One Life In A Prison-camp…

This is going to be a ranting aimless roller-coaster ride again…but…

Wait just a God-damned minute. Something is terribly wrong here.

Y’know, I used to work with an Iranian woman. When she first started, some days she would show up…some days she wouldn’t. After a few weeks of this and after I got to know her, I asked her about this hit-and-miss attendance that she was demonstrating.
She said, yeah…they had threatened to let her go if it didn’t improve, but that she saw no room for any improvement. She told me that in her country, day-to-day life was more important than work. Especially working for someone else. That we Americans work our lives away and seem to have no time for anything else. My immediate reaction was that she was delusional. She was naive and didn’t understand what life really was. Life IS work. Family, hobbies, education and entertainments were merely things that you did on weekends or vacations. Sheesh. Everyone knows that.

But it got me thinking and asking more questions. If working for a living was not paramount in Iran…what was? Education was the first thing she thought of. It wasn’t unusual for an Iranian person to spend most of their lives going to school. Oh, we have those here too, I told her. Professional students. They work the system so that they won’t have to ever enter the real workplace. No, no…I didn’t understand…there is no system to “work” in her homeland, she related. It is accepted that the way you choose to spend your time on this planet, is left to your discretion. It wasn’t any business of the state, or anyone else. But what about food, housing…all the essentials? The state provides this for people that don’t care to work for someone else to buy these things. What? Yes, she told me…that is what the state is for. Isn’t it? Shouldn’t it be? Communism, I thought. Fascism at best. But the more I understood that it was more or less a theocracy in Iran, I began to see that their federal government was there to provide religious leadership and financial assistance to a populace that simply enjoyed their lives.

This was revolutionary to me. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the whole concept. Outside of the religious aspect of such a government, it seems too good to be true. You mean, that people are allowed…no, no…ENCOURAGED to live their lives as THEY see fit? No system to work? Morality in business? No bankruptcy? No poverty?

Well of course I have learned since that the Iranian way of life isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination…but what country can boast that? Of course amerika always has. Somehow, we have adopted an ethic of labor-for-others meme that saps our humanity. It steals our lives and yet we bend over and try to pretend…no actually BELIEVE that that is the way things should be. It is a matter of honor to us in the West, that we work all our lives. We derogate any deviance to this ethic. “They never worked a day in their life” is not a compliment here. It is invective. One of the worst things you can say about someone.

How did it get this way? How did it become a matter of course for one to throw the precious hours of their lives away, to a corporation? So that the owner can spend HIS one-time existence on this planet in luxury. Why do we do this? Why is there no alternative in the Occident? Who set up this system? Who do you think? It wasn’t the poor sucker slaving away 50-60 hours a week running the machines and doing paperwork, that decided we need a system in which the majority of us labor so the few can sit on their asses…I’m sure.
Although, as in most theocracies from ancient Egypt on down through history, the priests of said state religion never work. That is why is has always been a sought-after position. Who in hell would want to “grunt and sweat” for a few, unless you believe that these few hold some sort of sway with the diefic ones in the sky. You work for your ticket to the next world in which you pray you won’t have to work any more. How smart is that.

So I think we can safely say that theocracy is not really as user-friendly as it would appear…although I like the no-work thing. I’m lazy. When it comes to putting in my time…punching the clock…I don’t wanna do it. I have though. My entire adult life. Since I came of age, I don’t think I have ever been “out of work” more than a few months. I want it back now, thank you very much.
Give me all those hours of my existence back. And I want them in young years too. Just as I gave them. This shit of hobbling around in my retirement years in pain, is not what I signed up for. I want the value added time just as I was in the years that the jewish pigs took from me. We all do. What could we have done on this planet? What could I have done with my life? What could you have done?
For that matter what could this world have been like without phony-balony religions, their Grand Poo-Bas and their priests?
In this the age of the jew,under whose jack-boots we all labor, I wonder what my life would have been like without their religion of debt. I could have perhaps been a writer…or a musician…or something about which I could look back on now with some sort of satisfaction.
But whether it is the age of the jew, or the age of the Pharaohs, the people that work for them, trade their existence for the mere essentials of life.

Yorktown man wins $1 million: “It’s a great feeling!”
A Yorktown, Indiana man has stepped forward to claim a $1 million prize from the Hoosier Lottery. Antonio Navarro purchased a Powerball® with Power Play® ticket worth $1,000,000. Navarro is a regular Powerball with Power Play player who said he always felt a big win was in the cards for him. “Someday you’ll see my name in the paper. I’m going to hit this thing before I die,” is something he told his co-workers often. After getting some financial advise, Navarro and his wife are looking forward to being completely debt-free. However, they don’t intend to make any significant life changes. Navarro said he has no intention of retiring from Cooper Tire where he has worked for 34 years. “I’ve worked all my life since I was a little bitty kid. I wouldn’t know what to do. I think I’d lie down and die if I didn’t work,” said Navarro.

The new religion.

