Big Picture…

A friend tried to get me excited about several things the other day…to no avail. I just can’t. I’m just not an excitable boy anymore. Never really was. Small things don’t capture my imagination. I do a lot of tilting of the head, and squinting. I can’t pay attention to detail. It’s a fault that in my personal life has gotten me into some deep do-do.

But when I hear that this politician or that movie star did this or that, it can barely turn my head. I like to look at trends. Trends and significant occurrences. Then when I connect them all together… they usually link as jigsaw pieces…if you get matching colors.

When I hear that the list of Kohl’s contest for winning 10 million dollars for schools was dominated by jewish ones that cheated to win…click…another piece. When I see that the newest wonder-horse expected to eclipse all other racers is owned by a jew and his shiksa…click…another. And on and on the little pieces almost fall into the puzzle by themselves. Pieces didn’t always fit this easily. When I was much younger, I wasn’t looking at the picture on the box. I didn’t see what I supposed to be assembling with all these seemingly unrelated bits of cardboard.

After so many years of flipping all the pieces over and over in my hands and not getting anywhere near solving the puzzle as a whole…I looked at the box and saw what I was supposed to see. I love it when things come into focus. When things make sense. When you start putting all the “blue” pieces in their proper places, how they relate to the big picture. This is a blue picture puzzle that I assemble. I remember a particularly striking routine by Carlin that was attacking the “House of Blues” fad in which a bunch of jews started restaraunts based on the Dan Akroid character from the Blues Brothers movie. Akroid even had(I don’t really know if he still does) a syndicated(code word for kosher) radio hour in which he broadcast old recordings of black blues greats. It was Carlin’s take that it was not the job of white upperclass males to sing the blues with sunglasses on, or cheapen it to sell overpriced hamburgers…it was their job to GIVE blacks the blues to sing about. That impressed me. It’s the same with jazz. Another black artform that was co-opted by rich jews. Having stolen a fortune and then spending a lot of it on horses or restaurant chains or basketball teams or recording jazz greats, does not make you talented or athletic or creative…it just makes you a jewish horse’s ass that has the cash to rub elbows with the truly gifted. But I digress.

So I already know what the picture looks like when completed. The pieces are there on the table. It’s just a mundane task to pop them into their adjoining groups. When a slightly different shade or a line is needed, it is significant and important to find, but I know where it goes…and it always fits.

The picture is a blue portrait of the latest Rothschild. The latest ruler of the international jew…and hence all of us. The ultimate horse’s ass that rules them all. The most recent descendant of that clan of thieves that brought true pain and despair to all the world.
And it hangs in all the hallowed halls of governance in the world. It will not be removed or replaced…just dusted now and then. It’s the big picture…it’s what’s important.


6 thoughts on “Big Picture…

  1. The first picture with the squares has Marx's penpal that ape in a stovepipe Ape Lincoln. Chairman Obamao the Messiah® likes Ape Lincoln for some reason or other so we all should. Hmm wonder why the South Pacific is underlined by that nancy boy. Is there fresh water there? Paraguay has that nice fresh water supply so the bushies got in there quick.

  2. Hey Timster,… Re; puzzle pieces. It has got to the point where I don’t even have to assemble the pieces anymore to see the picture: I just tip them out onto the floor and read the disparate pile of odd shapes like runes.Lincoln is a classic bullshit story: Lincoln made several statements and even wrote his thoughts down a couple of times regarding abolition – he was not an abolitionist nor did he include forced abolition into his policy for governance, nor did he ever provide any material support to the abolitionists. Why didn't Lincoln support the aboliitionists? He needed to suck up to the rothschilds so he could secure loans for the civil war.Were you aware that the man that assassinated Lincoln was the nephew of the yiddish minion that established the Salvation Army’s Red Shield appeal (‘rothschild appeal’ anyone?).That scumbag red-shield jr. is probably flashing the symbolic image of the South Pacific due to the Oil Mining R&D boys having just realized that the Timor L’Este Oilfields extend beyond the Timor Sea out under the Arafura Sea into the South Pacific: Possibly the largest untapped Oil reserve in the world.veritas

  3. V – It was all about union…for the Roth's. It was their financial experiment and no damned southerners that bought their imported slaves were going to tell them what to do with it!

  4. Serfin around Timster I found a great review and excerpt of a book by Rolling Stone magazine Matt Tiabi "Griftopia" it is called. It details how Middle Eastern oil sheiks are buying up U.S. infrastructure at bargain basement prices. Another article said bombs were sent to Berlusconi, Merkel, and Sarkozy dunno if that is false flag or rowdy Europeans. Those Euros push their balls around in a wheelbarrow something you'll never see here in Das Homeland. Ahh the curse of interesting times.

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