Is That a Scanning Wand In Your Pocket…?

Rewind quickly to 1969. The balance tipped then. It’s about to tip again. Funny thing, balance. The slightest miscalculation, and all hell can break loose.

In that year, Mr. and Mrs. Amerika were given a triangular-folded piece of cloth in exchange for their babies. That tipped that delicate balance. It was a step too far. The JPTB didn’t figure that in their balance sheets and the Consumer family put away their barbecue for the season and took to the streets. You see they didn’t volunteer for their children to be blown to bits in a jungle, half a world away, they were forced.
On the war front now, it’s a little different. But that tricky balance thing hasn’t gone away.

There are two things you don’t mess with, when dealing with an amerikan. You don’t touch them…and you DON’T touch their children. It’s a personal space thing when it comes to touching them. Many anthropologists have reckoned this obsession with our personal space is founded in the unprecedented wide-open space of this country. This is a huge place. We no longer have to deal with a small personal space, of Europe or Asia. We have plenty of room…spread out…expand your personal space. There is enough for everyone even if there isn’t enough money, there is enough space so that you don’t have to touched by anyone if you don’t want to be, and you better respect this. I always note that Asians especially, in public here always seem to step over those invisible bounds. Of course they are used to that in their culture. Personal space isn’t as important to them. But the glares and the anger that are displayed toward them when they do misjudge this force-field, say in line at a store when they queue up closer to an amerikan than need be, should tell them to back off. And it does.

Touch an amerikan’s child and you are in for a world of hurt. Not that this response is exclusively of the U.S., but we have learned over these past few wars that when the federal ZOG government is involved we are going to protect our children with a fierceness that would shame a lioness guarding her cubs.

On a national level now, Michael Chertoff and Janet Napolitano are being told to “back off”…and don’t EVEN think about fondling their children. I like this response. It gives me hope that the scales are about to tip again.
The jewish answer to this? “Suck it up…you aren’t going to cut into my profits because of your damned personal concerns”
I thought I had heard everything…but it seems there is a company,LOOPT (CEO-Sam Altman…jewish? of course)out there now that is trying to market your outrage. Yes, if you don’t like being “touched”…you can win an Ipod “touch”. You can’t make this stuff up…no one would believe it. Let’s make a game out of your anger. After all, Gentile child molestation and zapping your body with a magnetic imaging device that is harmful, and for no purpose other than to generate income for some jews…is a good joke. Right? You’ll play along or you won’t fly. Well that’s ok too. So we won’t fly.

So, you see…that balance thing is coming back to haunt the yiddish. They implicitly believe that they are the only ones on earth that think, or have the right to think that their person and the person of their children, is sacrosanct. Goyim and their rug-rats don’t matter. Oops. Maybe they misjudged this thing. Maybe their greed got in the way again and is impeding the protocol thingy. Or. OR…

Maybe this whole thing is just meant as a bit of a distraction?
These guys are tricky horses-asses. Better watch them.


4 thoughts on “Is That a Scanning Wand In Your Pocket…?

  1. Exactly Timster, on one site the writer speculated that this could be just a ploy to get the people revolting so they can do martial law and a gun grab. I knew from earlier this year Chertoff's company was benefiting from his regulations for the TSA. THey should stand him and Napolitano in front of those xray machines for a few hours, followed by fondling by the child molesters in the TSA. The way I see it, Americans should just stop flying AT ALL, until the airlines are bankrupt, and no bailout for them. That will change things very quickly, money usually does.Let's not forget too there are local jurisdictions that have pledged to arrest the TSA goons for sexual battery if complained to. IF enough ppl have the goons arrested, even if it doesn't stick, this will dent their enthusiasm and make sure they know they aren't "god".The Nuremberg trials did not allow Nazis to use the excuse of "just following orders". This should go for the TSA, and the supervisors, managers, including the head of the TSA. Whom I bet will be a Jew. (Marchand) I read where the IRA is warning the bankers in England, and we all know they don't just talk. Americans could take a lesson from the Irish.

  2. If I knew a trip to the airport was coming up I would stop by the Mexican buffet on the way to the airport and go off. When I got to the airport and some drooling, double digit IQ mouth breather started to grope and fondle I would let rip with a big beef burrito fart right in his face. What is next anal probes at the airport? Teabagging at the bus stop? Are we a big bunch of pussies in this cuntry or what?

  3. anonymous,yup,you got are a big bunch of pussies.can't think of any other word that adequately describes what you have allowed to become 'normal'.bankrupt the airlines.if your company wants you to fly – tell them no way.if a loved one has died – let the dead bury the dead.the game plan needs to change completely and with that you are all going to have to delete a whole lot of useless crap from your lives.come on prove to me that you are not pussies.please.

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