Taking It To The Streets: The Revolution Will Be Held On Saturday From 2pm to 4pm…

There are wake-up calls aplenty out here…I don’t think we are in any danger of running out.

It’s like an alarm-clock factory. Bells and whistles going off…lights flashing, people screaming their tonsils out. Well, that’s ok. That’s a good thing…for a minority of folks to be aware of their surroundings. Ready to revolt. If indeed they really are. But I doubt it.
Starting up and maintaining a website like this is easy. Well, the impetus to start it is easy. Maintaining it requires a bit of vigilance. But nothing revolutionary.
Deek Jackson said “The only people screaming about the New World Order are those with homes and computers”. I have to agree with that one. It is so easy to tell others to wake up. And for the most part an act of vanity. But that must describe how it feels to suddenly discover that most of what you have been told all your life, were lies. Lies to get you to behave a certain way. You must feel manipulated and used. Like a cheap whore. When you suddenly realize this…you must feel as if you are waking from a dream…and you want to alert others to it. That is human nature. Warn the rest of the herd. Good.

However. I am going to be speaking about Amerikans only now. Because as a wise-guy once said…write what you know.
I know Amerikans. I know what makes them tick.
There is no slumber here. We are all fully awake and aware of the consequences of what has happened in our part of the world. We understand that there has been a political coups d’etat of sorts here, since…oh…as long as you care to trace it back. But you have to understand something about the U.S. culture.
When you throw out the bullshit that was covered in U.S. history class, we Amerikans don’t know the first thing about revolution. Nor do we want to. It is not really in our recent history or our mindset. It is not how we have been taught to deal with problems.

It has been instilled in us for generations…this sense of guilt. From the cradle to the grave, we all know that we have a great deal to be sorry for. This has come from our Puritan background and been fed, I believe, by judicious use of the emotion by the tribe, that has slowly gained control of and used, our national conscience. From theft of this country from it’s original inhabitants and slavery, up to and including almost every war in which we have participated, our natural inclination for “whoops…my bad” is constantly being fed by the jewish media. A friend likened it to their teevee commercials. You suck….unless you buy this product. And you are going to keep sucking until you purchase everything we want to sell you. We understand that kind of language. We know we have been bad. But we are going to change our ways.

You see, it is also in our political heritage of being a republic, and more recently a “democracy”(I love how they sold us that one), that we MUST take responsibility for our national behaviour because after all, “we the people” elected the leaders that act this way or that. They represent us. They must BE us. Guilt. Promise of redemption at the polls. We can fix ourselves. We are sorry for what we did, but we will vote reform on the next ballot.
That is where the elite have us by the short and curlys. Notwithstanding the fact that there probably hasn’t been an honest state or national election in this country since the mid-nineteenth century…we as a people will own up to the hi-jinks of our leaders as if it was our will. That is only common sense.

Many pose the query out here…”how much will it take to drive this country to revolt?”
My answer to that would have to be…we will never revolt, completely. We will never, as a majority “take it to the streets”. We will even stand patiently in bread lines if need be. I guarantee that. We have done it before. And as I said before, it is not in our nature to do anything else.
So if anyone in the outside world is waiting for us to start the ball rolling…to be the first to lynch those in charge and bring their world of personal luxury crashing down…come and get me when we start. I’ll be in the bar.
I understand that is a terrible counter-politically-correct thing to admit about a group of people to which I belong. But to ignore this fact is ridiculous, and dangerous.
The only true revolution that has happened in this country was the Civil War. And since, it’s being about State’s rights…an issue that was murdered along with upwards of 700,000 human beings, we won’t be fighting that battle again. Even then the PTB got us to fight each other…not them.
So we continually believe as a nation, that whatever is wrong with this country can be fixed. Not by throwing out the baby with the bathwater, as we have been warned about over our history, but to tweak and adjust by just electing the next candidate that promises change. That is our nature. It has taken well over two-hundred years of media nurturing to achieve it, but that is the best we are. We have been told that “We the people” are guilty. We accept this as easily as we accept commercials on our jew-toobs that remind us that we suck. We are sorry. And we will buy that new widget that you are selling tomorrow…
If we are to have a revolution, it will have to be scheduled around our favorite sit-coms and on the weekend, as we are all working at least two jobs.

That is us. We have to admit it. They know it and so do we. We have no real “breaking point”. We will starve before we actually physically fight authority. Sad…but true.


The Jews?…Wha?

I trust everyone in the world had a great holiday…and got more than enough to eat.

