The Community

Corporations have no conscience.  Jewish corporations, from the Knesset to Monsanto, have no humanity.  But what they do have is a “goal”.  They have common purpose. A conspiracy, if you will.
Conspiracy is an odd word.  Well, more the myriad of connotations it has acquired are odd indeed.  Let’s see what it has officially morphed into by consulting Old Mr. Webster:

1.the act of conspiring.

2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.

3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.

4.Law . an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.

5. any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.
I’ll have a number three(hold the evil) and a number five.  Supersized..with a large Coke.

In the recent “part two” of Geraldo Rivera’s yet to be revealed “conspiracy” about the call for a new investigation into the events of 9/11, he has us all a bit puzzled.  
But I won’t go into that again…my speculation or any others.  I’m sure you could come up with several plausible models for what this snide little ass-wipe is up to this time.  But one thing he said in this interview… no, the WAY he said “I loath conspiracy theories”  …tells me that we are in for another Bermuda triangle/finding Jimmy Hoffa type thing, for which he is renowned.  He is famous for taking up a cause to cast it to the mist of myth when he “discovers” on air, that there is nothing to it.  A final stage show that debunks “conspiracy theory nuts”, as he calls them…once and for all.  
This is a conspiracy in itself.  Because you can bet your last Twinkie that he doesn’t utter a syllable without the approval of his tribal leaders…our masters.
But that isn’t what I wanted to address.  What I do want to cover is the community out here.  The “conspiracy” that we have going.

It’s members are over there in the blog-roll, to the left.  And a hell of a lot more that I haven’t gotten around to adding to the list.  Sorry.  I’m getting there.  But as I have addressed here ad pukeitorum, there is a lot of weeding-out to be done first.  There are so many flowers in this conspiracy garden that we are tending, that it is time-consuming and difficult to make sure that each plant is of the domestic variety, before I will help nurture it.

I am astounded on a daily basis, the amount of people that visit here.  Really.  It boggles the mind.  And turns the head…if I let it.
I have no allusions that I am a great writer, an heroic figure or anything other than just another foot-soldier in this battle.  But I am that, and will continue to aim and fire at the enemy(or more accurately the “adversary” )when I see him.  All of us do.  And that is our strength.  Our weakness is that we are too kind.  We have been raised correctly to a man(and woman).  We don’t wish to harm others…no matter whom…without just cause.  We cannot be as ruthless as our enemy…we would then become them.  Them, with merely a different agenda.  And that wouldn’t be good.  We only seek to expose and dis-empower those in power.  My take is that they are all(and/or are facilitated by)the cult known as the judaic.
Many out here expose them partially without naming them, and I can understand that.  Many of us are younger people with families that we are reticent to jeopardize, for after all, putting a jewish surname to the atrocities we see, can in some countries land you in prison for “inciting racial hatred”.  But there are plenty of us that are happy to complete the investigations. Those that live in countries that have no such laws yet, or those of us that are too old and out of patience to give a shit.  I happen to fall into both aforementioned categories.
But that isn’t even what I really wanted to convey here now.

A few months ago Veritas6464 had an idea to create a “news cooperative”.  A pool of alternative news items from which we could all draw…for dissemination and opining.  I was ALL behind this idea.  And I still am.  But, the thing we didn’t realize at the time, was that it is already here.  Again, over to the left.  
We pass around items more quickly than AP, UPI or Rupert Murdoch.  I applaud us for this.  It is the most dangerous weapon in our arsenal.  We write about, investigate and verify these items with a veracity that makes paid journalists pale in comparison.  We should be proud of this.

A conspiracy, as you will note up there somewhere, requires “concurrence in action” .  We have that.  Two or more?  We have that in spades.  We literally have MILLIONS behind these blogs…writing, reading and acting upon our verboten info.
So revel in this label of “conspiracy theorist”  as you would “anti-semite”.  Both have been given erroneous evil connotations by the tribe…both are being debunked by us, the Community.


6 thoughts on “The Community

  1. The copyright protection aka alt news internet crack down sailed through on Thursday. Post an article or a portion of it and that is infringement. The consumption orgy season has begun! Get to the megamallopolis center for the latest worthless made in China plastic shit, don't miss out, only 40,000,000 units will be made. Here is a movie for ya Timmster: Idiocracy, yea it is made the creator of Beavis and Butthead, but don't let that stop ya. It is supposed to be 500 years in the future and the average IQ of an Amerikan is about 70. Speaking of China what is all this blather about China in the lamestream media? Is the J parasite about to jump host to suck the marrow out of that bicycle riding worker's paradise? Will the Chinese have more backbone and not be pimped by the J parasite or is it too late.

  2. 1st – They have been conditioned over a hell of a lot more generations, than we in the West, to work for the man. The parasite won't have much trouble there, I'm afraid.

  3. Hey Timster,…Thanks for the link. Sadly, I must report that shortly after I set up the Co-operative Blog: lost complete control; I have not been able to sign in to the blog to post or do anything at all since I installed the hit counter, boy, let me tell ya, that blog was taking more hits than a Whipping-boy (or is it Whipping-goy? Grin). At first the hit counter was ticking over nicely and I was getting some encouraging feedback through an email widget I put up, that suddenly wouldn't load and the space was filled with that internet error page thingy, at one time the hit counter registered several thousand hits in one day, then it froze, then it went to zero; now it's about two hundred odd. I have tried to get into the blog again a couple of times yesterday and today, the blog doesn't appear in my dashboard and I can’t find it anywhere. So, yeah, I guess that's that, I’ll just leave there and move on.However, I agree the blog lists are a subtle but powerful way to get a story to go viral.Cheers brother Timster,veritas

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