This Is What We Are Paying For…

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12 thoughts on “This Is What We Are Paying For…

  1. Fucking monsters. This is not paid for by a long shot. Either in cash or karma. You are an accomplice to torture and the murder of children because you trade using the zionist filthy lucre. We all are. Its not like you have a choice. That alone should be enough to make you see your bondage. Lets face it, most people are only out to get what ever they can, and things like babies being killed by Israeli snipers in the womb are all necessary because freedom isnt free. Yea right.

  2. Hey Timster,…Well, you've made me laugh, you've made me sing and now; you've made me cry. In The Palestine they say that when israhell was given to the filthy yids: God Cried!Venceremos Veritistas!Maranatha brother,Free Palestine!veritas

  3. The tears are rolling down my cheeks timster, literally, no kidding. And i was in such a good mood when i got up half an hour ago. God help this beautiful child. Thank f*$k i don't live in the states cos i'd be out on the street right now lookin for the nearest zionist apologist, and it wouldn't be pretty.

  4. Yeah. This makes what the jews keep telling us is a "complicated situation"…pretty simple. This little girl and her dead family are cattle to them…to be butchered.

  5. The CIA and Mossad and the MARCELLO crime family along with the BUSH crime family, the same people who shot JFK, will be in NOLA to celebrate the death of the american republic and finish us off with a shock and awe massive nuke attack while they board planes for Tasmania.

  6. i have no words… i have had 7 children.. and i have 2 grandchildren.. if any of them were left to feel this way,, or to deal with this.. i may have to come back from the dead and whoop some ass… really…

  7. I just finished witnessing Joseph Campbell six episode series with Bill Moyers, and i'm still reeling from it. Even Mr Campbell who appears to have detached himself in his bliss, is perturbed by them.

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