Daily Fair…

Oops. I misspelled that. No, wait a minute…it’s right.

Ok kids…let’s see what passes for news today. I normally don’t get to topical here, but sometimes the veil is so thin.

CNN, or JNN as I affectionately refer to it, has these stories today:

Five die in motorcycle crash. Huh? Who the f*** cares? If it bleeds it leads, I guess.

Six stories that have the word “Mom” in them. Is that some kind of buzz-word that attracts attention? A softening noun that makes a mundane story(or distraction)…I dunno…human?

The obligatory Holohoax story. “Never forget” how much money and propaganda value is in that word. It seems someone is leeching the leech’s money and some important leeches are pissed! Shit happens when leeches are involved.

Rahmbo(who the f*** came up with that name for a little jewish turd whom I would like to buy for what he’s worth and sell for what he thinks he’s worth) got an egg thrown at him. It missed. Shit.

Study links heart attacks with job stress. Well now there’s a surprise! Where in hell did they come up with that? I mean, talk about off the wall connections…whodathunk?

Same-sex dance team. Will the jewish MSM ever stop pushing(that’s a disgustingly appropriate verb) their homosexual agenda? The “lifestyle” of what?…5% of the population, in which about 51%(ownership) are jewish and 99% of the gay rights movements leaders are of the kosher persuasion? Hope springs eternal.

A few fluff pieces that wouldn’t interest a hairdresser…


People killed in natural disasters…take your pick…floods, volcanoes, mudslides, Wal-Mart, road-rage, dancing with the jews…whatever. People are dying everywhere…except Palestine.

That’s about it. It doesn’t get any more interesting than this. This is the best they can do.

I cackle at the jew-news…so you won’t have to.


2 thoughts on “Daily Fair…

  1. Hey Timster,..I get the FrontPage of the NYP sent to my email address every day, just for the sheer irritant value, it helps me maintain the rage, nyuk nyuk nyuk, as if I need that rag to keep me pissed off, ha. The tripe that passes for News is one of the main threats to our liberty; forget 'terrorists' and WMDs, horseshit in print is vastly more lethal to the human race than anything else the yids have stolen to use against us.I should know, after I got sick of pretending to be a soldier I pretended to be a journalist; for seventeen years! Since then I have pretended to be a media consultant and then a technical support consultant in foreign currency trading. I have a tendency now to go for the most lucrative pretence available to my limited abilities.It’s a shame the yids stole holy-wood, I reckon I could have been big on the silver-screen, instead of small in front of it.Fancy being paid 'to' pretend to be something you're not, like a hollow-cost victim. Oi vey…veritas

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