What the hell am I talking about? Most of the people on earth barely had enough food yesterday to give them the energy to wake up this morning. It is tempting to believe that somehow,because another amerikan holiday excuse to spend money and gorge one’s self rolls around…it is shared universally. That everyone has the tradition of gathering with family and friends to eat enough food in one sitting, to feed an entire village in the third world for a week. Funny. Not funny ha-ha.
More ironic than anything. But you can’t eat irony. And it isn’t humorous in the least.

We gathered with family yesterday as we do every year on thanksgiving. But there was something missing. Even more than was missing last year. Besides being less a few normal guests, there was a pall in the house. The jew-toob that always blasts the holiday football games during the festivities also blasted the possibility of yet another war in Korea. It wasn’t delivered however as bad news from the talking heads between plays. Or that’ was my take, as I tried in vain to get out of earshot of that demonic machine which is always on in my relative’s LR. Another war for israhell. More money for jews. Of course, in the bosom of my wife’s family, I dare not mention my politics. I am not so insensitive as to force feed my feelings to numb in-laws…especially when the mood in the rooms of the house had an uneasy feeling already.

You see, one of the young mothers that always attends this holiday tradition, was sans hubby this year. A child sans daddy. A wife sans wedding ring. Sans everything that she was. only a couple thanksgivings ago. Her husband served two hitches in Afghanistan, was released early during his second tour with PTSD. He went through a short VA hospitalization…then disappeared. I’m sure guilt..shame…nightmares driving him who knows where. Gone in body. Gone of mind. Daughter fatherless. Wife dependent.

It touches us all. These wars for zionist jews. How can they not see this? How much longer will we carve turkeys and go shopping the next day. How much longer before there are no turkeys…no shopping…no more daddys anywhere.
Yes, there was an awful pall in the house. No one spoke of it. No one spoke of the missing soldier. We ate in silence…until one of the new boyfriends of yet another wife-to-be, noticing the crawl across the bottom of the screen announcing the Korean boarder stand-off and that amerikan troops were going to be deployed said: “Alright! Our troops will go over there and kick some butt!” The aforementioned silence got even quieter. Until we all started shuffling on home. Maybe this little family, in this little town is beginning to wake up to the eternal wars of hebrew empire-building and what they really cost us all. Perhaps this is what it takes. More thanksgivings and Christmases with missing family members in all little homes, to be ready to hear whom they can blame. Just maybe it will be time for me, or someone else that understands just who these wars benefit and who starts them…to fill in the culprit’s names.
The jews? Wha?

Damn, I Hate This Country

Talking to a friend the other day. We were head shaking and tsk tsking about this and that. What this land and indeed this world has become over the course of our lives. It’s such a shame, we said.

As older folks always say at some point, the rhetorical phrase “what’s the matter with kids today?” was spoken at least once. But then I started thinking(there I go again), that there is nothing wrong with today’s youth. If I was one of them, I would probably behave the same way that they do.

If you are given the same several meals every day of your life, you aren’t aware of any other type of food. If you have nothing to which you can compare it. You might imagine another cuisine, but it must be exceptionally vague in your mind. Where would you start, with little frame of reference. It would be like trying to imagine hearing color, or viewing touch.Interesting mental exercises, but not practical enough for you to experience. You may enjoy another type of food, but you will never know…because it simply isn’t available to you.

In the past…oh, 40-50 years or so, things have changed drastically in this country. Socially and politically. It wasn’t an overnight thing. We have been eased into an existence to which many of us living the last halves of our lives are unaccustomed, and uncomfortable. You could say that about any generational changes…and I am sure they have over many millennium before I stepped foot on this stage. This new/old skin that I carry now…this part that I am playing of a mature adult, doesn’t suit me. I am miscast. I am still the nay-saying 18 year-old, up in my head…with drawn on wrinkles and gray highlights painted in my hair. And I tread the boards. The only difference is that I got so deeply into the role of “angry young man” , that it is difficult to play any other part. I became James Dean…for years. I am Jack Kerouac…still. You see, I am still feeding myself this alternative food that so many around me have never tasted.

Those that have not experienced the change to what is normal for them now, have no idea what life could have been like. The testimony about the times before the jewification of this world is a mere mental exercise to them. A forbidden fruit of which they will not partake. Even the menu of yesteryear has been altered. They don’t understand what was available to us half a century ago. And how we allowed this new type of food to be placed on our table. The meals they are given now are all they know…and they eat them.

I have no illusions about how this world was operating when I was a child. I fully understand that it contained the seeds of what we see flowering now. The corruption. The wars. The inhumanity. Zionism.
I once said to a friend that “this sure isn’t the country that I was born into” . His reply was that “and it is a far cry from the country that you THOUGHT you were born into”. Well, of course he was right. We tend to glorify the past. The good old days. I try never to fall prey to that simplistic view of life…but sometimes it happens.

