Homosexuals Are Gay…

Ok. I guess I gotta do it. Sheesh. I was hoping to avoid this altogether, but…

Homosexuality. I suppose it should be addressed here. I have received quite a bit of hate-mail about the assumption that I am anti-gay, or homophobic, or whatever the pc term is now.
I am not anti-anything that has to do with the way people live their lives, except anti-judaic perhaps.
Because the movement in the media to keep beating heterosexual people over the head with this agenda of gay pride/acceptance is of course sponsored by the same folks that brought you the holocaust, I am suspicious of it. Not the sexual preference. The media’s insistence that I buy into it.
I see this parade as just another facet of the debauchery that is judaism.
I don’t really think about the actual preference that some people have for sexual contact with those of their own gender. This activity doesn’t concern me. So, in fact, I am seeing two things when the subject comes up. The preference and the selling of it. I think if I was a homosexual, I would be as disgusted by this display as most normal people are. It’s clownish, demeaning and overly personal in nature. I wouldn’t want someone grouping me with these jewish “anything goes” types. I would think that my sex life is my own business and not some mouthy s.o.b. that wants to ram it down the throats of the public at large. But maybe that’s just me. Perhaps it’s just that I don’t think such a personal thing needs to be paraded down the street like a side-show. If acceptance is what you are looking for as a homosexual, firstly…why? Why does your happiness depend on the fact that I accept your sexual preference? Secondly, you certainly aren’t going to attain such assent from me or any straight people I know by dressing like a sparkly idiot and demanding it.

Much has been made recently about whether homosexuality is a choice. I don’t care. It’s just that simple. Why should anyone? If homosexuals choose to “come out”(whatever that means) and be open about their sexuality…well, ok….I guess. I mean I don’t openly display my sexuality…I don’t think.
But anyway. When we look at these jerks that lead the “gay movement”, whom do we see. All jews all the time. That alone should tell you something. Even if you are a homosexual. They are profiting off of something as personal as your sexuality. That doesn’t piss you off? It offends me that my heterosexuality is cheapened and perverted by yiddish pornographers.
Let’s look at how erotica has been transformed into the product that is sold by the tribe today.
French postcards and nudie films were about as immodest as it got before the tribal takeover of it. Today a woman is portrayed as some sort of alien lifeform with no pubic hair, ridiculously large silicon implants and performing anal sex as the norm. These women are not women in the furthest stretch of the gentile imagination. And yet, since the industry is owned by jews, their fantasies are the ones they film and foist upon the gentile customer. To the point at which these inhuman things have somehow become the dream girls of the male mentality as a whole. So it is no wonder that the same surreal depictions are also applied to the homosexual world…in their porn and in the MSM when they keep selling the lifestyle.
In other words, I don’t see sex as a public issue. Whatever you do in your bedroom is your business. Whatever I do is mine. Why does it have to be a subject of debate or enter the political arena?
There have been homosexuals since the dawn of mankind, I am sure. We all know it…so what?
Outside of gay-bashers or whatever one calls men that beat hell out of homosexuals because they recognize such traits in themselves, I don’t see the need for any public or media concern. The very fact that it is as prevalent in the jewish-owned media as the freakin holohoax these days, should turn anyone, especially homosexuals off quicker than a cold shower. They are doing gays much more harm than good, as far as I can see. They are making you freaks. Isn’t that obvious? They reduce all you are as humans, to a freak in a parade.

So to sum up, and for those that feel a need to bash me because of their particular sexual orientation…I don’t hate homosexuals. I just don’t give a shit. K?
Just sayin.


14 thoughts on “Homosexuals Are Gay…

  1. Hey Trimster,…How timely; The ptb here in rothschalia have as of yesterday been given new powers to enter a home without a warrant, under new anti-terror laws. The new legislation was buried under a debate held almost in the same breath about 'same sex marriage' – how convenient. No News coverage of new anti-terror legislation – every front page pissed and moaned about 'gay rights'. Are you kidding me or what? This is one of the reasons I don't support or accept 'gay pride' it's not a public issue and it is used as a smoke-screen to hide real issues.Let alone the unnatural aspect to that sordid activity. If the politicians actually gave ashit about human rights they would be fighting warrantless entry laws not anal entry laws!Labor and the coalition both voted to pass the legislation in the Senate on Monday, defeating a number of Green amendments.Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland says the legislation will give the Australian Federal Police and security agencies the tools they needed to fight terrorism[what fucking terrorism?]."Our national security and counter-terrorism laws will be exercised in a just and accountable way," [shit yeah!]he says.Police can now enter premises without a search warrant in emergency terror situations, where there is material that may pose a risk to the health or safety of the public.The time available for police to re-enter a premise under a search warrant has also been extended from one hour to 12 in emergencies.The legislation also disregards a seven-day detention limit for someone arrested on suspicion of terrorism.[The accused can now be held for 12 days without charge].veritas

  2. V – Just a matter of getting our anal priorities adjusted. I guess for them to ban such activities in the private sector would be to inhibit their public rape using similar methods.

  3. I don't get it, homosexuality/gayness even though I have friends that claim to be. if there's money in it, it's judaicized. But it's an agenda and it's ripped up society, and I'm not even touching on pedophiles here. It has collapsed a once humane society. we had values, once, didn't we? i could swear we did. But how unlucky is it to be living in this perversly erroticized society, with it's bottomless (and crotchless)appetite for sexual deviance, and at the same time we are the most violent of civilizations, with nuclear bombs. I think the Christians introduced the idea of the deamonic sexual spirit posited as sensualism…the Jews, as they normally do, expanded and monitized it. The sheep follow. I dunno…i grew up in the 60's and things were sweeter. it was Make Love not war. Is it now Love is Gone, but war remains? 😦

  4. I like my women with with their fur in the pubic area,fully and womenly.No trimming necssary,no shaving at all.I like grown women.I like the way they smell,laugh and do their own thinking….I'm sure the shaving of vagina's is jew desire for some sort of pedophilic craving for children.It blows my mind how concocted life has become.

  5. I support homosexuals when both chicks are hot. A smokin' hot lesbian moved on the block a few years back. I'm going to make a song for her as sung to Pink Floyd-Wish you were here. I will call it I wish you weren't queer.

  6. Gays don't scare me like they do you guys. I don't think about them like you do, I don't obsess over them like you do and I just don't see any "gay agenda" like you do. I tend to think people who get caught up in fearing gays and talking about their "scary gay agenda" are 9 times out of 10 closet cases-which explains their preoccupation with gays in the first place. For me they are just not an issue. Note to self-bypass this site which is run by morons who buy into divide and conquer and pseudo-religious BS.

  7. Anon@10:31 – Thanks for your comment.Although, even after reading back through this article, I think I find more that we agree upon than not. I can't find one reference to my "fearing" gays…search as I might.What I do fear is the "gay agenda" that you mention, which I see as more "divide and conquer" tactics, that you also touch upon. I even mentioned("Outside of gay-bashers or whatever one calls men that beat hell out of homosexuals because they recognize such traits in themselves…")the very same phenomenon that troubles you. Perhaps you should re-read this post? So I see we are in agreement in so many ways! YAY! Common ground.But as far as by-passing "morons" like me, I think you do me and injustice. Although I am not so confident in my opinions as to brook no dissent, I would hardly call myself a moron. And to clarify…I am not pseudo-religious, I am NOT religious in the least. So you can rest easy on most all counts…except the moron bit, which I hope to dissuade you from believing if you will give me a chance? Thanks again for your passionate response. We NEED such conviction out here.

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