To this man two things are important. Being debt-free and working. I have so much sympathy for him. Really. He is us. We have been made to believe that we must live and work in debt. And that the epitome of our existence is to work. Our fondest dream is to, if only for an instant, be free that yoke of debt. There is something terribly wrong with this. Our current masters, the jews, have elevated their usury/debt ethic to the point at which it keeps us changing tires and now we can’t do anything else. Funny how that horrible ethos of “Arbeit Macht Frei” that the jews of the West decried as evil when it was forced upon them in the German concentration camps, has become a religion in itself, now that THEY are the leaders. The only difference is this is just the current religion of the West. Winning the lottery has become the ultimate religious experience to which the Western working man aspires. To become the priest, for a moment. And yet to keep working. It’s all we know.
This man, Navarro will lose his million. The priests of this new religion will get it, and he will die in pain. His youth, his life given to his masters. But he will have had a glimpse of the new god.

Sometimes people amaze me.


15 thoughts on “One Life In A Prison-camp…

  1. You hit on a fundamental of our daily existence here in the West Timster. Do we live to work or work to live? For many years I have felt that work is the curse of the drinking classes.I work in a field that if I abandoned my true role of father and husband and work like a slave I can be a ‘success’. The general impression of this success is more money/debt, flashy things to own and a bigger house to fill up with crap I don’t need.It’s funny that this came up earlier today in a discussion with my son. We were discussing the obscene buying binge that Christmas has become. If you measure your life by the useless, soulless crap that you own then eventually those thing will start to own you. You eventually spend more time looking after them than you do yourself and your loved ones.I didn’t mention that the ‘feast’ of Christmas is nothing more than the continuation of the cult of Horus worship from the age of the Ancient Egyptians. One step at a time is the only way to walk a hard path.

  2. Chucky – Yeah. I need more crap for Christmas. Crap that jews sell me to fill up my man-cave. Where does it all end? I think they are smarter than us. Or as Quint said in jaws: "very smart…very dumb"

  3. yes! we should have what we need.. without toil.. we should buy what we want with some toil… beings from other planets should buy what they need, when they visit us.. and when we visit other planets.. we should buy from them. i am a native to this space ship floating around in space..we should just be allowed to be… and maybe trade a few baseball cards… ; ]

  4. The subtle difference is that they aren’t clever. They are cunning combined with a lack of moral restraint and an endless hunger for domination. The sooner this carnival of the perverse and corrupt ends the better. The sooner I get to stop spinning my hamster wheel the better. I don’t mind hard work. I do mind the useless, soulless types that profit from it. Thankfully time’s a ticking. Not long now boss.

  5. Hey Timster,…Excellent post. I was just thinking, Timster if you were to give up your day job and become a gigolo, would we have to call you Trimster?(grin)Oh; the term ‘Christmas’ with regards to modern xtianity and religiosity is a misnomer, it literally describes the last part of the actual body or corpus of the Mass which ends the Mass by dismissing the spirit that was called forth for worship veneration and favours! Christmas was and more appropriately so, called Christ Missive when it was actually practiced pedantically. The act of dismissing the Christ is the whole joke that the yids that rewrote the scriptures revel in when the goyim ‘celebrate’ the dismissal of the Christ, fancy being dismissed on your birthday? Christmas is wrong for this reason and the fact that Jesus preached that we should not celebrate our mortality – birthdays, deaths etc. Not even his birthday or death; which is why these dates are not found in the original scriptures – they are irrelevant. We are spiritual beings and this mortal coil is a transitory manifestation and only important to ‘proof’ our value as potential immortal spirits.Just another strange comment from me, as I ponder the vagaries of a world that I share with lovely folk like yourself and Chucky, yet psychotic scumbags like israhell’s nuttyyobbo have it so sweet?Hey Timster; I bet he’s never worked a day in is life!Love light & peace…veritas

  6. Hi there :)I thoroughly enjoyed this write up(been "lurking" for a while now). I didn´t know about the Iranian mindset and that was very enlightening. Thank you.Don´t you also sometimes wonder how on earth the consciousness of the human race has evolved into one of subservience? Why are we so afraid, that we are willing to appease the greed and power of a few families, who have taken it upon themselves to run this planet? It boggles the mind.

  7. Mel – I'm with you there, Brother! No toil for the extra-terrestrials! I mean how embarrassing would that be? Would cut down on interplanetary tourism…there would be outland tax issues…

  8. V – hahaha. Unless you call genocide, work. Thanks for all your comments. I look forward to your…skewed viewpoint(no offense intended). It usually makes me look sophomoric at best.

  9. Timster a mint condition 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle is worth about 25,000$. Good luck finding one in mint though. When we were lil' shavers my school buddy bought a box from some old guy for 20$ that was nothing but 1965-1972 era cards all in good shape. Johnny Bench, Reggie Jackson, Tom Seaver, Steve Carlton rookies were just some of the notables.

  10. >… That's why I never worked and not planning to. I'm not lazy. I can work my arse off.. I did find myself in a couple of situations that scared the shit of me back then, so I've read about war really much. Machiavelli, Sun Tzu, Thucydides (especially Thucydides he's underrated but he's the best), some of the more simplistic stuff to, then read much about psychology – not Freud or Jung or any such asshole, but Montaigne, Shamphor, Stendahl, Dostoyevsky, Truman Capote, these kinda writers. I know that most people wouldn't consider this "work". But I worked pretty hard, actually I worked my ass off. My point is, I could have NEVER bring myself to read all these, to really pay my attention and really try to see their perspective if these authors were taught at school. I could do anything, no matter how much energy it takes, only never marry and never work for a man. I just really can't bring myself to work it's not lazyness it's fear.

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