So back to the title of this piece. Yes. I hate everything this country now stands for. War, hegemony, consumerism, celebrity worship, fear and hatred. Everything that the hebrew fingers of this nation touches, turns to shit. From my vantage point of having once partaken of some tasty meals, I can see that all of this is now kosher food. This fair is being served up with sides of altered history and hatred. This fantasy that is jewish is the only meal the young are allowed to consume. They have nothing to compare it to…
That must be mind-numbing.
So I pity the youth. If they are not aware that there is or ever was anything other than bespectacled curly-haired, huge nosed pundits to tell them what to believe, how can we blame them for following along? We dismissed the Abbie Hoffmans and Jerry Rubins as jewish agent-provocateurs, back in the day. But if they are ALL cut of this cloth now, how could the young tell the difference.
I hate what this country has become…I long for the “good old days” when we KNEW better. I guess you could say that I am living in the past. It’s a shame more of us can’t. That past where we were at a crossroads, and took the wrong one. We got busy with our own lives. Just as they knew we would. Now there is nothing left with which to contrast this country.
Just sayin…


I just posted a jew-tube video below by Anthony Lawson. This guy is most definitely on “our side” of things. His videos are lucid presentations of anti-zionist philosophy and a major weapon in the battle against the judification that we all fight. Mr. Lawson stands head-and-shoulders above the majority of us out here with similar, if not exactly the same view of things.
But why? He isn’t saying much more than many of us out here keep banging on about. He understands the enemy and exposes it without hesitation…as many of us do, to be sure. And I certainly do not wish to denigrate his efforts, but to explain why I believe he, and others like him rise above us all. It’s that voice.
In Lawson’s case, he has that classically trained BBC type phrasing, that the listener believes instantly. It is a way of speaking that sounds immediately like fact. There are people out there that have those kind of innate vocal abilities. We are in dire need of such people. And there are those, that no matter how much they have to say…do not.
Case in point:David Cole. I once played a piece from his brilliant video expose’ about the holohoax, when someone was walking through the room. This person’s unsolicited comment was “Jeeze, turn that off will ya? That guy’s voice is the most irritating, whiny thing I have ever heard”. He was right. Such a voice can quickly supersede any message that the speaker wishes to convey. I’m sure you have heard such sounds coming from an otherwise believable speaker. Another such example is this young man. Although his words are passionate and deliberate, his voice and mannerisms are that of soft-spoken gentleman…not a leader.
TJPTB fully understand this phenomenon. They have since the early days of their film-making. There are certain voices to which you will pay little attention, even if they are speaking the truth. And there are voices that can make you believe virtually anything.
From Walter Cronkite to Rachel Maddow, the voice is the thing.
I’m sure it has something to do with DNA and how we wish to hear pleasing speech deliver our group message…but just as it is naturally preferable to have such articulate sounds covering our herd’s intent, it can also be used against us. I cite one of the most stirring speeches in the past 25 years, delivered by Barack Obama after his election. A well written speech…for good or bad, can manipulate emotions without the listener ever really hearing the words. Yes, our puppet-in-chief has such a voice. But of course when you are talking about video as well, you must also have the physical presence and the ability to act as if what your are saying is true. Once you have all these deceptions working, what you are actually saying makes little difference.
We also have such voices on the side of right. But we are failing to use them as effectively as the jewish-owned media.

When we listen to Alex Jones, spewing invective against the machine, it stirs most of us…of course until we dissect what he is actually saying, and more importantly not saying. It is easy to get behind a voice like his. He “almost” speaks your mind, and he is audibly believable. Whereas someone like Ron Paul, who has a weak and a bit irritating demeanor will not be followed en-mass no matter what he is saying. Although I certainly don’t agree with this politician, that is somewhat alternative… I could have told you from the start of his “movement” ,if you will, that he is the wrong man to deliver any message. He simply doesn’t have the voice for it.

Perhaps I am stating the obvious here, but from FDR and Churchill, to today’s purveyors of propaganda….political or social, it’s the great and the distinctive voice that will ALWAYS sell the product, whatever it is. And if you can marshal such human sounds with someone that can think on their feet, then you have a true VOICE for your cause. Without these talents, you have lost your bid to influence anyone.
So kudos to Mr. Lawson, and may we find more minds like his with the correct vocal chords attached to them.
For the rest of us…we should keep away from microphones and keep scribbling.