why is that?
I have a couple theories about that. They include jewish control of the media. And jewish control of the world’s monetary systems. But you know all this. It was outlined for the simple-minded like me, in the Protocols. But only a simpleton would take that document or it’s predictions seriously. Simpletons like…Henry Ford(what a non compos mentis), Benjamin Franklin(idiot), Mark Twain(retard)…and the list goes on and on. Simple minded fools that jump to simple-minded conclusions about the poor hebrew.

Is this “thing ” I have of a simple minded variety? Or is it a malfunction of the gray matter? Is it like religion itself, said to be a mere off-on switch located in a region on the brain located above and behind the right ear? Could it be eliminated like religious belief with a negative magnetic pulse directed there? I wish. Truly, I wish it could. I would pulse the hell out of my brain-box and have done with it. I would look to the right and the left and never straight ahead. No one looks that way. There must not be anything out there to see, really.
Maybe the simple horse and squirrel are one-up on me. Life must be much simpler. Or more complex. I’m confused.

It Isn’t Us…

During this holiday season, with Christmas fast approaching and a new year upon us, I have a wish.
This is mainly for the international readers. Those that have bookmarked me, or stumbled upon my site looking for a fresh perspective. I can offer you this one wish. That you understand.

The things that this country exports…the death and suffering and capitalism…around the globe are not the wishes of our population. You must understand that as has happened many times in world history, our populace has been subverted to the will of a few. The problem is that we don’t even know it. The image that most non-amerikans have of us must be horrible, to say the least. The world must think we are all consumer-driven a-holes that have no respect for life or humanity at all. We export war and financial ruin. As amerikans we appear to support the most vile terrorist state in the history of mankind – israel. The peoples outside our boarders must think that the majority of we yanks approve of this type of behaviour. What else ARE they to think?
Perhaps I can give you an alternative view, if you will listen. But I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.
I know this land. I know it’s people. I know all it’s classes. I have lived and worked with them all. What you see us spewing over the globe is not us. I once read a self-description of amerikans as “quintessential knuckleheads”. That to me is probably the best way I could put it. We, as a populace will buy just about anything. We are too trusting…it is in our nature. We have always made a great deal of noise about “freedom and liberty” because we have enjoyed a large portion of each over the past couple hundred years. Of course that reservoir has run dry, but as a basically Christian land, we tend to turn the other cheek and hope for better days. We believe in a common good, but are easily scared into feeling there are evil races…at the drop of a hat. Or yarmulke. We truly value humanity that much that we are duped into siding with paranoid hatred toward anyone that threatens what we hold dear. We have valued a family picnic more than money. We delight in our children more than politics. We esteem hard work more than sloth. We are after all, just people.

Because we are such trusting knuckleheads, we have been taken advantage of. Like many civilizations before us(and I am sure there will be many after), we have been diverted by a psychopathic cult that roams through history spoiling the best intentions of almost every man and his country.
No matter how you view us, or what you logically would deduce from our international record…that isn’t us. That isn’t the US that I grew up around. Truly.
My family, neighbors and co-workers are as likable as any people in the world, if you knew them. I know this because I have traveled. I have met you and your family…and I wish you could meet mine. Maybe this is the only way…the internet…in which we CAN meet and actually get to know one another, without the interference of the greedy psychopathic hebrew getting in our way. No matter what image of us they push in their media…to you…and to us…it is not us. It is them. They are the haters. They are the racists. They are not us.

We have a jewish population of less than 2% in this country. But because of our open-faced ignorance of this cult, they have risen to steal our reigns of power. They became our culture through the dictates of their media. They have become our foreign policy through the concerted purchase of our politicians. They have become the face of amerika. The face we show the world. We let them…in our naivete. We are knuckleheads. As the old world understood this threat, we were naive. It had not happened here before. We haven’t had time to learn…we are young and dumb.
If we the amerikans ever make it through this nightmarish period in our short history and finally reject the ashkanazi that has overtaken us, you will see the people that I call friends. You may yet have a chance to meet us, if any of us survive the stranglehold that we are in. Us…or you.

For through the misrepresentation of the US of A, the psycho that has commandeered our resources may use it to destroy us all. Unless we goofs can see what has happened to our dream and cast him off as you have had to many times, the judaic monster may end any hope of us ever getting together as a world of human beings.

I live for that day. I will probably never see it…perhaps my Grandchildren and yours will. Maybe they will mourn our present misery together someday, as they study the historical period in which the amerikans finally cast off those that stole their country…and the damage that was done to the world until that day.