Monthly Self-Flagellation

I have fallen into the habit of, every month …going back over my last dozen or so posts to get a feel for the message that I am actually putting out here.

And I am doing it again.  Angry. Negative. Non-constructive.  I guess that kinda goes with the territory though.  When you take on the mission of “good vs. evil” as it has now been dubbed, one is naturally going to have to come off a little negative on occasion. But Jeeze.
 These posts don’t give a very accurate depiction of who I am, but more what I am trying to stand for.  To read this stuff, you would think I am some kind of moralist.  One of the prudes that worked at your town library and served on the local “ban this and ban that” committees.  The type that are adept at telling others how to live their lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I hope.
As you age, you do fight the urge to judge others unfairly…I admit.  And I do.  Fight it I mean.  Although the only truly destructive behaviour I see in the world can be traced back to the tribe that this site is dedicated to exposing and vilifying, I do witness stupidity and foolishness elsewhere, as I am sure do you.  And I tend to call bullshit on it. And I do run out of patience. But mostly, I just shake my head and move on.

So if you see a trend of pessimism in my daily drivel, I depend on you the reader to call ME on it.  I can fall into that pattern rather easily.  I don’t want to.  

I want to offer hope in the battle against the judification of the world.  I want to offer constructive alternatives to just ranting and jew-baiting.  I want to point out this gradual decline in human values that I see as jewish-owned. But with a plan to side-step and dodge the punches dealt us.  I would like to do all this without anger.  It is difficult at times.  But of course that is what they want.  “If you hate, they win” …as they say.

It has long been known that the jewish religion thrives on hatred…toward the gentile, and the hatred that is consequently reflected back upon them.  It is a kosher trait that has been taught, if even unconsciously, to their children for many, many generations.   Without hatred, this cult cannot survive.  And I KNOW that.  Yet at times, I fall into that pit with spikes at the bottom.
I must constantly remind myself here of the power of influence.  How the hebrew can negatively influence his own children, and how I am liable to do the same.  It is NOT genetics.  It is influence.  It is raising your children by example that makes the child and makes the adult…for good or evil.  I know this.  I understand the power of it.  I refuse to be trapped in the negative feelings of the same racism that they profess and practice.   It is what they want…what they have been taught to want.  “If you hate like them, you become them” , might be more accurate in  the case of the zionist jew. 
I refuse to hate the things that they tell me to hate.  Which basically boils down to “others”.  To be divided is to be conquered.  To feel pride in something about yourself over which you have no control…race, gender, upbringing and yes even sexual orientation…divides us.  They know that.  They count on that.  I will not fall into that trap…nor should you.

So every once and a while, beat yourself up.  Give yourself a bloody nose.  It’s good for the soul.  It’s good for all of us.  It has a cleansing redirecting quality to keep you on the straight and narrow.  It keeps you focused on those that would have you proud of the hatred they instill in you.


16 thoughts on “Monthly Self-Flagellation

  1. Perhaps the problem is viewing the world through the eyes of a victim all the time without realising it.It's what they want, you know! Because victims don't think they can fix things.

  2. A little self introspection is fine Timster but within reason. I don’t see you as a victimised personality type either. Keep a little flame of anger at injustice burning. It is permissible to hate the actions of the tyrant without losing your humanity. The flame can grow and recede but it doesn’t poison your soul.Keep at it Timster. If we can’t be a little angry with ALL that’s going on we aren’t human. The trick’s to remember to laugh when the bad guys step on their own dicks.

  3. Flagellating amoebas in a petri dish. Victims are simps and gimps. Navigating the impassable sea of shit. Dumbasses always driving in my lane. Driving licenses free in every cracker jack box. 6000 subdivisions per square mile, looks good from an airplane, impractical on the ground. Zoning laws we don't need no stinking zoning laws. Thanks for letting me vent. The end. With love the Spleen.

  4. Bwahaha that Abe Fuxman pic is a funny. Timmster I replaced my laptop keyboard since the last post and this is a good way to test it hee hee. Glad I didn't put it all back together and find out the ribbon cable was not in there all the way. It feels much better than the old one. And heeb free is still the choice for me and always will be. Post em up and don't look back if some feathers get ruffled then you know you are doing right.

  5. Maybe the good vs. evil post was a little off…..after all, it does sorta sound a bit George Bushish. You know, you're with us or against us bullshit. That wasn't what I was trying to get at. It seems to me that there are truly evil individuals in this world, and those individuals have built a powerful network that has taken control of government, media, finance, and much of society, especially in the Western world. I think people have to recognize that fact– as I'm sure you and many others that read this blog do. It's just sad that we– as a society– either don't recognize this fact because we've been fed propaganda our entire lives, or refuse to recognize this fact when it is smacking us in the face everyday. I'm glad that there are people like you who bring a clever perspective to pointing these things out. It's hard not to be negative with the grave injustices happening around us. I will agree with chuckyman and laugh when the bad guys step on their own dicks. Haha!

  6. Hey Timster,…Bullies don't wait around hoping someone will hold their hand and share a special moment with them, so that they can become a better person. Bullies get their arse kicked soundly and then they back off.Cheers brother, you can be my conscience, I'll keep praying for rain!Nameste,veritas

  7. It is very easy to dismiss a man who comes groveling with hat in hand. It is not very easy to dismiss a rightously pissed off person. This is the why this stupid idea of not showing your anger has been pushed on in our jew dominated society. Notice how jews behave when they are questioned. They do not stand and explain with hat in hand. They show anger and try to ridicule anyone not agreeing with them completly. I have seen a few jewish politicians scream at anyone who questions their loyalty to Israel over the USA. Sen Barney Frank and Congressman Brad Sherman can both be seen on youtube losing it.If someone screws me around I do not stand with hat in hand asking them to stop. I act like a total asshole until the problem is fixed.Don't change a thing. Scott Mollett

  8. Scott – Thank you for your comment. Touche. But I was speaking more toward anyone's attitude toward the zionist/jewish mindset, morphing into the racism that they practice. I don't want to become one of them. Other than that…I am going to keep stepping on their toes till they lock me up or shoot me. Count on it.

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